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  3. [Kyoto] Kimono rental dates are recommended for couples! What is the model course for a kimono date?

[Kyoto] Kimono rental dates are recommended for couples! What is the model course for a kimono date?

[Kyoto] Kimono Rental Dates Recommended for Couples! What is the Model Course for a Kimono Date?

[Kyoto – Couples] Enjoy a Kimono Rental Date at Kiyomizu-dera: Benefits and Model Course

Kiyomizu-dera is a spot known for its wonderful scenery, full of the charm of the ancient capital. Enjoying a date in kimono at Kiyomizu-dera is perfect for creating special memories for couples. Here, we introduce the benefits of a kimono date at Kiyomizu-dera, a model course for a kimono date, and tips for making lasting memories of your kimono date. If you are considering kimono rental in Kyoto, please use Kimono Rental Mimosa.

Benefits of Enjoying a Kimono Date at Kiyomizu-dera

Benefits of Enjoying a Kimono Date at Kiyomizu-dera

The Scenic Beauty of Kiyomizu-dera, Full of the Charm of the Ancient Capital

Kiyomizu-dera is one of Kyoto’s representative temples and was registered as a World Cultural Heritage site in 1994. The breathtaking view from the temple grounds allows you to overlook the cityscape of Kyoto, and visiting in kimono makes you blend seamlessly into the scenery.

The view from the Kiyomizu stage is exceptional, offering a picturesque sight of Kyoto’s townhouses and temples. The unique construction of the stage, with its protruding front edge, harmonizes beautifully with the fluttering hem of a kimono in the wind.

Additionally, Kiyomizu-dera is also known as a famous cherry blossom viewing spot. In spring, the cherry blossoms in the temple grounds are in full bloom, creating a charming scene as you admire the flowers in kimono.

In this way, Kiyomizu-dera is a famous spot where you can fully enjoy the scenic beauty unique to the ancient capital by wearing a kimono.

Various Ways to Enjoy, Including Strolling and Cafe Hopping

The area around Kiyomizu-dera is a popular area gathering numerous famous tourist spots in Kyoto. Walking around the town in kimono allows you to enjoy a different view of Kyoto.

For example, “Sannen-zaka,” which is part of the approach to Kiyomizu-dera, is a representative cobblestone slope in Kyoto. Strolling along the slope in kimono gives you a sense of being in a historical picture scroll.

Additionally, there are renovated traditional houses around Kiyomizu-dera that serve as cafes. You can enjoy a relaxing time at terrace seats overlooking gardens.

In this way, wearing a kimono at Kiyomizu-dera allows you to experience different forms of enjoyment, from exploring backstreets to cafe hopping.

A Date in Kimono is a Memorable Special Experience

Kimono is traditional Japanese clothing. The attire, different from usual, makes the date even more special. Walking around Kyoto in kimono might make you feel as if you’ve transcended time and space.

Visiting Kiyomizu-dera in kimono makes the familiar scenery feel fresh. The landscapes captured on camera as you stroll through the retro atmosphere become truly unique moments.

Tips for capturing memorable kimono date photos include:

  • Including the spectacular view of Kiyomizu-dera in the background
  • Keeping your expressions natural
  • Paying attention to the colors and patterns of the kimono and accessories

In this way, a kimono date becomes a special experience that stays with all five senses. It will deepen the bond between couples and create unforgettable memories.

Model Course for a Kimono Date

Model Course for a Kimono Date

Leisurely Stroll Through the Famous Spots of Kiyomizu-dera in Kimono

Kiyomizu-dera is a famous temple representing Kyoto. Walking through the temple grounds in kimono offers a transcendent experience. Start with the recommended view from the Kiyomizu stage, a spot offering a panoramic view of Kyoto.

Next, purify yourself with water at the temizuya and take a leisurely stroll to the main hall. Along the way, there are many points of interest, including Otowa Waterfall and Hosodani Pond.

Finally, walk down Kiyomizu-zaka and enjoy the kimono stroll. Exploring the backstreets around the area, you might discover traditional townhouses and machiya standing along narrow alleys.

In this way, at Kiyomizu-dera, you can experience the famous spots and backstreets uniquely in kimono. It will be a memorable and wonderful strolling course.

Strolling Through Backstreets in Kimono and Enjoying the Retro Atmosphere

Kyoto has many backstreets full of charm. Walking through these alleys in kimono feels like stepping into a historical picture scroll, providing a time-travel experience.

・Hanamikoji’s Charming Alleys

Hanamikoji, known for its cobblestone paths, is also famous for cherry blossoms in spring. Walking through the alley in kimono lets you immerse yourself in the charm unique to the ancient capital.

・The Old Townscape of Gion Shinbashi

Gion Shinbashi is a place where some of Kyoto’s oldest townscapes remain. Walking along the cobblestone streets in kimono, with traditional wooden buildings lining the way, provides a historical experience.

・The Fantastical Atmosphere of Higashiyama Hanatouro

At Higashiyama Hanatouro, one of Kyoto’s top tourist areas, you can enjoy the beauty of the ancient capital illuminated by lanterns. Visiting in kimono lets you immerse yourself in the fantastical atmosphere.

In this way, strolling through Kyoto’s backstreets in kimono allows you to enjoy the retro atmosphere in various ways.

Taking a Break at a Traditional House Cafe

During a kimono date, taking a break at one of Kyoto’s many traditional house cafes is perfect. The retro atmosphere of these traditional houses harmonizes well with kimono.

Kyoto is dotted with cafes in traditional houses over 200 years old, where you can enjoy matcha and sweets. On a kimono date, find your favorite spot and immerse yourself in the extraordinary atmosphere.

Tips for Making Kimono Dates Memorable

Hiring a Professional Photographer

Some kimono rental shops in Kyoto offer plans for commemorative photos in rental kimonos. The appeal is being able to receive professional photography with high skills and various performances that leave customers with wonderful, memorable photos.

Another major benefit of the rental shop’s photo plan is that you can request everything from kimono dressing to photography in one go. Customers can minimize the hassle of photography and focus on creating memories. Additionally, some rental shops offer free rental of accessories for photography, allowing for various performances.

In this way, using the rental shop’s photo plan allows you to easily enjoy high-quality commemorative photography. Please take advantage of the photography plan to create special memories of your special day.

Posting Photos on SNS to Share

One way to preserve the memory of a kimono date is to post photos on social media. By posting the photos you took on SNS, you can easily share them with friends and family.

Furthermore, adding appropriate hashtags to the photos you post can help you share them with people who have had similar experiences. For example, adding hashtags like “#kimono,” “#kimonodate,” “#Kiyomizu-dera” increases the likelihood that more people will see them.

By taking many memorable photos and sharing them on SNS, you can make the kimono date experience even more special.

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A Special Day Realized with Same-Day Reservations at Kimono Rental Mimosa

Kimono Rental Mimosa is a kimono rental shop in a renovated traditional Kyoto townhouse with a retro atmosphere. It is also conveniently located close to Yasaka Shrine, Gion, and Kiyomizu-dera.

A Dream-Like Kimono Date Realized with Kimono Rental Mimosa

As soon as you step inside the store, a retro space unfolds. Antique kimonos line the walls, creating a sense of excitement like a treasure hunt. The staff will kindly guide you from choosing the kimono to dressing, so even beginners can feel at ease.

Choose the perfect kimono from our extensive selection. From retro antique kimonos to glamorous ones, you can choose according to your preference. Of course, we also have a wide range of accessories, so leave the total coordination to us.

A Unique Experience Only at Kimono Rental Mimosa

Kimono Rental Mimosa is not just a kimono rental shop. We want to help realize the thoughts of each customer. We hope you will feel the culture and history of Kyoto through the kimono and create irreplaceable memories. That is our wish.

We also offer photography services, allowing for professional photography. We also accompany you for outdoor photography.

Same-Day Reservations Available! A Special Day with Kimono Rental Mimosa

Kimono Rental Mimosa also accepts same-day reservations. It is perfect for couples who spontaneously want to enjoy a kimono date. If you want to experience the retro atmosphere around Kiyomizu-dera, please use Kimono Rental Mimosa.

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Kimono Rental in Kyoto Recommended for Couples! Visit Kimono Rental Mimosa

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