Have a best memories with
professional photographer in Kyoto.


Photo shoot around Mimosa
20,000 yen~
(Kimono Rental is not included)

Photo shoot around Mimosa
20,000 yen~
(Kimono Rental is not included)

Photographer Reservation

What includes in the Plan

Photo shoots

We will give you all the photos by email. (Amount of the photos will be depends on photographers. Average from 70 photos to 500 photos)

Photo data

We will take high quality photos for you to keep your memories as a best way!

Photos edits

Video filming by using special machines are also available. You can have your memories with high quality video too! ( For filming video, you need to tell us 1 day before your plan)

Filming Video

Each photographers will edit your photos to make it more dramatic, or more beautifully. (Amount of the editing photos are limited, if you would like them to edit more than limit, it’ll be extra fee)

Mimosa temples and Shrine Photoshoot.

Tour of temples and shrines around Mimosa

   (Duration: approx. 3 hours)

From 30,000 yen

Mimosa pfhotoshoot Plan.

Photo shoot plan around our rental shop!
We are starting from Ichinenzaka, Ninenzaka, and Yasaka Street to take photos.  

  (Duration: approx. 1 hour)

From 20000 yen

Famous Anime's places Plan

Route has been already made by as.(6 hours)

     22,000 yen

Kyoto city sightseeing photo spots Plan.

Route have made by us.
(6 hours)

200000 yen

Night photo shoots plan

We will take photos around Mimosa at night.
(2 hours)

     40000 yen

Night time photo shoot around Kyoto City

You will go around Kyoto's night spot to take photos. \we will ready private driver for you.

(4 hours)
150,000 yen