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Introducing a Kimono Rental Course for a Full Day of Fun in Kyoto

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Here are some rental courses in Kyoto where you can enjoy wearing kimono all day long. Wearing a kimono is a great opportunity to experience traditional Japanese culture up close. And it goes perfectly with the scenery and buildings of Kyoto! What’s more, the benefits and discounts at tourist spots are just too good to be true! It is also perfect for fashion lovers, as you can enjoy coordinating your kimono with a stylish outfit. Now, let’s explore kimono rental stores and rental courses in Kyoto together!

What is Kimono Rental?

To begin with, what is kimono rental? Simply put, kimono rental means renting a kimono for the whole day.

Why do we rent kimonos all day long? It is, after all, “because you can experience traditional Japanese culture! Culture is important, isn’t it? There are many cultures in the world, but kimono is really wonderful.

When you wear a kimono, it goes perfectly with the scenery and buildings. Kimonos sometimes come with special offers and discounts at tourist attractions! It’s a great value for money.

Besides, you can enjoy coordinating your kimono. You can also arrange your hair and makeup, and enjoy dressing up to your heart’s content!

Anyway, if you want to enjoy wearing a kimono all day long, renting is definitely the way to go. You don’t have your own kimono, but you want to experience traditional Japanese culture, get a stylish makeover, and take great pictures! Kimono rental is the best way to fulfill such wishes. Next, we will introduce some recommended kimono rental stores!

Advantages of Kimono in Kyoto

If you are traveling to Kyoto, it is worthwhile to try wearing a kimono at least once to explore the city! Because wearing a kimono is a great way to experience traditional Japanese culture.

First of all, it goes perfectly with the scenery and buildings. There are many beautiful temples and shrines in Kyoto, and taking pictures with them is sure to be a great memory! Of course, you can take pictures in your regular clothes, but if you wear a kimono, you will look all the more elegant.

Furthermore, renting a kimono is a great way to get special offers and discounts at tourist spots. For example, you can get discounts on entrance fees at famous sightseeing spots or special offers at certain stores. Since these are special offers only for kimono wearers, you can have a special experience that you cannot get in ordinary clothes.

And there is also the benefit of being able to enjoy kimono coordination to the fullest extent of your fashion sense. There are kimonos of various patterns and designs, so you can choose the one that best suits your taste. And since the kimono dressing itself is done with professional skills, you can obtain a beauty that you cannot easily experience in ordinary clothes.

Strolling around Kyoto in a kimono is a real pleasure that you cannot experience in ordinary sightseeing. Please try renting a kimono! It will surely be a wonderful memory!

Recommended Kimono Rental Stores

In order to enjoy wearing kimono all day in Kyoto, it is important to find a great kimono rental store. Here are my recommendations for the best stores. These stores have a good reputation and are loved by many people.

The first one is Kimono Rental MIMOSA. Here, you can enjoy wearing a kimono while enjoying the historical streetscape that is typical of Kyoto. The interior is a renovated Kyoto machiya, allowing you to prepare your kimono while enjoying the retro atmosphere. Kimono, obi, sandals, and bags are all included in the rental fee, and dressing is also free. Hair-set is optional. Although it is a small store, it has a wide variety of kimonos and obis, and you can choose kimonos and accessories more leisurely than at other stores. The staff is also very friendly and helpful. If you have any problems, they will surely help you.

Next is “Kimono cafe HANARAKUTAKU”. Here you can not only rent kimonos but also enjoy them as a cafe. What a great idea! You can choose your own kimono while enjoying afternoon tea. It is like being invited to a stylish party.

Last but not least is Kimono Rental Fujishima. Here you will find not only traditional kimonos but also modern designed kimonos. If you like to wear fashionable outfits, you will be delighted. Also, the staff is very professional and will make sure you have the best kimono experience possible.

These recommended kimono rental stores offer everything you need for a full day of kimono fun in Kyoto. Find one you choose and enjoy Kyoto in a nice kimono! However, early reservation is recommended. Now, let’s go on a trip to rent a kimono!

List of Kimono Courses in Kyoto

In the Higashiyama area, Kiyomizu Temple, Yasaka Shrine, and other beautiful buildings and scenery are highlights. Walking around in a kimono, you will experience as if you have stepped back in time. If you take a photo with your kimono, you may be able to share your pride and joy on social networking sites.

The Gion area is an area where many traditional Kyoto-style dances and geiko performers can be found. Walking around in kimono, you may feel as if you are a courtesan. The area around Hanamikoji and Gion Shijo is tasteful and has many fashionable cafes and restaurants. There are also oiran transformation plans available, so it is worth a try.

The Arashiyama area, with its beautiful Togetsu Bridge and Tenryuji Temple, is a place where nature and culture are in harmony. Strolling through the bamboo grove in kimono, you will feel as if you are in a scene from a movie. You can also enjoy monkey shows and boat rides throughout the day.

The Nishiki Market area offers fresh foods and traditional shopping streets. Walking through the market in a kimono like a teahouse may draw a few unusual stares, but that is part of the fun of wearing a kimono. It is also a great place for foodies to sample and shop.

The Sanjusangendo area is a place where time passes in a relaxed manner. Strolling around in kimono in the tranquility of the area will give you a sense of being refreshed. Kimonos will stand out even more when visiting the Sanjusangendo, with its vast precincts and beautiful masonry.

The Fushimi Inari Taisha area is an attractive place with its famous Senbon-torii (one thousand torii gates). The vermilion torii gates and red kimono go well together. Walking along the approach to the shrine, you will feel a mysterious power. It is also a good place to visit on a date or as a couple, as it brings good luck for matchmaking.

In the Kiyomizu-Dera area, you can visit Kiyomizu-Dera Temple, one of the most popular tourist attractions in Kyoto. Wearing a kimono will make you look even more elegant. There are also stylish cafes and souvenir shops nearby, making it a great place to make memories.

You can enjoy wearing kimonos in these areas, so choose the one that best suits your taste and plans. You can enjoy a full day of touring around, and you are sure to have a memorable sightseeing tour of Kyoto.

Tips for Enjoying the Whole Day

Here are some tips for enjoying kimonos all day long. Let’s get started!

While Kyoto is a tourist destination, kimono rentals are very popular, so it is important to make reservations as early as possible.

The key to a comfortable day in kimono is to choose a kimono that suits your taste and body shape. Color and pattern are also important. If you choose a kimono that is unique without being too plain, you may be pampered by the people around you.

Also, don’t forget to arrange your hair and makeup. It is an important point to change the overall impression of the kimono, not just the kimono. Personally, I recommend a simple up-do hairstyle. This is because it can enhance your beauty and at the same time, it is hot and your hair will not get in the way. And try to make your makeup gorgeous to match your kimono. A bold red lip is also great for a bit of fun!

Next, let’s find a stylish spot to take a photo! Kyoto has numerous spectacular views, so this is your chance to take some great photos. If you take pictures at popular spots such as Kamogawa River, Kiyomizu Temple, Kinkakuji Temple, etc., you will surely boast about it on social networking sites! However, be careful not to get your kimono dirty by getting too absorbed in taking pictures. Be especially careful of fallen leaves and bird droppings!

Finally, enjoy some delicious Kyoto cuisine! Kimonos conjure up images of tasteful teahouses and Kyoto cuisine to be enjoyed together. Why not enjoy kimono all day long while savoring the delicacies of Japanese cuisine? After filling your stomach, you will leave with a full sense of satisfaction!

In conclusion

In this blog, we have introduced rental courses to enjoy kimonos all day long in Kyoto, but kimono rental is more than just renting kimonos. By actually wearing a kimono, you can feel close to traditional Japanese culture. Just by wearing a kimono, you will feel as if you are in a timeless painting, which goes perfectly with the scenery and buildings. Furthermore, kimonos are also very photogenic and definitely look good on social networking sites! At tourist spots, wearing a kimono also comes with special offers and discounts, making it a great opportunity for tourists to get a great deal. Strolling around town wearing a kimono will give you a deeper insight into Japanese culture. In addition, kimono rental stores also offer training in dressing, so even first-time kimono wearers can enjoy wearing a kimono for the first time. Thus, kimono rentals are not just a mere costume rental, but a wonderful opportunity to provide a uniquely Japanese cultural experience.

Oh, make a reservation as soon as possible and enjoy Kyoto in style wearing a kimono! We wish you many happy memories!

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