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The charm and enjoyment of yukata , a summer tradition

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The yukata is widely worn as a typical summer kimono. The traditional yukata, with its fresh patterns and colors, is one of the most iconic garments of Japanese culture. It can be worn at summer festivals, fireworks displays, and many other occasions. In this issue, we will introduce the origin and types of yukata, tips on how to wear them, and activities and fashion arrangements you can enjoy.

What is a yukata?
A yukata is one of the most popular summer garments worn by Japanese women in the summer. A yukata is a traditional Japanese garment, made of thin cotton or linen material. Yukata were worn to keep cool on hot summer days.

Origin and History of the Yukata
The oldest record of the yukata is probably a picture scroll created by the Hosokawa family during the Heian period (794-1185) showing people dressed in yukata. During the Edo period (1603-1867), yukata became increasingly popular and widely used as summer kimonos for the common people. Because yukata were airy and cool, they were also accepted by people who had moved from the countryside to the city. Even today, yukata is still worn throughout Japan as one of the most popular summer wear.

Types of Yukata
There are various types of yukata, depending on the base color and pattern. There are yukata with a variety of patterns, including classic and modern patterns, floral patterns, and animal patterns. The colors of yukata are often summery and bright, with pink, orange, and light blue being the most common colors and patterns. A yukata can be fashionably arranged depending on the obi and accessories with which it is tied.

How to enjoy wearing a yukata

Wearing a yukata is one of the pleasures of going to a summer festival or fireworks display. Before getting a yukata, first choose a yukata that suits you. Bright colors, cute patterns, etc., that suit your taste are recommended.

An obi accentuates the yukata. Generally, a yukata with a pattern should be matched with a plain obi, and a plain yukata with a pattern should be matched with an obi. There are many types of obi knots, but it is best to use an obi knot for kimono. The way the obi knot is tied will change the atmosphere of the yukata.

Small accessories are the finishing touch to accentuate the yukata. You can enjoy your yukata even more if you choose zori (slippers), bags, and other accessories that coordinate with your yukata. It is also a good idea to use accessories that go well with your yukata.

Wearing a yukata will make your summer events even more enjoyable. Choose a yukata that suits you, match the obi, and enjoy coordinating accessories.

Summer traditions you can enjoy in a yukata

Summer is all about yukata! A yukata is an excellent way to enjoy the summer season without going out of your way to get into the spirit of it. Fireworks festivals and summer festivals are crowded with people wearing yukata. A yukata alone makes for a gorgeous summer scene. If you wear a yukata to the pool or to the beach, you will definitely stand out in style! So, let us introduce you to some summer festivals that you can enjoy wearing a yukata.

Fireworks festivals are beautiful events where the night sky is filled with lighted fireworks. We recommend matching your kimono or yukata with colors that look great against the blue, pink, or black sky. Move slowly and enjoy watching fireworks in a cool yukata.

At summer festivals, food stalls and street vendors line the streets and people bustle about. Colorful yukata add color to the streets of summer festivals. Join the festival in yukata and enjoy the summer festival atmosphere. Strolling through the shopping streets and festival sites, you can fully enjoy the summer festival atmosphere.

When you go to the pool or the beach, wear a yukata-style swimsuit and enjoy the fashionable atmosphere. Find your own unique style by skillfully combining swimsuits and yukata. Just by wearing yukata-style swimsuits and accessories, you can enjoy the ocean or pool in style.

Let’s enjoy the summer season in yukata. Some yukata dressing services are available at the venue, so there is no need to worry even if you are not confident about dressing yourself. Surprisingly, for those who have never worn a yukata before, the thrill of wearing a yukata for the first time may become an unforgettable memory.

Arranging Yukata Fashion

When you wear a yukata, don’t you want to be original? You can easily create a unique style with your hairstyle, makeup, and footwear.

For example, in terms of hairstyle, you can create a cool and cute impression by arranging a simple braid studded with small flowers or by attaching a Japanese-style hairpin or kanjaku (ornamental hairpin).

On the feet, depending on the socks you choose to match, you can create a sense of slipperiness from the feet up. There are also a wide variety of sandals and geta, so you can change the atmosphere depending on how you coordinate them.

When wearing a yukata, don’t forget to arrange accessories. You can arrange your yukata in a more fashionable way by using a fan, a basket bag, an obi strap, or other accessories and catsuits you have on hand.

Activities that bring out the charm of the yukata

Once you put on a yukata, we recommend taking pictures. Taking pictures at shrines, temples, and other tourist attractions will add to the atmosphere. Another fun activity is to visit museums. Wearing a yukata to an art museum is a perfect match with the works of art! Moreover, you may attract attention since not many people come here in yukata.


Now that I have explained the charms of yukata, what do you think? By wearing a yukata, a traditional summer garment, you can feel the rich culture and traditions of Japan. Choose a yukata that suits you, arrange it by the way you tie the obi and use accessories, and enjoy summer events to the fullest!

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