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Horse Face Skirt Plan

It is very popular to take wonderful commemorative photos with the old buildings and streets of Kyoto in the background, wearing traditional Chinese costumes as a memory of your trip to Kyoto. The historical streetscape of Kyoto and the beautiful traditional Chinese costumes blend perfectly to create a unique and special photo experience.

The horse-face skirt originated during the Song dynasty and became popular during the Ming and Qing dynasties. During the Song dynasty, it was designed to make it easier for women to travel on a donkey, and was a type of loose-fitting long skirt, already in the shape of a horse’s face. In the Ming dynasty, it gradually developed into a noble and glamorous court costume and became one of the representative costumes of Han Chinese women. By the Qing dynasty, the horse-faced skirt began to emphasize women’s curves and taste more. Although ROC women preferred simple and convenient clothing, the “horse face” structure of the horse face skirt was always present and influenced later skirt designs.

Top and bottom set 2,500 yen

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