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Kyoto Best Places to Visit for a Family Vacation

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First of all, let us introduce you to some of the best tourist spots in Kyoto for a family vacation.In this issue, we would like to introduce some recommended sightseeing spots in Kyoto that are ideal for family trips.
Kyoto has many historic temples and shrines, and you can feel Japanese culture. In addition, there are many sightseeing spots, delicious food, and an abundance of places for both children and adults to enjoy.

In this issue, we will introduce popular temples and shrines, spots for children, eating spots, Kyoto’s elegant townscape, and Kyoto’s fashionable spots.
We hope you will enjoy Kyoto with your family.

Popular Temples and Shrines

Temples and shrines are indispensable for a trip to Japan, where you can experience the ancient history and culture of Japan.
There are numerous temples and shrines in Kyoto, and we will introduce some of the most popular places.

Kiyomizu Temple is a Japanese temple located in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, and is registered as a World Heritage site.
Located at the foot of Mount Otowa, the temple is famous for its spectacular view of the city of Kyoto.
In addition, the precincts of Kiyomizu-Dera Temple are home to many important cultural properties and national treasures.

The three-story pagoda of Kiyomizu-dera Temple is one of the tallest in Japan at approximately 31 meters, and its bright red all-tan coating is very attractive.

The main hall of Kiyomizu-Dera Temple is also famous as the “Kiyomizu-no-butai” (stage of Kiyomizu), and is an essential part of any visit to Kiyomizu-Dera.
Otowa Falls on the temple grounds is famous as a power spot and has never dried up in the past.

Kinkakuji Temple is an impressive temple with beautiful golden buildings.
The beautifully gilded Shariden Hall of Kinkakuji Temple is one of the most representative buildings in Japan.

There are many cultural assets and national treasures in the precincts of the temple.
Within the precincts of Kinkakuji are the Kagamiko Pond and a garden, where visitors can enjoy beautiful seasonal scenery.

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine has long been worshipped by many people as the god of prosperous business and a good harvest. The shrine has a history of more than 1,300 years.

The area around the “Senbon-torii,” the most attractive feature of Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine, is the entrance to the mountain where the gods descend, and many torii were built in the Edo period as gates leading from this world to the realm of the spirits.

Each torii has a place to make a monetary offering and a place where wishes come true, so it is fun to look for them.
When touring the entire Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine area, you can also enjoy the feeling of climbing a mountain.

Shimogamo Shrine is a place where visitors can enjoy a beautiful garden reminiscent of trees and ponds. There is a nostalgic air in the mystical precincts of the shrine.
It is also one of the most famous power spots in Kyoto, known for its various blessings such as beauty and matchmaking, as well as childbirth and traffic safety.

It is one of the oldest shrines in Kyoto and has 30 shrines, including the main shrine, each dedicated to a different deity.
Among the most famous are the Aioi-sha Shrine, dedicated to the god of marriage, and the Kawai-jinja Shrine, dedicated to the god of beauty.
For the enjoyment of children, a boat ride down the Kamo River is also available.

Kitano-Tenmangu Shrine has historical buildings such as the main shrine, a national treasure, and the Sankomon Gate, a major cultural asset, as well as power spots such as Nade-gyu and Kagemukinomatsu pine trees, and natural beauties such as the ume (plum) orchard and autumn leaves.

The ume (plum) orchard has about 1,500 ume trees in bloom, which are at their best from February to March.
Autumn foliage is at its best from November to December, when it is lit up to create a fantastic atmosphere.

Nade-ugyu is believed to be a messenger of Sugawara Michizane, the god of learning, and touching it is said to bring good luck. For this reason, prayers for success in entrance examinations are sometimes held for children.
It is also a great place to visit with the family, as it is also possible to pray for a divine matchmaking ceremony.

Spots for Children

Let’s talk about the best places to visit in Kyoto for a family vacation, especially for children.
Children are energetic and may be bored out of their minds, but there are plenty of places in Kyoto that they will enjoy.

Let’s start with the Arashiyama Trolley Train. Enjoy the scenery and take in the beautiful Arashiyama scenery on the trolley.
Children will be very excited to see the train rocking and swaying!

Next, visit Arashiyama Monkey Park. Next, head to Arashiyama Monkey Park, where you can play with Japanese monkeys and the kids are sure to have a blast!

If you are interested in visiting an aquarium, the Kyoto Aquarium is the place to go.
There you will find about 20,000 creatures, including dolphins and penguins, which children love.

The museum is spacious and comfortable, with plenty of areas for parents and children to enjoy together.
Or visit the Kyoto City Zoo to see the animals with your children. Here you will find pandas, leopards, and other powerful animals.

Finally, a spot worth visiting is the Japan Railroad Museum.
This museum aims to educate non-related visitors about the history of Japanese rolling stock.
The museum also has simulators and a place for wheel tours that children can enjoy.

These are some of the best places in Kyoto that you can enjoy with your children.
Kyoto is a place of wonder and excitement for children and a place for parents to have fun with their children.
We hope you will come to Kyoto with your family and create fun memories!

Places to Eat and Drink

What do you eat when you visit Kyoto? There are many delicious gourmet restaurants where you can enjoy authentic sushi, Japanese beef, and other foods unique to this area.
So, here are some spots to eat and walk around. All can be enjoyed on foot, so be careful not to overeat.

First, Nishiki Market is a must-see. You can enjoy fresh seafood, vegetables, fruits, and Kyoto’s unique food at affordable prices.
The famous “Takoyaki”, “Okonomiyaki” and “Tsukemen” are just a few of the many foods on offer. You must be hungry already.

The second is the food around Kiyomizu-dera Temple. If you become thirsty after visiting temples, please stop by.
There are many tea stores and Japanese sweets shops, and you will find people waiting in line at the popular ones.
One such popular store is Kyoto Ichii, which serves shaved ice with green tea. Indeed, it is delicious.

Finally, here are some gourmet foods around Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine. You can walk around as much as you like in search of popular souvenirs, but dining is also recommended.
Particularly recommended is “Fushimi Inari Udon”. It is an udon topped with that well-known “inari” ingredient for inari sushi. It has a unique taste that can only be found here.

These are just a few of the places where you can enjoy eating and walking around. If you come to Kyoto for sightseeing, please visit these places. You will surely find something new and delicious.

Elegant streets of Kyoto

Kyoto is known as the ancient capital of Japan and the center of traditional Japanese culture.
Kyoto’s townscape with its old-fashioned atmosphere also attracts many tourists.

The most famous of the streets is Hanamikoji Street in the Gion area.
This street is full of souvenir stores and restaurants that fit in with the typical Japanese townscape, making it the perfect place to experience the Kyoto atmosphere.

The Higashiyama area, with its many temples and shrines, is also recommended. A stroll along the Kamo River will make you forget the hustle and bustle of the city.
Kiyomizu Temple, Yasaka Shrine, and other famous tourist spots are also scattered in the Higashiyama area.

Another recommendation is the Gion Shinbashi in the Gion area

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