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Kyoto Kimono Rental Special Occasions for Tomesode Rental

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Kyoto is the center of kimono culture in Japan, and kimono rentals are common. Renting a tomesode is especially popular for special occasions. The tomesode is a traditional Japanese garment, characterized by its beautiful and elegant design.

In this blog, we will provide a brief overview of tomesode rentals in Kyoto, how to rent, costs, and etiquette for wearing them, as well as special occasions when a tomesode is needed. This information will be helpful for those who are interested and want to experience kimono culture, as well as for those who are considering renting a tomesode.

Overview of Tomesode Rentals

Tomesode plays a very important role in Japanese culture. In ancient times, tomesode was a highly prestigious Japanese garment worn by the aristocracy when attending important events. Because of its beauty and elegance, the tomesode was considered a symbol of social status and rank, and attracted people’s attention. Moreover, tomesode was worn only on special occasions, and the way it was worn and its design was imbued with various meanings.

Even today, the tomesode is loved by many people as a representative example of kimono worn for special occasions such as weddings, coming-of-age ceremonies, and graduation ceremonies.

Wearing a tomesode enhances the feeling of being the star of the day and makes the blessed moment even more special. In addition, a tomesode is not only worn once, but can be passed down from generation to generation. As a symbol of family ties and traditions, it plays an important role as a piece of clothing that carves a special memory.

In this article, we will introduce you to the details of tomesode rentals in Kyoto. Kyoto is a place where Japanese traditions and culture thrive, and many kimono rental stores exist. By providing information on how to choose a tomesode, rental procedures, costs, and optional services, we strive to make tomesode more accessible.

A tomesode is not just a costume, but a special entity filled with history and culture. By experiencing their beautiful designs and delicate techniques, you will be able to savor the traditional charm of Japan. Please take this opportunity to learn more about tomesode rentals in Kyoto and make your special day even more wonderful.

What is tomesode rental in Kyoto?

Kyoto is known for its numerous kimono rental stores. Among them, there are many rental stores that focus on tomesode rentals. The tomesode is a traditional Japanese costume, and because of its beauty and prestige, it is considered an appropriate attire for special occasions such as weddings, coming-of-age ceremonies, and graduation ceremonies.

By renting a tomesode in Kyoto, you can easily obtain an outfit appropriate for a prestigious Japanese-style occasion. This is more economical than purchasing a tomesode, and rental stores specializing in special occasion wear offer a wide variety of designs and sizes of tomesode. This allows you to choose a tomesode that suits your individual tastes and body shape and accentuates your own style and personality.

Furthermore, Kyoto’s tomesode rental stores offer total service, including dressing and hair setting. Specialized staff members will propose styling options to suit your needs and the occasion, creating the perfect Japanese kimono coordination. This allows even first-time TOMESODE wearers to look glamorous and elegant without worry.

In addition, Kyoto is a city steeped in tradition and culture, and wearing a tomesode allows you to experience the history and customs of the area. Wearing a tomesode in harmony with Kyoto’s beautiful scenery and traditional buildings is truly an exceptional experience.

A tomesode rental is a convenient way to add color to your special day and make the moment of a lifetime even more special. Get your tomesode from a kimono rental store in Kyoto and have a wonderful time while experiencing the tasteful Japanese traditions.

How to Rent a Tomesode

The first step in renting a tomesode is to find a rental store. There are many rental stores in Kyoto, but in order to select a reliable store, we recommend that you check word of mouth or ask for referrals from friends.

Once you have chosen a rental store, you will try on the clothes. Trying on a kimono is extremely important because tomesode requires a fit that matches your body shape and height. In addition, since accessories and obi (sash) are also necessary for Tome-sode, you will be able to understand the overall balance by trying them on together.

Once you have tried on and selected a Tome-sode that you like, you will go through the rental procedures. Make sure to sign a contract after confirming details such as rental period, return method, and price.

Renting a tomesode takes time and effort, but the time and effort will make your outfit for the special occasion exceptional. Have fun and give renting a tomesode a try! You will find yourself immersed in a beautiful culture of another country.

Cost of Tomesode Rental

The cost of a Tomesode rental generally varies depending on the rental period and the store. Especially in Kyoto, there is a certain price range for tomesode rentals, and additional costs are only incurred when special options are included. The general market price range is approximately 20,000 yen to 50,000 yen for a day’s rental. However, if you want to add options such as an obi and accessories in addition to the tomesode, you may need to pay several thousand yen to several tens of thousands of yen in additional costs.

You may be puzzled by the pricing of tomesode, especially if someone close to you has never worn a tomesode before. However, the value of wearing a tomesode on a special occasion and being able to decorate important milestones and anniversaries in one’s life is immeasurable. Tomesode is a traditional Japanese garment, and its beauty and prestige can make a special event even more special. The cost of a Tomesode rental is an investment in creating a wonderful experience and memory. We hope that you will wear a tomesode on your special day to make it even more special.

Manners for Wearing a Tomesode

Certain manners must be observed when wearing a tomesode. First, the sleeves must be long enough to reach the wrists. In addition, tabi socks should be plain white. As for the obi, gold or silver tones are generally used, and an obi plate should always be used. It is also important to choose plain white sandals so that the toes are not visible.

Because of the prestige of the tomesode attire, attention should also be paid to the hairstyle. Basically, it is common to use a hairpin and tie a braid over it. In addition, it is better to choose hair ornaments that match the season.

In addition, once you put on a tomesode, be sure to maintain a beautiful posture. Keep your back straight and let your arms hang naturally. When walking, turn your toes inward and keep your feet small and in line with each other to look more beautiful.

By observing the etiquette for wearing a tomesode, you can enjoy a more prestigious look. Please try to observe these manners in order to have a wonderful time in tomesode. By behaving confidently and beautifully, you will be able to maximize the appeal of your tomesode on special occasions and ceremonies.

Reasons to Wear Tomesode for Special Occasions

Weddings, coming-of-age ceremonies, graduation, entrance and entrance ceremonies, and reunions – these are milestones in life, and the tomesode has a special presence at these special moments. Wearing a beautiful tomesode on a glamorous event or a wonderful occasion is a moment to be proud of oneself.

At weddings, the wearing of tomesode is the second most common formal dress code after the bride and groom. It is a glamorous attire that enhances the beauty of the bride.

Coming-of-age ceremonies are special, once-in-a-lifetime occasions. Men and women who have reached adulthood move on to a new stage of their lives wearing beautiful and shining tomesode.

Graduation, entrance, and entrance ceremonies. In Japanese kimono culture, the tomesode has a special meaning. Wearing a tomesode on a new stage of your life will give you confidence and enable you to face new challenges.

Reunions are a place where friendships that have transcended time are reconnected. By wearing Tomesode at such a memorable gathering, you can show that you are as beautiful as you used to be.

Everyone has their own reasons for wearing tomesode on special occasions, but the beauty and presence of tomesode blends perfectly with any occasion. You should consider wearing tomesode for special occasions in your life. Wearing this beautiful attire will make your special moment even brighter.


Tomesode is a traditional Japanese costume and is typically worn on special occasions. There are numerous occasions to wear a tomesode, including weddings, coming-of-age ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, entrance ceremonies, and reunions. It is very important to observe the etiquette when wearing a tomesode. Also, when renting a tomesode, it is important to pay attention to the additional costs. The price range for tomesode rentals is diverse, and additional costs may be incurred when options are added. Following the procedure for renting a tomesode, you can wear the chosen tomesode yourself.

In Kyoto, tomesode rentals are also available, where you can learn about the history and meaning of tomesode. Kyoto is a center of traditional culture, and you will be able to feel the rich history and culture behind the beautiful costumes through the use of tomesode.

The tomesode is a beautiful costume suitable for special occasions. Its intricate design, use of color, and delicate decorations give the wearer elegance and grace. Wearing a tomesode will make a special occasion or event even more spectacular. That one TOMESODE will color your special moment and make it memorable.

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