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Kyoto Gourmet & Sweets Popular among Foreigners

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– Introduction
– Top 5 Popular Kyoto Gourmet Ranking
– Famous Kyoto sweets stores
– Recommended Kyoto Gourmet & Sweets Tour
– Conclusion


In this issue, we will introduce Kyoto gourmet foods and sweets that are popular among foreigners. Kyoto is a very attractive place for foreign tourists because of its thriving food culture, from Japanese cuisine to French cuisine. We have carefully selected some of the must-try gourmet foods and famous Kyoto sweets for you to try when you visit Kyoto. In addition, we also suggest recommended gourmet and sweets tours! Be sure to check them out before you visit Kyoto.

Top 5 Popular Kyoto Gourmet Ranking

For foreign tourists, Kyoto is a treasure house of Japanese traditional culture and gastronomy. Kyoto gourmet foods, in particular, are renowned for their delicious taste and beautiful appearance, prepared using seasonal ingredients from various parts of Japan and traditional cooking methods. In this issue, we will introduce the top five most popular Kyoto gourmet foods among foreigners.

Duck cuisine in Gion

Gion is a place known as Kyoto’s flower district, and the duck dishes you can encounter here are also very popular among foreigners. Duck meat is somewhat sweet and plump. Duck dishes in Gion are appetizing and tasty, with flavors that complement the tenderness of the meat and the savory taste of the meat. Served with sake or good wine, it is a perfect match.

Kamigamo Botan-nabe

Did you know? Botan-nabe” is a specialty of Kamigamo. It is filled with locally raised “Kamigamo chicken” and seasonal vegetables such as spinach, shiitake mushrooms, and shiitake mushrooms. The soup stock has a strong and refreshing flavor. White rice also goes well with botan nabe. The botan nabe in Kamigamo with white rice will warm your body and soul.

Machiya Cuisine on Niningsaka Slope

Niningsaka is a charming area of Kyoto with its narrow alleys and buildings reminiscent of traditional machiya houses. The machiya cuisine available here offers a different taste from what you are accustomed to. Many seasonal dishes using Kyoto vegetables will surprise and impress you. The atmosphere of the restaurant is also very inviting, so we recommend that you drop by during your sightseeing tour.

Izakaya in Kawaramachi

Kawaramachi is also known as the place of faith in Higashiyama, Kyoto. The Kawaramachi area is home to many delicious izakaya (Japanese style pubs). Especially popular among foreigners are fresh and delicious sashimi and dishes using locally caught fish. Many of the restaurants are frequented by locals, and because of this, the atmosphere is very homey and enjoyable.

Seafood Dishes at Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market is the best market in Kyoto, with a dazzling array of fresh and delicious fish and vegetables. There are many restaurants in the market where you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes. Especially popular among foreign tourists are “Kaisen-don” and “Kaisen-shabu-shabu”. They are excellent value for money, and you can enjoy the delicious food while enjoying the atmosphere of the market.

These are the top five most popular Kyoto gourmet restaurants for foreigners. Delicious dishes using Kyoto’s seasonal ingredients, Japanese sweets and sweets are a great opportunity to experience the culinary culture of the country of Japan. Finding a restaurant on your own is fun, but we also recommend taking a tour. I hope you will continue to create wonderful memories!

Famous Kyoto Sweets

Have you started planning your trip to Kyoto? After enjoying the beautiful temples and shrines and the elegant townscape, of course you want to enjoy the gastronomic delights as well.
So, here are some of the most popular sweets stores in Kyoto.

First is “Nakamura Tokichi Honten,” which does not give up its first prize. The signature item on the menu at this Japanese confectionery is the “mame daifuku,” or bean-jam cake with bean paste inside a thin layer of gefu. The thin gyuhi (rice-flour dough) is filled with sweet bean paste and glutinous rice, and is so delicious that you will never get tired of it no matter how many times you try it.

Next is “Manpuku An,” famous for its mame daifuku. The exquisitely sweet black bean paste and crispy skin are a perfect match. In addition, you can enjoy Daifuku in various flavors.

At French Pastry Shop SUZUKI, a Japanese/Western confectionery store introduced here, we recommend the “Japanese Chestnut and Hokkaido Fresh Cream Hors d’Oeuvre,” made with fresh cream from Hokkaido and Japanese chestnuts from Kyoto. You will enjoy its lovely bite-sized appearance and mild taste.

Finally, we would like to introduce “Iwagetsuan,” a long-established Japanese confectionery store in Kodaiji Temple, Kyoto. Their “Anmitsu Kuzumochi” (kuzumochi with sweetened bean paste) softly spreads the flavor of green tea, and their delicious wagashi are made from the finest ingredients.

These are just a few of the popular Kyoto sweets stores. It is worth a try!

Recommended Kyoto Gourmet & Sweets Tour

Finally, we would like to introduce Kyoto Gourmet & Sweets Tours. These tours will take you to enjoy the best gourmet food & sweets in Kyoto. Come on, let’s go on a trip!

Duck Cuisine in Gion and Japanese Sweets Set at Nakamura Tokichi Honten

On this tour, you will enjoy duck cuisine in Kyoto’s beautiful Gion and taste wagashi sweets at Nakamura Fujiyoshi Honten. The duck is tender, beautiful to look at, and tastes wonderful. Wagashi is a taste of Japanese culture and is available in a wide variety. This tour is the perfect way to immerse yourself in traditional Japanese flavors and culture.

Kamigamo Botan-nabe and Rakuboku Dolce

Kamigamo botan nabe is one of Kyoto’s winter delicacies, served with ponzu (Japanese citrus juice) to enhance the flavor of the ingredients. The Rakuhoku dolce is a European-style dessert, and when served with Japanese pastries, it offers a new taste experience.

Hors d’oeuvre set with Niningsaka machiya cuisine, Japanese chestnuts and Hokkaido cream

Niningsaka is a particularly beautiful area of Kyoto, and the restaurant offers delicious machiya cuisine. The Japanese chestnut and Hokkaido cream hors d’oeuvre set also looks beautiful and tastes outstanding. This set offers a taste that transcends the boundaries between Japanese and Western cuisine.

Kawaramachi Izakaya and Nishiki Market Seafood Set

Kawaramachi has many inexpensive izakayas (Japanese-style pubs). In this tour, you can enjoy seafood dishes at Nishiki Market after drinking a lot at Kawaramachi’s izakaya. This tour is a perfect way to experience Japanese life in Kyoto and to understand Japanese culture and Japanese people.

Beautiful scenery of Arashiyama and a set of Mame Daifuku at Manpukuan

Finally, you can enjoy Mame Daifuku with tea while taking in the beautiful scenery of Arashiyama. Mame Daifuku is one of the most popular sweets in Kyoto, and Manpukuan’s Mame Daifuku is very special.

This is the introduction of Kyoto Gourmet & Sweets Tour. We hope you will incorporate them into your travel plans.


Kyoto is a treasure trove of gourmet foods, and there are many restaurants popular among foreigners. In this article, we introduced popular Kyoto gourmet foods & sweets.

First, the top 5 most popular gourmet restaurants in Kyoto are duck cuisine in Gion, botan-nabe in Kamigamo, machiya cuisine in Niningsaka, izakaya in Kawaramachi, and seafood cuisine in Nishiki Market. These restaurants offer authentic and delicious cuisine.

There are also many famous Kyoto sweets stores. Among the most popular are Nakamura Tokichi Honten, Manpukuan, French Pastry Shop SUZUKI, and Iwatsuki An. You can taste Japanese and Western sweets at these stores.

Kyoto Gourmet & Sweets

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