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Traditional Japanese Wagasa, a popular photo item.

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– What is Wagasa?
– Structure of Wagasa
– The Art of Wagasa
– How to use Wagasa
– Attraction of Wagasa
– Cultural significance of Wagasa
– Conclusion

What is a Wagasa?

A Wagasa is a traditional Japanese umbrella, an item characterized by its beautiful and delicate design. Wagasa is popular not only because of its unique design and elegance, but also because it is a part of Japanese culture. The history of the Japanese umbrella began in the Heian period (794-1192) and became common during the Edo period (1603-1868). The people of that era also saw umbrellas as an important fashion item, not just rain gear, and the culture of the Wagasa continues to this day.

Structure of Wagasa

The structure of the Wagasa is explained below. Wagasa is composed of the following elements: the middle bar, the bone, the binding bone, the weave, and the ground. There are several types of Wagasa, such as ordinary umbrella, pouch umbrella, folding umbrella, parasol, and rain umbrella. Wagasa parts include the center stick, bone, binding bone, weave, and ground, as well as the root strike and hawk feathers. The way of making Wagasa and the materials used vary from craftsman to craftsman, and these factors give Wagasa its various charms.

The Art of Wagasa

Wagasa is one of the accessories that symbolize the traditional beauty of Japan. Wagasa umbrellas are decorated with a wide variety of designs, and their beauty is enchanting. Wagasa designs use a variety of motifs, such as flowers, landscapes, and animals. Such beauty of Wagasa has been loved by designers for many years.

To draw a beautiful Wagasa, a rough sketch is first made on Japanese paper. Then, the lines are drawn clearly with a pen and colored in as they are drawn. When the Wagasa is completed, you can see its stunning beauty.

However, drawing a wagasa is not easy. Designers need to understand the traditional beauty and cultural significance of the Wagasa, as well as have an artistic sense. This makes the art of the Wagasa truly special.

People who love the beauty of the Wagasa are paying attention to the art of the Wagasa. It is an important mission for Wagasa makers to express the beauty of Wagasa and traditional Japanese culture.

How to use Wagasa

Wagasa is a very beautiful and graceful item, but it can be ruined if you do not know how to use it. To avoid such a situation, let us introduce the proper way to use a Wagasa.

To open a Wagasa, hold it by its center and pull it upward. However, be careful not to pull too hard or the stick may break. Also, after opening, do not grip the frame of the umbrella too tightly. That could break the umbrella.

To put away a Japanese umbrella, hold it in the center and pull it downward in the opposite direction to when you open it. However, you need to handle it more gently and carefully than when you open it. Also, be careful not to break the stick when putting it away.

As for care, if it gets dirty as much as possible, wipe it gently with a dry towel. If left damp, it will easily become moldy or dirty. Therefore, after cleaning the umbrella, we recommend that you dry it in a well-ventilated place in the sun.

The above is an introduction to the proper usage of Wagasa. Wagasa can be used for a long time if you know how to use it correctly. Please take good care of it.

Appeal of Wagasa

The charm of Wagasa lies in its traditional beauty and what is put into it. Wagasa is a cultural heritage that has been used in Japan since ancient times, and its beauty still captures the hearts of many people.

The rich culture of the wagasa is imbued with a variety of meanings, such as seasonal changes and the changing of the seasons. For example, in spring, when cherry blossoms bloom, it is common to take a walk with a cherry-patterned wagasa, allowing one to appreciate the beauty and seasonality of the flowers. Also, in winter, there are Wagasa with designs depicting snow and fog, allowing you to bask in the beauty of the season.

Wagasa umbrellas are decorated with various designs. There are a wide variety of patterns, from cute ones that look like Japanese paintings or picture books to brightly colored ones. Paintings and ukiyoe woodblock prints depicting Wagasa are also wonderful works of art that allow you to experience the beauty of Japan.

Wagasa is a representative item of Japanese culture and an essential part of festivals and events. In particular, gorgeous and beautiful wagasa can be seen at the “Kikuchi Festival” in Kumamoto Prefecture, known as the Wagasa Festival, and the “Kakunodate Samurai Warrior Procession” in Akita Prefecture. These events are wonderful opportunities to experience the value of Japanese culture.

By holding a Wagasa, you can feel the Japanese sense of beauty and delicacy. With its traditional beauty and rich meaning of Japanese culture, the Wagasa continues to attract many people. Why don’t you pick up a Wagasa and experience its beauty?

Cultural significance of Wagasa

Wagasa contains an important element of Japanese culture. The Wagasa Festival is an event where local people gather to learn about the manufacture and cultural significance of the Wagasa umbrella. Wagasa not only provides protection from the rain, but also reflects the Japanese sense of beauty and traditional techniques.

Wagasa has a long history in Japanese life and is a representative item of Japanese culture. The entire manufacturing process of Wagasa is done by hand, and its beauty is something special. In addition, Wagasa has diverse cultural meanings, such as painting and calligraphy.

The value of Japanese culture represented by the Wagasa is evident in the aesthetics and craftsmanship as well as in the thoughts and sensibilities of the Japanese people. The Wagasa Festival is a valuable opportunity for visitors to deepen their understanding of Japanese culture, including the manufacturing methods, usage, and historical background of the Wagasa.

The Wagasa is an inherited traditional culture and a way to experience Japanese culture. Walking around with a Wagasa or using it in various situations, you can feel the history and culture of Japan. Through the Wagasa, you can rediscover the Japanese sense of beauty and cultural values.


Wagasa is a cultural item that symbolizes the traditional beauty of Japan and still grabs people’s hearts. Holding a Wagasa is a luxurious and elegant experience, as if time has stopped. In addition, Wagasa is loved by many artists and craftsmen, and has attracted much attention for its beauty and technical skill.

We recommend that you experience the Japanese umbrella and experience its beauty. Holding a Wagasa during a walk on a sunny day or at a festival or other events that are held in conjunction with Japanese-style clothing can add to the atmosphere. Wagasa embodies the Japanese sense of beauty and tradition, and we encourage you to pick one up.

And if you know why Wagasa is so beautiful, and then you can experience its beauty, you will feel the splendor of Japanese culture anew. The Wagasa is not just a piece of rain gear, but a cultural item that holds deep feelings for the Japanese people. Please pick up a Wagasa and experience its depth.

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