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🎊✨ Kuro-tomesode: the most prestigious traditional Japanese formal wear ✨🎊

Kuro-tomesode is the most prestigious of all traditional Japanese formal wear, suitable for formal occasions such as weddings and official ceremonies. Preferred by the mother of the bride and married women, it is characterized by a base color of black and gorgeous patterns using gold and silver. These patterns are concentrated on the hem and sleeves, giving an elegant and gorgeous impression.

🌸 Charm of Kuro-tomesode 🌸

The charm of the kuro-tomesode lies in its prestige. As an appropriate attire for important family events and public ceremonies, it symbolizes the importance of the special occasion. The patterns depicted on kuro-tomesode are diverse, including seasonal flowers, classical patterns, and landscapes, and they represent a concentrated sense of Japanese aesthetics and tradition. Thus, Kuro-tomesode is like a work of art that deeply impresses the viewer.

For kimono rental customers, the kuro-tomesode is a wonderful option to wear on special occasions, allowing them to experience the prestige of the outfit and show that they play an important role in the occasion from the outside. Wearing a kuro-tomesode is also a great opportunity to learn about traditional Japanese culture and formal attire etiquette.

Furthermore, in addition to its beauty, the kuro-tomesode can be a garment that symbolizes important memories and family ties for the wearer. By wearing it on a memorable occasion such as a wedding, the memories of that day can be engraved even more deeply and beautifully.

We hope that even customers unfamiliar with kimono will understand the beauty of the kuro-tomesode and the cultural value behind it, and choose it as a garment that will make their special day even more special.

👘Plans and Prices👘.

-Premium A Plan (Kuro-tomesode) 8,000 yen

Included in the price: Kimono, obi, sandals, bag, etc.
If you wish to have your hair set, an additional 1,500 yen will be charged.

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