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The best trip to Kyoto with friends

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– Getting Started
– Popular Sightseeing Spots in Kyoto
– Recommended Activities in Kyoto
– Kyoto’s Delicious Dining
– Kyoto Nightlife Spots
– Last Day Plan
– Conclusion


Nice to meet you! This time, I would like to talk about “the best experience of traveling Kyoto with friends”.

Kyoto is a symbol of Japanese history and culture, and a popular city for many tourists. And the reason for traveling with friends is to share new discoveries and memories. The purpose of traveling is to get away from everyday life and to be able to refresh and discover yourself.

Popular tourist spots to visit in Kyoto include Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, Kinkakuji Temple, Kiyomizu Temple, Arashiyama, and Nijo Castle. There are also many activities to enjoy, such as a matcha tea ceremony, kimono rentals, hot spring tours, foot massages, and café tours. Delicious gourmet food is also available, including okonomiyaki, ramen, yakiniku, Italian, and seafood dishes, while there are also many nightlife spots to enjoy Kyoto at night, such as bars, karaoke, lounges, clubs, and izakaya (Japanese-style pubs).

On your last day, take a morning stroll, look for souvenirs, enjoy lunch, and then check your return time from Kyoto. As you can see, Kyoto is a city with many attractions, and a trip with friends is sure to be a great experience.

Popular Kyoto Tourist Spots

Kyoto is one of the most popular tourist cities in Japan and attracts many visitors from all over the world. Traveling with friends makes the experience even more enjoyable.

There are many tourist attractions in Kyoto, among which the following places are the most popular.

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine
Famous for its red torii tunnel, the approach to the shrine is lined with many souvenir shops. The gates are open early in the morning, and if you visit the shrine first thing in the morning, you will find it to be a good spot with few people.

Kinkakuji Temple
A World Heritage Site, Kinkakuji Temple is a beautiful, golden temple. However, it is too popular and very crowded, with many people lining up to take pictures. If photography is not your goal, we recommend that you go early in the morning.

Kiyomizu Temple
The night view from Kiyomizu Temple is said to be wonderful. The Senbon-torii gate and the tea ceremony house are also worth seeing. However, it is recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes as there are many slopes.

There are many attractions in Arashiyama, such as a small path through a bamboo grove and the Togetsu Bridge. There are also hot springs in the area, so a visit to one of them is recommended.

Nijo Castle
Nijo Castle, a national treasure, is not only beautiful from the outside but also inside, and is considered to be of great historical value. Although the castle cannot be climbed due to the lack of a castle tower, it is well worth seeing.

When visiting these spots, try to avoid crowded times beforehand. We also recommend that you wear comfortable clothing and shoes, as you will be walking for long periods of time.

Recommended Activities in Kyoto

When traveling to Kyoto, one of the things to look forward to is experiencing a variety of activities. Some of the activities that will help you enjoy Kyoto’s beautiful scenery, culture, and time spent with friends more are matcha tea ceremony, kimono rentals, visiting hot springs, foot massages, and visiting cafes.

The matcha tea ceremony is a great opportunity to experience Japanese culture. Here, you can mix and drink your own matcha tea. Matcha has a bitter and unique flavor, so it may not be to everyone’s taste, but it is an interesting experience.

Kimono rentals are a great way to wear a traditional Japanese outfit. By wearing a kimono all day long, you can feel like a Japanese yourself. You can also take pictures to keep as a memory.

Onsen (hot spring) tours are a great option for relaxing after a long day. Japan is a volcanic country, and hot springs can be enjoyed. Onsen tours are also a good way to experience Japanese culture.

A foot massage is recommended for tired feet during your trip. After walking around all day, tired feet need to rest. While you are relaxing, stimulating your feet will refresh you.

Finally, a visit to a café is also recommended. Kyoto has many beautiful cafes. Drinking Japanese tea or matcha tea will relieve your fatigue and refresh you.

Experiencing these activities will make your trip to Kyoto more enjoyable. Experiencing them with friends will make your memories even deeper.

Kyoto’s Delicious Gourmet Food

There are many things to eat on a trip to Kyoto with friends. I would like to introduce you to okonomiyaki, ramen, yakiniku, Italian cuisine, and seafood.

Let’s start with okonomiyaki. Hiroshima-style, Osaka-style, and many other types are available, but Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki is the most popular in Kyoto. The fluffy texture and sweet and spicy sauce are perfectly balanced. Depending on the restaurant, there are also plenty of vegetables in the okonomiyaki, making it a good choice for the health-conscious.

Next is ramen. In Kyoto, soy sauce is the most common flavor, but there are many variations, including pork bone broth and miso. The noodles are glutinous and the soup is rich and tasty, making you want to drink every last drop. Depending on the time of day, some restaurants are not very crowded, so try to find a hole in the wall.

Yakiniku is another popular meal in Kyoto. You can enjoy not only meat but also a lot of vegetables, even if you are a healthy eater. Some restaurants offer courses using local ingredients, so it is a good idea to compare different courses.

Many Italian restaurants have a relaxed atmosphere typical of Kyoto. Pasta and pizza, as well as appetizers and desserts, are all elaborately prepared and delicious. Some restaurants offer a night view, so it is recommended to immerse yourself in a romantic atmosphere.

Finally, seafood dishes. Kyoto does not face the sea, so there may not be many restaurants where you can enjoy fresh seafood. However, there is a famous seafood restaurant in Kyoto. Some places are attached to aquariums, so it is fun to eat after seeing the beautiful fish.

Kyoto has such delicious food. Please enjoy eating and walking around with your friends and make many memories.

Kyoto Nightlife Spots

If you visit Kyoto with friends, you may be wondering what to do at night. But don’t worry! There are many nightlife spots in Kyoto, including bars, karaoke boxes, lounges, clubs, and izakaya (Japanese style pubs).

First, head to a bar and enjoy a delicious cocktail. Kyoto has many bars with a great atmosphere. If you like karaoke, we also recommend karaoke boxes. Sing your heart out and relieve stress with your friends!

Lounges offer a relaxing atmosphere where you can enjoy delicious cocktails and snacks. We also recommend going to a club and enjoying dancing. Kyoto has some famous clubs with headliners.

Finally, fill your stomach at an izakaya. Izakaya in Kyoto offer many delicious dishes such as fresh sashimi and yakitori (grilled chicken). You can also get a taste of Japanese culture as the locals also gather here.

A night out in Kyoto is sure to be a memorable experience with your friends. Let’s have a good time!

Recommended Plan for the Last Day

The last day is your last chance to fully enjoy Kyoto. Wake up in the morning,

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