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Ladies Premium B Plan

🌸✨Our furisode rental plan✨🌸

Whether you are planning to visit Kyoto for sightseeing, coming-of-age ceremony, graduation ceremony, or a wedding, we have the right gorgeous furisode for your special occasion. We have an extensive collection of furisode that fuse traditional beauty with modern trends to make your day special.

🎀Plan Details🎀

Extensive collection of furisode: We offer a wide range of choices from classic designs to the latest trendy patterns. Choose from colorful floral patterns, elegant classic patterns, modern abstract patterns, and many other tastes in furisode.
Total coordination: Rent a complete set of furisode (obi, obiage, obijime, zori, bag, etc.). In addition, a wide variety of hair ornaments and accessories are available for a complete outfit.
Professional dressing and hair/make-up service: Our experienced dressers and hair/make-up artists will make you look your best. We offer professional skills to ensure that you have a flawless day of dressing.
Commemorative Photo Service: As an option, a commemorative photo service by a professional photographer is also available. Capture the memories of your special day in beautiful photographs. Photographer 15,000 yen per hour

💖Attractiveness of Furisode rental 💖

Cost-effectiveness: While purchasing a complete set of furisode would be very expensive, renting one is an easy way to enjoy the best attire. Also, you can find the perfect furisode for you from the wide variety of choices available only with rentals.
Color for special occasions: Coming-of-age ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, and other milestones in your life will be unforgettable when you wear a gorgeous furisode. A furisode will give you confidence and sparkle on these special occasions.
Freedom of styling: The same furisode can be styled differently depending on the combination of obi and accessories. Create your own unique style for this once-in-a-lifetime special occasion.

Our furisode rental plans provide you with a gorgeous outfit for your special day. We offer the best furisode for each and every customer and support a beautiful and memorable day. Let’s celebrate the most important anniversary of your life with a beautiful furisode.

🌟Premium B Plan Furisode – 15,000 yen
🌟Premium B Plan Furisode – 25,000 yen
🌟Premium B Plan Furisode – 35,000 yen

Included in the price: Kimono, obi, sandals, bag, etc. complete set.

Additional 1,500 yen if you wish to have your hair set

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