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Sightseeing spots in Kyoto for solo travelers

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Hello, everyone!
For those of you who love to travel alone, I would like to introduce some sightseeing spots in Kyoto.
Kyoto is rich in history and culture, and is home to many of Japan’s most famous spots.
From morning strolls to fashionable places at night, as well as delicious food, art, and design spots, it is a place where you can have a lot of fun even if you are traveling solo.

Let’s take a look at some of the spots I recommend!

Recommended spots for a morning walk

Kyoto, known as the ancient capital of Japan, is a popular destination for many tourists.
It is a great place to explore the city at your own pace, especially if you are traveling alone.

Now, as for recommended spots for a morning stroll, Arashiyama and Kiyomizu-dera Temple are two of them.

Arashiyama offers visitors a chance to enjoy the abundant nature from the Wataratsuki Bridge.
If you go early in the morning, you can enjoy a walk alone before many tourists arrive.
A 20-minute walk will take you to other tourist attractions such as the bamboo grove path and Ryoan-ji Temple.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple is one of the places you must visit when you come to Kyoto.
Especially if you go early in the morning, you can visit the temple quietly before the crowds of tourists arrive.
The slope to Kiyomizu-dera is a bit of a hurdle, but the view beyond it is very spectacular.

These two spots are recommended for a morning walk.
It is very pleasant to view the beautiful scenery of Kyoto early in the morning.
The morning air is clean, the sun is soft, and people are still moving quietly. Taking a leisurely stroll in such a setting is a refreshing experience.

When you visit Kyoto, please enjoy a morning stroll. Kyoto in the morning is full of different charm than in the daytime.

A spot where you can have a cultural experience

If you are planning to visit Japan for sightseeing, a visit to Kyoto is highly recommended.
Especially for those seeking cultural experiences, there are some perfect spots to visit.

The first, Fushimi Inari Taisha, is a famous tourist attraction.
The walking path through the tunnel of hundreds of thousands of torii gates to the main shrine has a powerful impact.
From the moment you arrive, you will feel as if you are in a power spot.

Shimogamo Shrine is another must-visit place.
You can visit the shrine while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding nature. You will be surrounded by a sacred atmosphere and feel a sense of adult serenity that only Kyoto can offer.

Kyoto is all about culture! So, please visit this spot while touring around the sightseeing spots.
Of course, Japanese pamphlets are available, but English versions are also available, so even those who are not confident in their language skills can enjoy themselves!

Recommended Spots at Night

If you want to enjoy Kyoto at night, you should visit Hanamikoji and the Gion area!
Here, you can find old-fashioned stores surrounded by wooden buildings and excellent food.
Hanamikoji is a bustling street, full of tourists, but that is also its charm. Lined with restaurants and eateries, it attracts gourmet lovers.

Gion, on the other hand, is a quiet street lit by beautiful streetlights where you can experience traditional Japanese culture.
In addition, the Gion Festival, a festival held in Gion, is one of Japan’s most famous summer festivals.
At night, you can see outdoor riverbeds decorated with firefly lights leading from Shijo Street.
So, experience Japanese traditions, taste delicious food, and enjoy the night in Kyoto!

Spots to enjoy delicious food

Kyoto, a city that is a treasure trove of gustatory delights, offers many ways to enjoy food.
In this article, we will introduce you to Nishiki Market and Gion Shinbashi.

Nishiki Market is an arcade lined with local grocery stores and restaurants, offering a wide selection of fresh seafood, Japanese sweets, pickles, and even sake.
There are also souvenir stores within the market for foreign tourists, so you can buy souvenirs for friends and family as well as for yourself.
If you get hungry, we recommend eating at one of the restaurants in the market. You can enjoy Kyoto cuisine, sushi, and tempura made with fresh ingredients.
Note that the market is crowded, so it is best to compare restaurants before making a decision.

Gion Shinbashi is a small street food stall village in the Gion area.
Each stall offers a different type of food, some beloved by locals and others popular with foreign tourists.
Among them, we recommend “Charcoal Kushiyaki Yokocho,” which is popular for its motsu nabe (hot pot with vegetables and fish) and shish-kebabs.
Dishes using locally grown vegetables and fresh meat are outstanding in both taste and volume.
Some of the stalls have English-speaking staff, so even foreign tourists can easily enjoy the food.

Kyoto’s food is unique and fascinating, from the choice of restaurants to the way you taste it.
Nishiki Market and Gion Shinbashi, introduced here, are perfect places to experience the unique local food culture.

Art and design spots to enjoy

Among the many museums and art appreciation spots in Kyoto, the Kyoto National Museum and the Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art are must-sees.
The Kyoto National Museum offers a diverse collection of not only Japanese art, but also Chinese, Korean, and Western art.
The museum also exhibits Buddhist statues and other artifacts that played an important role in Japanese art.

The Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, on the other hand, offers not only permanent exhibits such as general art and sweeping and garden art, but also attractive special exhibitions held several times a year.
In addition, the museum features not only works of art, but also the building itself, which is as beautiful as a work of art itself.
The museum’s gardens are also planted with a variety of carefully selected plants, allowing visitors to enjoy the beauty of each of the four seasons.

Even if visiting an art museum itself is not much of a hobby for you,
There are many stylish cafes and lunch spots near the museum, so you can enjoy viewing art along with a delicious meal.
There are also plenty of spots around the museum where you can take a leisurely stroll in a relaxing atmosphere.


Kyoto has many sightseeing spots, but in this article I have introduced some of the best spots for solo travelers.

For a morning stroll, Arashiyama and Kiyomizu Temple.
For a cultural experience, visit Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine and Shimogamo Shrine.
At night, go to Hanamikoji and Gion to enjoy the wonderful night view.
For delicious food, go to Nishiki Market and Gion Shinbashi.
If you enjoy art and design, the Kyoto National Museum and Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art are the best places to visit.

How was it?
It is good to enjoy a relaxing solo trip at your own pace to relieve your daily fatigue.
Time alone is an important time when you can listen to your heart.
It is during this time that you will realize how much you appreciate your friends and family who spend time with you on a daily basis.

Have a wonderful solo trip and enjoy a fulfilling holiday!

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