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Attractions of Kyoto in Summer and Summer Festivals

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Kyoto in summer is known for its heat! That’s the image that most people have of Kyoto in summer, isn’t it?
This time, we would like to show you the charm of Kyoto in summer, which is more than just hot! I would like to tell you about the charms of Kyoto in summer!

Summer in Kyoto is a mysterious and beautiful season.
Numerous festivals and events are held every year, and not only tourists but also locals enjoy the summer festivities.
In this article, we will introduce some of Kyoto’s summer festivals.
From traditional festivals to events born in the 21st century, they are full of charm.
Why don’t you come to Kyoto’s festivals this summer and create some fun memories?

Attractions of Kyoto’s Summer Festivals

There are many wonderful festivals in Kyoto in summer.
The most attractive thing about Kyoto’s summer festivals is their traditional atmosphere.
The Yamaboko procession of the Gion Matsuri and the grand procession of the Jidai Matsuri are breathtaking spectacles.
Summer festivals held by neighborhood associations in each town offer a unique experience of summer in Kyoto, with musical performances, dances, and fairs.
Kyoto’s festivals offer traditional culture, art, music, and of course, delicious food.
Although Kyoto can be hot and humid during the summer months, these festivals are an experience you will never forget.

Let’s learn about the history of festivals.

Kyoto is one of the oldest cities in Japan and is home to many festivals.
One of the most famous festivals is the Gion Festival. This festival has been going on for about 1,100 years or more and is a good opportunity to deepen your understanding of Kyoto’s culture and traditions.

Here are some recommended festivals

There are many types of summer festivals in Kyoto, but we would like to introduce some of the most recommended ones.
First, there is the Tenno Matsuri. This festival takes place in the Nishijin area and features beautiful stalls.
Next is the “Sakyo Summer Festival. This festival is loved by the locals and has many events for children to enjoy.
Finally, there is the “Gozan no Okuribi (Bonfire on Mount Gozan). At this festival, you can witness the spectacular sight of the entire mountain becoming a sea of fire.

Check out what the locals recommend.

To fully enjoy the festival, check out the recommendations of the locals!
First, the delicious Kyoto food at the festival stalls. Recommendations include “shaved ice” served with chilled water and “duck sukiyaki,” a chicken dish.
Also, after attending the festival, a stroll through the gardens and shrines is recommended.
The Asukaijuku ruins are the oldest inn town in Japan, and many historical buildings can be seen.
Also, walking along the torii gates and stone steps to Kiyomizu-dera Temple is recommended.

Kyoto’s summer festivals are a great opportunity to enjoy traditional Japanese culture. Check out the recommendations of the locals and create wonderful summer memories.

Get information on night views and festivals perfect for summer!

Summer is a great time to enjoy night views and festivals from dusk to night.
So, here is some information on night views and festivals perfect for summer in Kyoto.

First, “Monochrome Night View 2019” at Hikarigaoka Park. You can literally enjoy the beautiful night view surrounded by the world of black and white.
Forget the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in a mysterious atmosphere.

Next, “Lantern Floating and Kawayuka Cuisine in Arashiyama”.
A fantastic sight can be seen as hundreds of lanterns are floated downstream from the Wataratsukibashi Bridge in Arashiyama.
Visitors can also enjoy kawadoko cuisine, a summer tradition in Kyoto. It is perfect for those seeking coolness.

Then there is the “Kyoto Aquarium Night Aquarium,” which is great for a hot night.
At night, the aquarium offers a different atmosphere from that of a regular aquarium.
In a slightly mysterious atmosphere, observe the creatures that live deep in the sea and have a moment to forget the heat.

Summer in Kyoto is full of relentless quests for coolness, beautiful night views, and fun festivals, so why not beat the 100-degree heat and enjoy the night views and festivals with a bang?

Highlights of traditional cultural festivals

There are many traditional summer festivals in Kyoto, each with its own unique charm.
Among them, the famous “Gion Matsuri,” “Tenno Matsuri,” and “Sakyo Summer Festival” have a history of more than several hundred years and are beloved by many tourists.

The “Gion Festival” is held every July, and its Yamaboko procession is one of the most spectacular.
Yamaboko are huge decorative floats modeled after historical palaces, and about 20 of them can be seen parading through the city.
The most famous of these, called “Mantisyama,” is 10 meters wide and 25 meters high, and is decorated with gaudy, colorful ornaments.
The “Mae-matsuri” and “Gosai” floats are held at midnight and offer a powerful spectacle of the Yamaboko procession.

The Tenno Matsuri takes place on the 25th and 26th of July.
In this festival, a lighted parade is held in the evening, and fireworks can be seen.
In particular, the gorgeous parade along “Heian-dori Street” is overwhelmingly powerful, and visitors can enjoy the fantastic atmosphere.

The Sakyo Summer Festival is held in late July.
The festival is organized by each neighborhood association in Sakyo Ward, and each association performs musical and dance performances for the enjoyment of visitors.
There are live music and dance shows, food stalls, workshops, and other activities that can be enjoyed by both children and adults.
At the fair, visitors can enjoy games such as target shooting and goldfish scooping, and food and drinks are sold at food stalls.
Visitors can also enjoy a visit to “Matsuo Taisha Shrine,” workshops utilizing machiya townhouses, and a fair.

Please note that these festivals are very popular and may be crowded.
Tourists are advised to check in advance when they will be held and at what time, and to allow plenty of time for their visit.

If you want to enjoy a traditional festival, Kyoto in summer is the best place to go.
Why don’t you all go and experience Kyoto in summer?

A must-see for gourmet food lovers! Delicious food in Kyoto that you want to eat because it is summer!

In summer, there are many delicious gourmet foods in Kyoto! Here are some recommended summer foods such as kamo sukiyaki and parfait Kiyomizu-dera.

Kamo-sukiyaki is a juicy and flavorful delicacy that can be called one of the tastes of Kyoto.
Often used for tempura and okonomiyaki, duck also has a wonderful flavor in sukiyaki.
The slight smell of duck and the sweetness of its unique fat will whet your appetite. It is a must-try for meat lovers.

Parfait Kiyomizu-dera, on the other hand, is an exquisite dessert unique to Kyoto that is a perfect combination of fresh fruit and fresh cream.
It is a must-try at cafes and Japanese sweets stores near Kiyomizu-dera Temple.

In summer, there are also many cold dishes unique to Kyoto.
Chilled barley tea is caffeine-free and refreshing. If shaved ice and cold tea are not enough for you during the hot summer months, this is the perfect drink for you.
Chilled Chinese noodles go well with the cold broth. It is a refreshing and appetizing dish perfect for summer.

There are so many delicious gourmet foods in Kyoto that it is impossible to introduce them all at once.
However, these are some of the recommended dishes that you should definitely try. Please try them during your visit to Kyoto!

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