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Kimono are recommended for casual outings!

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Although we often go out in casual clothes, sometimes wearing a kimono may be a fashionable option. Kimono is a traditional Japanese culture that has not only beauty but also meaning and history. In this blog, we will introduce the charm of kimono, how to wear it casually, how to care for it, and how to purchase it. If you are interested in kimonos, please keep reading.

The Appeal of Kimono

The kimono is one of Japan’s traditional cultures. It has a long history and continues to be loved by many people even today. Kimonos not only look very beautiful and attractive on women, but also can be worn by men. Therefore, they are popular among both men and women.

Kimonos are imbued with historical significance and deep meaning. For example, the white kimono worn at weddings represents purity and cleanliness. The patterns and colors also have meanings, and the patterns and colors worn change according to the four seasons and events. By itself, wearing a kimono allows you to experience the richness of Japanese culture.

And there are many ways to enjoy wearing a kimono. Whether you wear it to a festival or event, enjoy a day wearing a kimono with friends, or wear a kimono while feeling the changing of the seasons, each is enjoyable in its own way.

Kimonos can also be worn in casual situations. There are ways to dress casually by matching kimono accessories and accessories. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the choice of shoes and bags to match and the recommended colors and patterns of kimono.

Kimonos have a different texture and charm from western clothes. Once you try wearing a kimono, you will surely discover something new. We invite you to step into the world of kimono right now.

Casual Wearing of Kimono

I like to pretend to be an expert, but in reality I am a kimono beginner. So it seems a little strange for me to talk about casual wear. But that also means that we, kimono beginners, have a chance to enjoy the kimono.

First, how to wear kimono casually with kimono accessories and accessories. My personal recommendation is to change the obiage. By changing the color and pattern, you can give a different impression. Flowers and obi ornaments also make great accents.

Next, shoes and bags. Shoes, in particular, should not be worn with sneakers but with delicate sandals, even if they are worn casually. As for bags, choose a retro Japanese-style bag or pouch for a more casual look.

As for recommended kimono colors and patterns that change with the seasons, bright and gorgeous impressions are recommended for spring and summer, while deep shades and chic patterns are good for fall and winter. Recommended patterns include chirimen and komon.

The above is my advice for casual wear. Of course, my opinions reflect my personal preferences. But as a first step, why don’t you take a look at this advice? Kimonos can also be taken in casually.

How to care for your kimono

Kimonos are beautiful and valuable. You want to treat them with care, but you need to be careful about how you take care of them. If you know the correct method, you can use it for a long time.

First of all, it is important to know how to fold a kimono. It is necessary to fold it completely dry so as not to stain it. Also, changing the folded area several times a day will prevent sticking and wrinkling. These are important to keep your kimono beautiful for a long time.

Next, as for stain removal, dry cleaning is the best method. It is best to refrain from using detergent on fabrics. If detergent is used, it should first be used on a small area on a trial basis to see if there is any color fading or discoloration. Also, if you are concerned about stains, we recommend that you clean the product as soon as possible.

The method of care varies from material to material and also from costume to costume. Haori hakama require more care than kimono worn on a daily basis. If the hem is stained, we recommend wiping it lightly with black tissue paper and cleaning only the stained area.

Finally, in order to store kimonos longer, it is important to keep them out of direct sunlight and humidity. The ideal storage location is well-ventilated, humidity-free, and insect-free. In addition, when storing kimonos for a long period of time, it is recommended to take them out periodically to air them out.

Finally, treating kimonos with care and properly caring for them is the key to maintaining their beauty over the long term.

How to Rent or Purchase Kimonos

Kimonos are a part of traditional Japanese culture, and many people find them beautiful and deeply meaningful. However, making them by hand is time-consuming and expensive, so many people enjoy buying or renting them.

One should be careful when using rental stores, as reservations and kimono size selection are often necessary. They can also be obtained at secondhand clothing markets or through online shopping, but one must be careful about the materials and quality.

You can also make a handmade kimono, but it takes time, effort, and skill. Many of them are also expensive to purchase, so it is better to do a thorough research and get advice from an expert.

If you have any questions or concerns about kimonos, we recommend that you ask them in the kimono community. Experienced kimono enthusiasts often offer advice and share their experiences.

For those who want to experience the charm of kimono, you can not only buy but also rent or make by hand.

How to Enjoy Kimono

Wearing kimono at festivals and events is a rare opportunity to experience Japanese culture. At events such as summer festivals, fall festivals, and fireworks displays, light clothing such as yukata and jinbei are popular, but kimonos are elegant and prestigious. Kimono dressing among friends is also a very enjoyable experience. Gathering together in kimono for tea and chatting is like a Japanese tea time. Wearing kimonos for Japanese events such as New Year’s and coming-of-age ceremonies is also very attractive. The colors and patterns of kimono chosen for each season are also key to enjoying the sense of the season. By wearing a kimono, you may experience Japanese culture and discover something new.


Kimono is an ideal costume for casual outings. It is one of the traditional Japanese culture and can enhance the beauty of women and men. It can be arranged with Japanese accessories and small cloths to suit casual occasions. By changing colors and patterns according to the season, you can always enjoy a fresh look. We also introduce how to care for, rent, and enjoy kimonos. Please take an interest in kimonos.

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