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Kimono hairstyle variations, cute and stylish hairstyle ideas

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– Introduction
– The Importance of Kimono Hairstyles
– Traditional hairstyle ideas
– Hairstyle ideas with a modern twist
– Choosing a hairstyle that matches the kimono design
– Choosing the right hairstyle
– Conclusion


A kimono hairstyle is an important item that defines the overall style. We can arrange any traditional kimono in a modern way. In this blog, we will introduce various hairstyle ideas. We will also tell you how to choose a hairstyle that matches the design of your kimono, such as furisode, colored tomesode, or tsukebake. Now, let’s dive into the world of hairstyles to enjoy your kimono!

Importance of Kimono Hairstyle

The hairstyle of a kimono is an important element that influences the overall impression of the kimono. One hairstyle can drastically change the atmosphere of the same kimono, so you should be very careful when choosing one. In a word, a hairstyle that brings out the charm of the kimono is “elegant,” “beautiful,” and “sophisticated. Traditional hairstyles, in particular, are elegant and prestigious and enhance the kimono. However, hairstyles arranged to suit the modern atmosphere also have their own charm.

The types of traditional hairstyles include the dango, the oshibake, the kanzashi, the hairpin, the wig, and the mica. Each of these can give a slightly different impression depending on the angle, position, and tools used. The recommended traditional hairstyles are the morning hair, dango, o-hage, and o-kanzashi. They give an impression of softness and sophistication.

On the other hand, hairstyles arranged in a modern style are also very attractive. The arrangement combined with braiding is easy to create and has elegance and cuteness. Half-up and half-down arrangements give a stylish and classy impression. And arranging with a hair band is a fun way to think about how the accessories will match the hair color and the color of the kimono.

For kimono, it is also important to choose a hairstyle according to the design. A braided arrangement for furisode (long-sleeved kimono), a bun or obi for colored tomesode (long-sleeved kimono), and an okanzashi hairstyle for tsukebana (a kimono belt worn over a kimono) are all suitable. The impression will also vary depending on the type of obi, so be sure to choose a hairstyle that matches the color and pattern of the obi.

Finally, the correct choice of hairstyle is to match the shape of the face and the type of obi. You can also change it depending on the season and location to make your kimono look even more fabulous. When you wear a kimono, be sure to check your hairstyle as well to dress yourself even more beautifully.

Traditional Hairstyle Ideas

Traditional hairstyle ideas are an important part of the hair arrangement for the kimono. Traditional hairstyles include hairstyles with wigs, Japanese hairpins, and mica.

A hairstyle using a wig can give a dignified impression by decorating the wig with a solid strand of hair. Colorful wigs can also be incorporated to create a more fashionable and unique look.

A hairstyle using a Japanese hairpin with the same pattern and design as the kimono can enhance the glamour of the kimono. In addition, flowers such as chrysanthemums and plum blossoms can be incorporated into the hairpin to express a sense of the season.

Hairpieces made of mica can give a glamorous impression along with a sparkling touch. Used as hair ornaments or hair clips, they can express a delicate and elegant atmosphere.

Incorporating a traditional hairstyle idea that suits you personally will definitely make you look even better in a kimono!

Hairstyle ideas with a modern twist

Traditional hairstyles are great, but we would like to introduce you to some ideas for hairstyles arranged in a modern way. Since you are glamorously dressed in a kimono, you may want to keep your hairstyle up-tempo as well.

An arrangement that combines braiding works well for any occasion. You can use fishbone braids or braids to add a modern accent to your kimono. Adding a barrette or a hairpin ornament to the braided base is also recommended.

The half-up/half-down arrangement goes well with a gorgeous obi knot. It is also recommended for those who are a little uncomfortable with wearing their entire hair up. In keeping with recent trends, it is also nice to curl the top part of the hair loosely to create a retro hair arrangement.

Arranging hair with a hair band is easy and glamorous! Hair bands decorated with floral patterns and pearls go well with Japanese kimonos. Just wrap a headband around your head and anyone can easily add a stylish touch.

A variety of arrangements that bring out the charm of a kimono. If you are going to wear a gorgeous kimono, why not arrange your hairstyle as well?

Choosing a hairstyle that matches the kimono design

Choosing a hairstyle that matches the kimono design depends on the type of kimono, such as furisode, shiro-tomesode, or tsukebake. For furisode, a high bun hairstyle is recommended to create an elegant and neat atmosphere. For shikoromesode, a low bun or rope braid hairstyle suits mature women to create a calm atmosphere. For tsutsubohimo, if you want to express an elegant and glamorous feminine look, we recommend curling the hair inward in a large bun and decorating it with a little braided ribbon. To bring out the charm of the kimono, it is best to choose a hairstyle that harmonizes with the kimono design.

How to choose the right hairstyle

When wearing a kimono for a special occasion, the hairstyle is also important. First, know your face shape and choose a hairstyle that matches it. If you have a long face, you can achieve a good balance by putting your hair together in the image of vertically flowing hair. On the other hand, if you have a small face, we recommend arranging your hair in a way that makes it fuller. You can also change the hairstyle depending on the type of obi. If the obi is gorgeous, a simple updo is good. On the other hand, if a modest obi is used, a fancy arrangement will set you apart from others. Finally, it is also a good idea to change your hairstyle depending on the season and location. In summer, an arrangement that gives a light impression suits well. On the other hand, a cute arrangement with a wool hat goes well in winter. When choosing a hairstyle, it is important to choose a hairstyle that matches the season and location, as well as the type of obi or kimono to be worn.


Kimono hairstyle is an important element in enhancing the outfit. It is important to choose a hairstyle that is appropriate for the type of kimono, whether a traditional or modern arrangement. Remember to adjust it according to the shape of your face, the type of obi, the season, and the place. Why don’t you all try to find a hairstyle that will make your kimono look more attractive?

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