Same-day Reservation

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Same-day reservation is welcome!

Kimono Rental MIMOSA welcomes same-day reservations and visits! If you suddenly want to wear a kimono and go sightseeing, come to Mimosa. The prices start from 4,000 yen for a kimono. The price varies depending on the type of kimono. We have a wide range of kimonos including Furisode, Tomesode, and Houmongi. Please feel free to inquire.

There are many tourist spots (photo spots) around Kyoto Kimono Rental Mimosa. As soon as you change into a kimono, you can immediately start taking pictures. Even in a short time, you can create many memories in Japan (Kyoto), which is very popular!

  • Kiyomizu Temple
  • Sannenzaka
  • Ninenzaka
  • Ichinenzaka
  • Reizan Kannon
  • Kodaiji
  • Yasaka Koshindo
  • Nene no Michi
  • Maruyama Park
  • Chion-in Temple
  • Yasaka shrine
  • Gion Town
  • stone wall path
  • Yasaka Tower
  • Yasui Kompiragu Shrine
  • Kenninji temple

What includes in Rental

What includes in the plan





※Please choose your hair set from 6 types! Prices range from 550 yen ~ 2,650 yen.


kimono _rental_mimosa

The kimono is a traditional Japanese garment made from a single piece of fabric and is an exquisite costume. It is wrapped around the body in a special way and secured with a belt. The color, pattern, and material reflect the season, location, and age of the wearer, as well as marital status. Therefore, a kimono is not just a garment, but can also be considered an artistic medium for expressing circumstances and individual understanding. Generally, kimonos are made of silk, cotton, or synthetic fibers, and they range from those with luxurious decorations to simple ones. On the other hand, kimonos made of cotton or synthetic fibers are worn for casual occasions and daily life. One of the attractions of wearing a kimono is its sense of dialogue. The kimono hides the body's lines and creates a shape that can be adjusted by the belt, so it's a costume that looks beautiful on anyone, regardless of body shape. Moreover, wearing a kimono is a wonderful opportunity to touch Japanese culture and history. Its design and manufacturing methods have been passed down over centuries, and its beauty and sophisticated elegance embody the essence of Japan. Each kimono is a kind of walking artwork, and wearing it allows you to become a part of it.

Rental Process

For same-day reservation, please call us or visit us in person.

You will then choose from yukata, kimono, hakama, formal kimono, or furisode.

After that, payment is made and the dressing process begins!

Please allow 10 to 20 minutes for dressing!

Afterwards, for customers who have paid the hair set fee, we will do the hair set in about 5 to 10 minutes.

Finally, after you have selected your bag and other accessories, the dressing process is complete!

The return time is until 5 PM. By paying an additional fee of 1,000 yen, you can return it by 5 PM the next day, and returning it to your hotel is also possible!

In the case of hotel returns: After Misosa’s business hours, we will deliver your clothes to the front desk of your hotel. All you need to do is leave the kimono you’ve finished wearing at the front desk!



京都着物レンタルミモザの周辺にはたくさんの観光スポット(写真スポット)あり着物に着替えたらすぐに撮影することができます。 短い時間でもたくさんの日本(京都)での思い出をつくることができ好評です!!

  • 清水寺
  • 三念坂
  • 二念坂
  • 一念坂
  • 霊山観音
  • 高台寺
  • 八坂庚申堂
  • ねねの道
  • 円山公園
  • 知恩院
  • 八坂神社
  • 祇園町
  • 石塀小路
  • 八坂の塔
  • 安井金比羅宮
  • 建仁寺


レンタルの中に 入っているもの





着物は、日本の伝統的な衣装で、一枚の布から作られ素晴らしい衣装です。そして特別な方法で体に巻き付け、帯で固定されます。色、パターン、素材は季節や場所、着る人の年齢や結婚そのため、着物は単なる衣装ではなく、状況や個別の理解を表現するための芸術的な手段とも言えます。一般的には、着物は絹、綿、または合成繊維で作られ、豪華な装飾が施されたものからシンプルなものまで、多種多様です。一方、綿や合成繊維で作られた着物は、カジュアルな場や日常生活で着用されます。着物を着ることの魅力の一つは、その対話感です。 着物は体のラインを隠し、帯によって調節可能な形状を作るので、体型に関係なく誰でも美しく見える衣装です。また、着物を着るということは、日本文化と歴史に触れる素晴らしい機会でもあります。そのデザインと製法は何世紀にもわたって受け継がれてきたもので、その美しさと洗練されたエレガンスは、日本それは、着物一つ一つが一種の歩く芸術品であり、着る人自身がその一部となることを提供してくれます。











ヘアセット 550円~

ホテル返却 1000円~


和傘 550円~

刀 1000円~

扇子 550円~