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Yukata style ideas for parents and children

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– Introduction.
– What is a Yukata?
– Yukata Style Ideas for Parents and Children
– Arrangement techniques for yukata styles
– Makeup and nails to match yukata styles
– Places and events suitable for yukata style
– Conclusion

First of all

Wearing a yukata is an indispensable summer tradition. However, it is rare for parents and children to have a chance to wear a yukata together. Do you avoid wearing a yukata because it is expensive and you don’t know how to wear it?

In this article, we will introduce the history of the yukata, how to wear it, yukata style ideas for parents and children to enjoy together, arrangement techniques, makeup and nail art, and places and events that go well with the yukata style. We hope you will find it useful in creating your summer memories!

What is a yukata?

A yukata is a traditional Japanese costume worn from summer to autumn, which originated in the Edo period (1603-1868). At that time, the common classes wore yukata to stay comfortable during the hot summer.

Today, yukata are popular for festivals, fireworks displays, travel, and many other occasions. Yukata are light and cool, perfect for hot summer days. Furthermore, yukata are easy to wear and simple to put on.

Unlike kimonos, yukata are sold commercially and are popular among people of all ages. If you know how to wear it correctly, you can create a very beautiful and attractive style.

Going back to the history of yukata, men also wore yukata in the Edo period, but today they are worn mostly by women. The yukata is known as a cool and stylish summer garment.

To wear a yukata, a Japanese-patterned obi sash and Japanese sundries are a good match. There are also many yukata for children. There are also accessories and rankings that go well with yukata styles, so parents and children can have fun choosing one together.

Yukata Style Ideas for Parents and Children

The season for wearing yukata has arrived. A yukata, especially when worn by parents and children together, is a great way to remember the summer. However, you may be wondering how to coordinate your yukata with the rest of your family’s wardrobe. In this issue, we will introduce some ideas for yukata styles for parents and children to enjoy together.

First, there is the “parent-child matching coordination. Coordinating matching yukata will strengthen the bond between parent and child. The key is for parents and children to wear yukata with the same or similar patterns. Why not create summer memories by wearing yukata together as parent and child?

Next is “yukata and Japanese goods with classic patterns. By combining yukata and Japanese sundries, you can create a more Japanese atmosphere. For example, you can enjoy the atmosphere of yukata even more by using a fan, a hairpin, or a small accessory case together with yukata.

Matching yukata and accessories” is another important point. Match accessories, bags, shoes, etc., while considering the compatibility of the yukata and accessories. You can enjoy a more fashionable yukata style by using the same pattern or matching colors.

We also introduce the ranking of kimono accessories to match yukata. What kinds of accessories are available to match with yukata, such as obi, geta, kanzashi (hairpin), and fans? By introducing the most popular items in the ranking, even beginners in yukata should be able to choose accessories with as few mistakes as possible.

We also recommend “popular yukata brands for children. There are many yukata for children with cute patterns and designs. Some of them can be worn by parents and children alike. Let’s look for your favorite yukata brand.

These are just a few ideas for yukata styles for parents and children to enjoy together. We hope you and your child will enjoy wearing yukata together and create many summer memories.

Techniques for Arranging Yukata Styles

Hairstyle Arrangement Techniques

The yukata can be styled freely with a variety of hairstyles. Historically, hair ornaments have been used with yukata. In modern times, we offer cute hairstyles to match yukata.

In addition to hair ornaments, there are different types of hairstyling methods. Simple braids and bun hairstyles are recommended. Adding a few touches before lifting the hair will increase the cuteness. If you have a lot of hair that does not hold together well, it is easier to use a hairpin or clip to hold your hair together.

Obi Knot Arrangement Techniques

Obi knots are another point of fashion. Generally, start with a simple knot. For adults, it can be combined with a long or half-length kimono to create a more distinguished yukata style.

Unusual knots are also a point of fashion. One is to reverse the knot of the cord to enjoy a New Year’s-like atmosphere. Another is to wrap a towel around the obi for added volume. In addition, ribbons can be used on the obi to give it a cute look.

Techniques for Arranging Innerwear

One of the essentials for dressing up a yukata is the innerwear. Recommended inner wear is a thin camisole or underwear for coolness. Especially in the hot summer months, it is necessary to choose a breathable one.

Wearing fluffy innerwear can give a delicate impression. You can also choose white inner wear if you want to create a neat and clean image.

Techniques for arranging kimono accessories

The accessories that go with yukata are also important. Choosing small accessories such as hair ornaments and obi clips will help to create a solid overall impression. The choice of accessories also depends on your own taste, but it is a good idea to coordinate them with the yukata, such as elegant ones for adults and colorful ones for children.

To enjoy the yukata style, a variety of arranging techniques are necessary, including hairstyles, obi knots, innerwear, and accessories. Find the styling that suits you best and enjoy your yukata even more.

Makeup and nails that go well with yukata styles

Let’s think about makeup and nails that go well with yukata style. A yukata is one of the most popular Japanese attires, but you can make it more unique by arranging hairstyles, makeup, and nails.

There are two types of makeup that go well with yukata styles: natural and glamorous. For natural makeup, a light foundation that fits the skin, brown or beige eye shadow, and lips in natural shades are recommended. On the other hand, for glamorous makeup, use transparent and colorful eyeshadow around the eyes and brightly colored lips to create a glamorous impression.

For nails that go well with yukata style, we recommend designs that incorporate Japanese patterns and motifs. Blue and green nail colors that give a cool impression also go well together. It is even cooler and more fashionable to match summery foot nails as well.

Finally, the recommended yukata style makeup is a summery coordinate of natural makeup, a yukata with a small floral pattern, and a straw hat. Using natural and organic cosmetics that are gentle on the skin will give you beautiful and glowing summer skin.

Places and events that go well with yukata styles

The perfect yukata style for festivals is to match a colorful yukata with a fireworks pattern and bright accessories. Choose colorful accessories such as a hachimaki (headband), obi ornaments, and sandals to immerse yourself in the festival atmosphere. For the hairstyle, wear it in an updo for a cooler look.

For Fireworks Festivals

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