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Men’s Armor Plan

🛡️✨ Experience the Warring States Warlord Experience with Men’s Armor Plan ✨🛡️

Have you ever wanted to feel like a warlord at least once in Kyoto’s magnificent history and culture? Kyoto Kimono Rental Mimosa offers the “Men’s Armor Plan” to make such a dream come true. With this unique plan, you can experience the dignity of a samurai in authentic armor and in the historical scenery of Kyoto.

👘Plan Details👘.

🌸Authentic Armor Rental: You will rent authentic armor that has been faithfully reproduced in every detail. You will be able to experience firsthand the weight of the armor and the beauty of its decoration.

🌸Professional assistance in putting on the armor: The way to put on the armor is complicated and special, but our experienced staff will help you to put on the armor correctly and comfortably. During the dressing process, you will also enjoy an explanation of the history and background of the armor.

🌸Photographing Support: We will assist you in taking commemorative photos in your armor. We will help you to take a photo with Kyoto’s famous landmarks as a backdrop for the photo shoot that you will remember for a lifetime. (Photographer 15,000 yen per hour)

⚔️Attraction of Men’s Armor Plan⚔️

🌸Samurai experience: Transforming into a samurai for one day only is a special experience. In Kyoto, you can embody the pride of a samurai as you contemplate the history of the city.

🌸Special photo shoot: Your photos in your armor will be unique and special, and will be shared on social media and make a great souvenir for your family.

🌸Historical background learning: By wearing armor, you can learn more about Japanese samurai culture and history. You will be able to reminisce about that era in the old streets of Kyoto.

The Men’s Armor Plan is perfect for history buffs, photography enthusiasts, or simply those seeking a special experience. Spend a day as a samurai in the beautiful scenery of Kyoto and create unforgettable memories. Take this opportunity to experience the depth and beauty of Japanese samurai culture up close and personal.

💰 Men’s Armor Plan 💰

– Price: 25,000 yen

– Includes: Kimono and complete set of armor

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