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Kimono Rental Recommendations and Service Details at Kiyomizu Temple

Experience the timeless elegance of Kyoto by renting a traditional Japanese kimono for your visit to Kiyomizu Temple. Explore the historic streets and picturesque surroundings of Kiyomizu Temple while dressed in authentic attire, creating unforgettable memories of your time in Kyoto. Here are some recommendations for kimono rental services near Kiyomizu Temple and details about their offerings.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
    • Enhance Your Visit to Kiyomizu Temple
  2. Recommended Kimono Rental Services
    • Yumeyakata
    • Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo
    • Kimono Rental Yae
  3. Service Details
    • Kimono Selection
    • Accessories
    • Dressing Assistance
    • Photography Options
    • Pricing
  4. Booking and Reservation
    • Online Booking
    • Reservation Process
  5. Location and Accessibility
    • Proximity to Kiyomizu Temple
    • Transportation Options
  6. Customer Reviews
    • Testimonials
    • Ratings and Feedback
  7. Conclusion
    • Choose Your Perfect Kimono Rental Experience


Make your visit to Kiyomizu Temple truly special by renting a kimono and immersing yourself in the beauty of Japanese tradition. With several kimono rental services available near Kiyomizu Temple, you can easily find the perfect option to suit your preferences and needs.

Recommended Kimono Rental Services

1. Yumeyakata

  • Location: Conveniently located near Kiyomizu Temple.
  • Offerings: Wide selection of kimonos in various styles and colors.
  • Accessories: Comprehensive range of accessories available.
  • Services: Professional dressing assistance and photography options.
  • Pricing: Competitive rates with transparent pricing.

2. Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo

  • Location: Multiple locations near Kiyomizu Temple.
  • Offerings: Extensive collection of kimonos for all occasions.
  • Accessories: Additional accessories offered for complete ensembles.
  • Services: Friendly staff providing dressing assistance and photography services.
  • Pricing: Affordable packages with flexible options.

3. Kimono Rental Yae

  • Location: Conveniently situated in the heart of Kyoto.
  • Offerings: Diverse selection of kimonos reflecting Kyoto’s heritage.
  • Accessories: Optional accessories available to enhance your look.
  • Services: Experienced staff offering personalized assistance and guidance.
  • Pricing: Competitive pricing with value-added services.

Service Details

Kimono Selection

Choose from a wide range of kimonos, including traditional designs, modern styles, and seasonal motifs, to find the perfect ensemble for your visit to Kiyomizu Temple.


Complete your look with a selection of accessories such as obi (sash), sandals, purses, and hair ornaments, available to complement your kimono and enhance your overall appearance.

Dressing Assistance

Receive professional dressing assistance from experienced staff who will help you wear your kimono properly and ensure that you look and feel your best throughout your visit to Kiyomizu Temple.

Photography Options

Capture your kimono experience with optional photography services, including studio photoshoots or outdoor sessions at scenic locations near Kiyomizu Temple, allowing you to preserve your memories in stunning imagery.


Choose from a range of rental packages to suit your budget, with transparent pricing and no hidden fees, ensuring that you can enjoy your kimono experience without any surprises.

Booking and Reservation

Online Booking

Book your kimono rental in advance through the official websites of rental services or third-party platforms to secure your preferred date and time slot for your visit to Kiyomizu Temple.

Reservation Process

Follow the simple reservation process, which typically involves selecting your desired kimono and accessories, providing your personal details, and confirming your reservation with a deposit or full payment.

Location and Accessibility

Proximity to Kiyomizu Temple

Choose a kimono rental service located within walking distance of Kiyomizu Temple to minimize travel time and make the most of your time exploring the temple and its surroundings.

Transportation Options

Access rental locations easily via public transportation, including buses and trains, or consider using taxi services for added convenience and flexibility.

Customer Reviews


Read customer testimonials and reviews to learn about the experiences of previous visitors who have rented kimonos from the recommended services, gaining valuable insights into the quality of service and satisfaction levels.

Ratings and Feedback

Check online ratings and feedback on review platforms and social media channels to gauge the reputation and reliability of the kimono rental services, helping you make an informed decision.


Choose the perfect kimono rental service near Kiyomizu Temple to enhance your visit and create lasting memories of your time in Kyoto. With a wide range of options available, you can find the ideal kimono ensemble to suit your style and preferences, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience at this iconic cultural landmark.


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