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Recommended Kimono Rental Stores in Kyoto

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kimono _rental_mimosa


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– Recommended Kimono Rental Stores in Kyoto

 Hana no Miyako Kyoto Kimono Rental

 Wagasa Studio Hanatendo

 Gion Kofu Dyed Kimono Tanakaya

 Kyoto Kimono Yuzen

 Kimono Rental mimosa

– Conclusion


Hello everyone! In this blog, we’re going to introduce you to some recommended kimono rental shops in Kyoto. Let’s embark on a journey together!

Kyoto is a famous tourist destination in Japan, and you can feel its charm even more when you stroll around wearing a kimono. However, renting a kimono can be a bit of a challenge for those who are not used to it. That’s why we’re introducing some recommended rental shops in this blog!

Before we start this wonderful kimono journey, let’s introduce some points to consider. First, quality. When it comes to kimonos, quality is important. There are also antique kimonos, but it’s crucial to be able to rent them in a proper condition.

Next, the selection. There are many types of kimonos. Whether it’s a traditional pattern or a modern design, you’ll want to choose according to your taste. For this reason, it’s important for the rental shop to have a wide range of selections.

Finally, the price. When it comes to renting a kimono, the cost is also a concern. However, when you want to get something good, you might be able to put up with a slightly higher price. However, it’s also important to make choices that fit your budget.

Keeping these points in mind, let’s introduce some recommended kimono rental shops in Kyoto. I hope that your fashionable kimono journey will become a wonderful memory! Let’s move on to the next section!

Recommended Kimono Rental Shops in Kyoto

First, when you want to wear a kimono, you might wonder where to go. Kyoto, a wonderful place where traditional Japanese culture is alive, is a recommended place to rent a kimono. Let’s introduce some recommended kimono rental shops in Kyoto.

  • Hana no Miyako Kyoto Rental Kimono
  • Here, you can choose the perfect kimono for you from a variety of kimonos. Among the rich designs, you can enjoy the joy of finding a fashionable and unique kimono. The staff have expertise in kimono dressing and give careful advice. They support you to wear any design with confidence, so even those who are wearing a kimono for the first time can enjoy it with peace of mind.The atmosphere of the shop is also attractive, and when you step in, you are surrounded by Japanese tradition and beauty. The calm Japanese space is comfortable, and the joy of choosing a kimono will be further enhanced. You can also take pictures in the shop while wearing a kimono. Taking photos in the shop with a beautiful background and interiors is a great chance to leave a photo that looks good on social media. You can capture a memorable moment in a photo and look back on it later. In addition to kimonos, Hana no Miyako Kyoto Rental Kimono also offers a wide range of belts and accessories. With combinations of belts and accessories, you can enjoy even more individual styles. Try various patterns and color combinations, and create your own original coordination.
  • Wagasasa Studio Hana Tendo
  • Here, you can also rent a traditional Japanese umbrella, or wagasa, that goes perfectly with a kimono. Holding a wagasa and leisurely strolling through the streets of Kyoto, you’ll feel as if you’re appearing in a period drama. A wagasa is a traditional Japanese craft, and its beautiful patterns and delicate construction fascinate those who see it. The coordination of a kimono and a wagasa can add further glamour.
  • They also offer a variety of kimonos. From simple patterns and colors to glamorous patterns, you can choose according to your preference and the plan for the day. As the impression and atmosphere can change depending on the type of kimono, it will be an opportunity to express yourself. The staff also have expert knowledge in choosing a kimono and give fashionable advice, so you can enjoy even better coordination.
  • Although wagasa goes perfectly with a kimono, you’ll be surprised at its presence when you actually hold it. A wagasa with delicate Japanese patterns or beautiful pictures like paintings has the charm of a piece of art. Also, a wagasa can be used not only on rainy days but also as a parasol on sunny days. You can leisurely enjoy the scenery of Kyoto while blocking the sunlight.
  • Gion Furusome Kimono Tanakaya
  • Here, you can rent a kimono with traditional dyeing. Dyed kimonos are known for their vivid colors and delicate patterns, and are widely known as one of Japan’s traditional crafts. At Tanakaya, you can fully enjoy the charm of dyed kimonos. Each dyed kimono has its own unique charm. The rich colors and delicate patterns highlight the individuality and charm of the people wearing the kimono. When choosing a kimono, you can choose according to your preference and mood of the day from various patterns and designs, so you can spend a special day expressing yourself. By choosing a kimono with a pattern such as flowers, birds, wind, and moon, or a traditional motif that is unique to Kyoto, you can enjoy a more wonderful journey in Kyoto. Tanakaya also offers belts and accessories that match the kimono, allowing you to create a more glamorous appearance. Enjoy the charm of traditional dyed crafts while experiencing the culture and history of Kyoto. The day wrapped in beautiful patterns and colors will remain in your heart as a page of memorable travels.

Kyoto Kimono Yuzen

Here, you can rent kimonos made using the traditional technique known as Yuzen dyeing. Yuzen is one of Japan’s beautiful traditional crafts and its unique dyeing method and exquisite technique bring depth and rich colors to kimonos. You can spend a special day feeling the dedication to kimonos and the craftsmanship. Yuzen dyed kimonos are characterized by various colors and beautiful patterns. The vivid colors created by the Yuzen dyeing technique enhance the charm of those who wear the kimonos. From traditional patterns and patterns featuring nature to modern designs, there is a wide variety of variations. You can freely choose according to your taste and personality, making the kimono selection process a fun time. Also, the staff gives careful advice, so it is a strong support to find which kimono suits you.

Kimono Rental Mimosa

This is a kimono rental shop that just opened in March 2023, facing the Ichinen-zaka of Kodai-ji Temple. This shop is located in a location overlooking the historical streets typical of Kyoto, with an overwhelming retro feel from the surroundings and inside the shop. The interior is a renovated traditional Kyoto townhouse, and you can feel as if you’ve stepped back in time the moment you set foot inside. While retaining the charm of good old times, a comfortable space is spread out. You can also prepare before putting on a kimono in this retro atmosphere, making the preparation while wearing a kimono even more enjoyable. In addition, the rental fee for kimonos, obi belts, zori sandals, and bags is all-inclusive. Moreover, they provide free dressing services, so even those who are wearing a kimono for the first time can use it with peace of mind. Hair setting is also available as an option for those who want to add a glamorous atmosphere.

These are recommended kimono rental shops in Kyoto. You can choose a unique kimono at any of these shops, so you can enjoy Kyoto in your own style. By all means, rent a kimono and take a walk in Kyoto. You’re sure to make wonderful memories.

In conclusion,

The above are just some of the recommended kimono rental shops in Kyoto, but there are many more charming shops in reality. Kyoto is a center of kimono culture, and there are many places where you can enjoy traditional kimonos.

In Kyoto, there are many wonderful kimonos made using traditional dyeing techniques such as Yuzen dyeing and antique dyeing. The variety of designs and patterns is also rich, and you can choose according to your taste and mood of the day. Wearing a kimono can make you feel as if you’ve transcended time and space.

In addition to renting kimonos, many shops also offer dressing and hair setting services. Professional staff will dress you carefully, so even first-timers can enjoy it with ease. There are also shops where you can enjoy sightseeing and photo shooting while wearing a kimono, so you can fully enjoy the charm of Kyoto while feeling special all day long.

Exploring Kyoto in a kimono will make you feel as if you’ve embarked on a journey beyond time. Coupled with the historic and traditional cityscape and temples of Kyoto, a wonderful experience that will become a lifetime memory is waiting for you. By all means, savor the beauty of Kyoto with the magical kimono that transforms you into a special existence. A journey in an elegant kimono is sure to become a wonderful memory!

Kyoto Kimono Rental Mimosa


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