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About Yasaka Koshindo

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– Introduction
– Yasaka Koshindo Building and Works of Art
– Mysterious atmosphere and various spots
– Attractions of Yasaka Koshindo according to the seasons
– Comments from people in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan
– Conclusion


Yasaka Koshindo is one of the oldest temples in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto. Its foundation dates back to the middle of the 9th century. Yasaka Koshindo is a symbol of faith that combines gods and Buddha, and attracts many worshippers from all over Kyoto and beyond. There you will find historical architecture, works of art, and a sacred atmosphere.

The history of Yasaka Koshindo dates back to the late Heian period (794-1185), when Minamoto no Yoshitsune visited Gion Shrine and erected a pagoda of Koshindo using the name Yasaka. Later, Toyotomi Hideyoshi rebuilt the pagoda and moved it to its current location. Later, the plantings were improved and the beauty of the garden was set up. It is still loved by locals and tourists.

Why do people want to visit Yasaka Koshindo? It is because Yasaka Koshindo symbolizes the history and culture of the ancient capital of Kyoto. Its beauty, mysterious atmosphere, and good luck attract many people to visit. It also has a special charm during the cherry blossom, Gion Festival, and fall foliage seasons.

Yasaka Koshindo has many wonderful spots where visitors can experience good old Japanese culture. By visiting these spots, visitors can learn about Japanese history and culture. Visitors from other countries as well as locals will be able to mingle with each other and make new encounters and discoveries.

Yasaka Koshindo Building and Works of Art

Yasaka Koshindo is famous for its beautiful architecture and artwork. The building is surrounded by natural hues that remind one of the four seasons, and its historical value attracts numerous tourists.

The buildings are characterized by the copper torii gate attached to the tip of the roof, the octagonal shaped torii gate, and the skull and crossbones design. These surprise tourists because of their unique shapes and colors. The Niou statues and the octagonal torii gate, in particular, are designated as national treasures.

The Niou-zo statue is made of cool stone and serves to protect the god “Kongorikishi”. The octagonal torii gate is also believed to have the power to protect the gods and is effective in warding off bad luck.

Inside the building are various works of art. Among them, the skull design is closely related to artists. The skull design has long been loved as a symbol of the Japanese aesthetic sense.

The art works in Yasaka Koshindo give the building a solemn and mysterious atmosphere that attracts people. It can be said that not only the building but also the art works are one of the reasons why the temple attracts many tourists.

Mysterious Atmosphere and Various Spots

Located in the Higashiyama area, Yasaka Koshindo is a place with a quiet and sacred atmosphere, one step away from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding area. For this reason, it is visited by many tourists and locals. The temple has many attractive spots that make you want to visit again and again, so you will discover something new every time you visit.

The first spot is a slope to ward off bad luck. The first spot is the slope to ward off bad luck. The steep steps make you want to climb up the slope even if you have to wear out your knees. The stone steps are lined with stores selling good-luck charms, which visitors purchase. Climbing this slope requires physical strength. It is recommended to bring a friend who can help you.

The second is the unusual shape of the komainu (guardian dogs) on the building. While most of the komainu on the left side open their mouths to represent “A” and “I” and close their mouths to represent “C” and “E” on the right side, the komainu at Yasaka Koshindo have various shapes such as “Inu”, “Geta”, “Megane”, and “Kiseru”. These were created by artists with rich imaginations and are popular as lucky charms.

Finally, there is the mysterious atmosphere that pervades the entire temple grounds. The quiet and solemn atmosphere calms worshippers and purifies their minds. The air is clean, and taking a deep breath refreshes the mind. Another attraction of the temple is its flowers and trees, which change beautifully with the seasons. Yasaka Koshindo is recommended for those who want to refresh themselves on a regular basis and heal their tired minds.

Attractions of Yasaka Koshindo according to the seasons

If you visit Yasaka Koshindo during the cherry blossom season, it is a little crowded because of the many cherry blossom-viewing visitors. However, you can see very beautiful cherry blossoms and feel the season of spring. Spring is also the season of new beginnings, and many people visit the shrine to ask for protection from bad luck.

During the Gion Festival, the area around Yasaka Koshindo is filled with a festive atmosphere. The area is prepared for the festival, and visitors can enjoy gorgeous food stalls and performances by festival musicians. A festival portable shrine will also be dedicated in the premises of Yasaka Koshindo. During the Gion Festival, visitors should be prepared for crowds, but can fully enjoy the festive atmosphere.

During the season of autumn leaves, the area around Yasaka Koshindo also offers beautiful scenery. Trees tinted with autumn leaves match the buildings and precincts of Yasaka Koshindo, creating a very magical scene. The crowds are smaller than in spring and summer, so you can enjoy the autumn leaves in a relaxed atmosphere.

Yasaka Koshindo is a fascinating place that changes its expression with the seasons. No matter which season you visit, you will always find something fascinating to see.

Comments from People in the Ancient Capital of Kyoto

Yasaka Koshindo is very popular among the locals. Some of them even visit several times to pray. Tourists from overseas, on the other hand, are fascinated by the beauty of the architecture and the detailed decoration, and feel that it is worth visiting. The locals also like to visit this spot because of the elaborate seasonal events that are held there. Yasaka Koshindo is loved by many people as a spot where they can experience traditional Japanese culture.


Yasaka Koshindo is a beautiful shrine in Kyoto. Its history and architecture are wonderful examples of Japanese culture and art. Yasaka Koshindo has a sacred atmosphere, which is reflected in the shape of the guardian dogs. The Niou statues and the skull design are also important symbols of Japanese art and culture. There are many attractions in the surrounding area, such as autumn leaves, cherry blossoms, and the Gion Festival, which attracts many visitors. Of course, the locals also love it. It is only natural that they are fascinated by the charm of Yasaka Koshindo.

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