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Ladies Lace Kimono Plan

🌼🌸The Charm of the Lace Kimono 🌼🌼

Lace kimono is a modern style that combines Japanese tradition and Western lace materials. It is gaining popularity for its unique beauty, especially among the younger generation. The delicacy of lace combined with the elegance of the kimono creates a unique charm and sophistication not found in ordinary kimonos.

✨ Characteristics of Lace Kimonos ✨
Lightness and transparency: Lightweight material that is comfortable even in warm weather. Transparent skin emphasizes femininity and gives a graceful and sensual impression.
Visual pleasure: The delicate patterns of lace combined with the traditional patterns and colors of the kimono make it visually appealing.

👗 For what occasions? 👗.
A wide range of occasions from casual to semi-formal. Wear it on slightly special occasions such as wedding receptions, dates, tea ceremonies, etc. to enjoy a stylish look that is different from those around you.

🛍️ Points to consider when choosing 🛍️
Pay attention to the design and color of the lace and how it combines with the color of the kimono. Choices that match your skin tone and body shape will maximize your attractiveness. Combining with accessories, obi and sandals is another fun part of dressing up.

👘Plan and Price👘.
– Lace Kimono Plan 4980 yen

Included in the price: Kimono, obi, sandals, bag, etc. complete set. Hair set is 1,500 yen extra.

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