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🗡️✨The charm and elements of Samurai Style ✨🗡️

Samurai style is a traditional attire derived from Japan’s historic warrior class. This style symbolizes the dignity, courage, and spiritual strength of the samurai. The main elements that make up Samurai style include the following, and by wearing Samurai style you can be a Samurai for the rest of the day!


Armor is protective gear worn by samurai in battle. It is made of metal and leather and is precisely designed to protect the body. Armor consists of a large piece of armor that protects the torso, sleeves that cover the shoulders, and a helmet that protects the head. Often beautifully decorated, it also served to indicate affiliation and status through the use of family crests and specific colors→Please use our Armor Plan!


Traditional Japanese garments worn in everyday life. Samurai usually wore simple but elegant kimonos and carried swords on less formal occasions. Colors and materials were chosen according to the season and occasion, and were important elements of prestige.

🗡️✨Sword (Katana)✨🗡️

The sword is the symbolic weapon and soul of the samurai. The sword was a symbol not only of combat, but also of social status and personal honor. Wearing a sword was a sign of being a samurai, and there were strict rules on how to handle and carry it.


A hairstyle unique to the Samurai is the “chonmage” style. This was created by shaving the hair on the top of the head and tying the remaining hair up and tightening it to hold the helmet securely in place. This hairstyle has become part of the Samurai identity → This hairstyle is currently not supported here.

🗡️✨Behavior and spirit✨🗡️

Samurai style is not just about looks. It also includes a moral code and spiritual attitude known as bushido. Values such as courtesy, courage, loyalty, and self-control were the prerequisites for being a samurai.

Samurai style is an important element that conveys the Japanese sense of beauty and values not only through their attire, but also through the history, culture, and spirit they carry. This style continues to influence many people today and is passed on with respect.

👘Plan and Fee👘.
– Samurai Plan 9,000 yen

Price includes: Kimono, obi, sandals, sword and other complete set

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