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Men’s Haori Hakama Plan

🌸🎩🌸 Men’s Haori Hakama Plan to make your special day stand out 🌸🎩.

We offer a men’s haori hakama plan to make your special day stand out even more. This plan is perfect for sightseeing in Kyoto, graduation ceremonies, coming-of-age ceremonies, weddings, and other important milestones in life and formal occasions. Combining traditional beauty with modern style, the haori hakama will make the wearer look stunning.

👘Plan Contents👘.

🌸Haori Hakama set rental: We offer a selection of carefully selected, high-quality haori and hakama sets. Choose from a variety of styles, from colorful designs to chic, subdued shades.

🌸Accessory sets: We also offer a full range of accessories to complete your outfit, including haori cords, kaku obi belts, zori sandals, and fans. These accessories will add accent to your outfit and make it more glamorous.

🌸Fitting and Dressing Instruction: Fitting and dressing instruction is provided by our professional staff. Even first-time wearers of haori hakama will be able to put on the haori beautifully and with ease.

🌟The charm of haori hakama 🌟

🌸Haori hakama is a prestigious traditional style: Haori hakama has a long history as a traditional Japanese formal attire for men. Choosing this attire for a special occasion can create a prestigious atmosphere and a memorable moment.

🌸Contemporary design: While maintaining traditional beauty, we also offer a wide variety of designs that incorporate modern fashion sense. You can choose the one that best suits your personality and taste, allowing you to enjoy a unique look.

🌸Ease of Movement and Comfort: Hakama are not only beautiful to look at, but also feature ease of movement. They are comfortable even when worn for long periods of time, supporting an active day of weddings, ceremonies, and other events.

Our men’s haori hakama plan offers styles that combine traditional beauty with modern comfort. We invite you to take this opportunity to experience traditional Japanese attire for your special day. We hope you will spend a memorable and beautiful day with our haori hakama.

🌸Men’s Haori Hakama Plan: 15,000 yen

Price includes: Men’s Haori Hakama set

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