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A wandering gourmet trip to Kyoto

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Nice to meet you! In this issue, I would like to talk about a gourmet trip to enjoy Kyoto while strolling around the city.Kyoto is the center of traditional Japanese culture and cuisine. Famous as an ancient capital, it is a fusion of the glamorous past and modern changes and fusions.
In such Kyoto, people can enjoy diverse cultures and gourmet foods.
Therefore, this article will be of reassurance to those who are considering a culinary trip to Kyoto.

In this article, we will describe Kyoto’s history, culture, and enduring culinary specialties, and we will offer you many attractions, from traditional gourmet delights to new discoveries.
So let’s get started!

Traditional Cuisine of Kyoto

Kyoto is home to many traditional cuisines. Among them, vegetarian cuisine is especially popular as a healthy dish that focuses on vegetables.
It brings out the true flavor of the vegetables and has an elegant taste.

Duck is another Kyoto specialty, with its savory, grilled duck meat that has a rich, unforgettable flavor.

And Kyoto vegetables are so loved by the locals that they are used in many high-end restaurants.
The delicate flavors and colors are so beautiful that it is a shame to eat them.

There are also attractive matcha sweets that can only be found in Kyoto.
In addition to its deep green color and gorgeous appearance, it exudes a Japanese atmosphere, and once you taste it, you will be captivated by its delicious taste.

Discovering new gourmet foods

The best part of traveling is discovering new places and new cuisines.
Kyoto offers a wide variety of delicious restaurants in many different genres.

Hidden stylish cafes

There are many stylish cafes in Kyoto.
While it is nice to visit places that are crowded with tourists, we also recommend going to hidden stylish cafes.
It is also nice to relax in a café with a quiet and calm atmosphere in a back alley of Kyoto.

Restaurants Recommended for Vegetarians

There are many delicious vegetarian restaurants in Kyoto.
Kyoto’s dishes, made with tofu and vegetables, are beautiful to look at and deep in flavor, satisfying even vegetarians.
You can also find an increasing number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants.

Restaurants offering innovative cuisine

Traditional Kyoto cuisine is of course delicious, but more and more restaurants are offering innovative cuisine.
You can also enjoy restaurants with a new sensibility, such as those that add foreign flavors to Japanese cuisine or fusion cuisine.

A Taste of Foreign-Style Cuisine

Kyoto is also home to many foreign-style cuisines.
You can enjoy Italian, French, Chinese, and many other cuisines from various countries.
All of them offer delicious dishes that incorporate the tastes of each country.

It might be a good idea to take a short trip to discover new gourmet foods.

Fusion of Traditional Crafts and Gourmet Food

Kyoto is home to many traditional crafts and gourmet foods.

Many of Kyoto’s wagashi (Japanese confectionaries) have a Japanese flair and are beautiful to look at.
Among them are “matcha sweets,” which are popular all over the world. The perfect balance of green tea flavor and sweetness makes you want to eat them again and again.
In addition to these matcha sweets, you can also enjoy seasonal wagashi at wagashi shops in Kyoto.

Along with wagashi, matcha tea is also indispensable.
There are many matcha specialty stores and wagashi stores in Kyoto, where you can enjoy the pairing of matcha and wagashi.
Different strengths and flavors of matcha tea go well with different types of wagashi, so be sure to experiment with different types of matcha.

Kyoto is also famous for its ceramics. In Kyoto, there are many tableware products that marry gourmet food and ceramics.
There are various beautiful pieces of tableware, such as bowls and bowls perfect for serving food.
Why not find your favorite tableware and make your everyday dining table more colorful?

Experiencing traditional tea ceremony and Japanese sweets is another attraction unique to Kyoto.
Among them, tea and wagashi services at Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Yasaka Shrine teahouses are extremely popular.
Visitors can enjoy a calming moment while admiring the beautiful gardens.

A trip to Kyoto to enjoy gourmet foods reveals the intertwining of many elements, such as wagashi, matcha green tea, and ceramics.
The fusion of traditional crafts and gourmet food is not just about eating, but also about experiencing culture and history in a valuable way.

Gourmet Souvenirs

As you approach the end of your gourmet trip to Kyoto, you may find yourself looking for souvenirs to take home with you.
At such times, you may want to take home and show off to your family and friends the gourmet foods that were the main event of your trip.
However, you may be at a loss as to what to choose.
So, if you are at a loss to choose a representative Kyoto souvenir, please refer to this article.

First, let’s focus on Kyoto’s great classic, sweets.
Among them, the famous confections “Koshido,” “Yatsuhashi” and “Chitose Nishiki” are must-haves.
In particular, it is easy to think that you can buy “yatsuhashi” anywhere, but we recommend that you buy it at a local store.
In addition, be sure to try the “Matcha Monaka” (green tea monaka) as a treat for yourself.

Next, we will introduce some stylish souvenirs unique to Kyoto.
We would like to focus on souvenirs made in collaboration with Japanese goods stores and Japanese confectionery stores, many of which are located in the Kyoto area.
How about a simple, but pink-colored warabimochi (rice cake) in a small box that will make you feel relaxed?
Other special items include Oribe-yaki ceramics and beautiful plates that resemble gold folding screens.

Pickles are also a good choice if you are looking for something unique to Kyoto.
At stores such as Yawata Bussan and Iwashimizu Pickles, which are not mass-produced but carry on the traditional methods of production, you can find perfect souvenirs to take home.
Those interested in fermented foods can also purchase them at a store called “Kojiya.
The pink “oshiruko pickles” made of soy milk also have a taste that will appeal to the most discerning palate.

Last but not least, let us introduce you to the world-famous “Kyoto Sake.
Sake, shochu, or even locally brewed beer made from Lake Biwa’s underground water, there are a variety of stores and brands that carry them, so it is important to choose the one that suits your taste.
However, “Gekkeikan” and “Hakkaizan” are souvenirs that you can never go wrong with. Your friends who love alcoholic beverages will surely be pleased with them.

These are some of the tips for choosing souvenirs in Kyoto.
You, too, can enjoy eating delicious food on your trip, and then enjoy selecting souvenirs on your way home.
Whether it is a reward for yourself or a gift for a friend or family member, you are sure to be satisfied with your choice.


The memories of a trip to Kyoto, where you will experience Kyoto’s culture through food during your trip, will be unforgettable for a lifetime.
Kyoto is a food heaven for those who love gourmet food.
From traditional cuisine unique to the ancient capital to spots where you can discover new tastes, there are many places where travelers can enjoy food.

We hope you have a wonderful food experience on your trip to Kyoto!
You too.

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