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Ladies Premium C Plan

🌺✨ Visiting Kimono: Kimono for prestigious occasions ✨🌺

The visiting kimono is the kimono of choice for particularly prestigious occasions in traditional Japanese dress. Its charm lies in its rich colors and delicate patterns, which create an elegant beauty. The visiting kimono is considered appropriate for formal occasions such as weddings, receptions, parties, and tea ceremonies. It is especially suitable as a glamorous and respectful attire when attending the wedding of a friend or relative.

🎨 Characteristics of the Visiting Kimono 🎨.

The characteristic of the visiting kimono is that it can carry one or more crests and is decorated with beautiful designs expressed by dyeing and embroidery. Silk is the main material used for the fabric, and its luster and texture offer special comfort. In addition, nature, scenery, and traditional patterns of the four seasons are depicted, offering a rich expression of the four seasons in Japan.

Wearing a kimono is more than just a fashion statement; it is a cultural experience and an opportunity for self-expression. By choosing a visiting kimono, you will be able to enjoy a prestigious style that will beautifully add to the memory of your special day. In addition, the process of wearing a kimono itself is steeped in Japanese tradition and etiquette, allowing you to experience the depth of Japanese culture through the kimono.

Kimono rental customers can make their special day even more special by choosing a visiting kimono. We hope you will have an unforgettable time through an outfit that makes you look beautiful and captivates those around you.

👘Plans and Prices👘.

-Premium C Plan (Visiting Kimono) 8,000 yen

Included in the price: Kimono, obi, bag, sandals, etc.
Hair set is available for an additional 1,500 yen

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