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Let’s know all about Kuro-tomesode

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Nice to meet you! In this issue, I would like to talk about Kuro-tomesode. Kuro-tomesode is one of the traditional Japanese costumes and is considered very prestigious. In this article, we will explain the meaning and origin of Kuro-tomesode, its types, how to choose one, how to wear it, and how to care for it in an easy-to-understand manner. Kuro-tomesode is something that is rarely worn, but it has a charm that makes you want to wear it once! Let’s begin by taking a look at the charms of kuro-tomesode.

About Kuro-tomesode

Before going into the explanation of Kuro-tomesode, first of all, do you know what Kuro-tomesode is?
Kuro-tomesode” is one of the traditional Japanese women’s attire. Basically, it is worn for “coming-of-age ceremonies” and as a “mother’s costume for weddings.

Kuro-tomesode is a proper outfit worn in the same way as the bride. Kuro-tomesode is one of the most prestigious of the costumes, collectively called “tomesode,” and is used for prestigious events. It is decorated with various decorations such as metal engravings and gorgeous openwork carvings, and is treated as a “high-class kimono.
It is worn on formal occasions, such as “evening occasions” when the lights are turned off and “weddings and funerals” in the daytime. Furisode is also worn in the same way, the difference being the length of the sleeves.

Types of Kuro-tomesode

There are different types of kuro-tomesode, such as for brides, mothers, and grandmothers. For the bride, it is generally required that the crest and hue be authentic. In the case of the mother, the shades are more subdued than those of the bride. However, the black tomesode can be worn by all age groups.

Older people can choose one with a more respectable family crest, while younger people can choose something a little more unique. In other cases, it is best to choose a common dark color.

When choosing a kuro-tomesode, you need to consider your height, body shape, age, and season of the year. Especially in the case of custom-made items, you can customize every detail to your liking, including materials, patterns, and the way the crest is placed. There is a wide range of price ranges to choose from to suit your budget.

However, there are some rules on how to wear a kuro-tomesode. For example, the position of the obi knot changes according to age and marital history, and manners must be observed. It is also important to know how to layer clothes and how to match accessories. Just thinking about such details will deepen your attachment to kuro-tomesode.

Kuro-tomesode is an important kimono that you may wear once in your lifetime. Make sure to choose the one that suits you best and acquire the knowledge to wear it with care.

How to choose Kuro-tomesode

If you want to choose a kuro-tomesode, what should you focus on? First of all, since kuro-tomesode is worn on formal occasions, it must match the atmosphere of the occasion. It is also important to choose a kuro-tomesode that suits you. For example, choosing a design that matches your skin tone and bone structure will make you look more beautiful.

Kuro-tomesode can be expensive, and there are a variety of price ranges. When purchasing, it is important to set a proper budget. In addition, custom tailoring can be tailored to fit your personal size and needs, but this requires time and a budget.

The method of layering is also important to note. Since kuro-tomesode is worn from the collar to the obi, accessories and undergarments worn in between are also important. On the other hand, however, some people say that it is also important to make your own innovations to match your own style.

Finally, the occasion in which the kuro-tomesode is worn is also important. Kuro-tomesode is often worn on formal occasions such as weddings and coming-of-age ceremonies, and it is important to keep in mind how to dress appropriately for the occasion. Furthermore, it is important to note that there are some occasions when it is forbidden to wear it.

The above is a summary of the important points to keep in mind when selecting a kuro-tomesode. By choosing a kuro-tomesode that suits you, you can wear it more beautifully and confidently.

How to wear Kuro-tomesode

When wearing Kuro-tomesode, it is important to know how to dress it first. Even people who are used to wearing kimonos may find it difficult, so it is a good idea to practice. It is also important to match the hairstyle and accessories. The hairstyle should be raised so that the collar of the kurotomesode can be seen, so that it looks more beautiful.

Small accessories should be chosen to give a glamorous impression. However, what occasions you should wear it for depends on the purpose and the occasion. For example, it is often worn at celebrations such as weddings and New Year’s, events such as coming-of-age ceremonies, and funerals. On the other hand, it may not be worn for work or business occasions, so you need to check carefully.

How to care for Kuro-tomesode

As for how to care for kuro-tomesode, it must be handled with the utmost care. When washing, it is ideal to use a specialized dry cleaner, but if washing at home, it is important to be sure to check the laundry label and understand the water temperature and whether hand washing is required.

It is also preferable to avoid using a dryer and to dry in the shade. When storing, be careful to avoid insect damage and stains, and store in a clean area. Furthermore, before wearing, it is important to check for stains and wrinkles and iron if necessary. Although black tomesode requires careful care, it is worth taking the time to care for it in order to maintain its beautiful appearance for a long time.


Everyone at least once yearns to be dressed in a kuro-tomesode when tying the knot. I have introduced the charm of the kuro-tomesode costume, but for such a prestigious costume to become a part of Japanese culture, it needs to be passed on by the people. I hope that young women will have more opportunities to wear Kuro-tomesode.

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