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Kimono & Matcha Experience Plan

🍵✨Experience Kyoto culture with our Kimono & Tea Ceremony Experience Plan ✨🍵.

To make your trip to Kyoto more profound and memorable, we offer the Kimono & Tea Ceremony Experience Plan. In this plan, you can experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony while wearing a beautiful kimono. This is a special plan that allows you to directly experience the good old culture of Kyoto.

👘Plan Contents👘.

🌸Kimono rental: Choose from a wide variety of kimonos, from traditional patterns to contemporary designs. Our experienced staff will dress you according to your individual needs.

🌸Tea Ceremony Experience: Enjoy a tea ceremony experience in an authentic tea room while dressed in kimono. You can spend a quiet moment tasting tea and Japanese sweets while learning the spirit of chanoyu.

You will learn about the history of the tea ceremony, the tools used, as well as the architecture of the tea room. This is an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the profound world of the tea ceremony.

🌸Commemorative photo: You can also take a commemorative photo wearing a kimono. You can capture your special day in photos against the beautiful backdrop of the tea ceremony room and the old streets of Kyoto.

💖Attractions of the Kimono & Tea Ceremony Experience Plan💖.

🌸Combination of cultural experiences: Wearing a kimono and experiencing a tea ceremony will bring you closer to traditional Japanese culture. Through this cultural experience unique to Kyoto, you will have a special time that will remain in your heart.

🌸Spiritual healing: Experiencing a tea ceremony can help you calm your mind and learn the spirit of Japanese “Omotenashi” (hospitality). You can leave your busy daily life behind and have time to face yourself in a quiet and serene space.

🌸Special memories in Kyoto: Combining a kimono and tea ceremony experience will enrich your trip to Kyoto. By experiencing the depth of the culture, you will gain a deeper understanding of the places you visit.

The Kimono & Tea Ceremony Experience Plan is designed to make your trip to Kyoto even more special. By wearing a kimono and experiencing a traditional Japanese tea ceremony, you will experience the depth of Japanese culture. Enjoy this special and memorable experience along with the beautiful scenery of Kyoto.

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