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Let’s rent Kimono in Kyoto for men too!

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Hello everyone. This time, I would like to talk about Kimono rental for men. Through this wonderful opportunity, you can experience traditional Japanese culture while getting a stylish appearance easily and at low cost. In addition, we will also discuss why men should wear the kimono and its appeal.

Kimonos are attracting attention as a fashion item that brings out the best in men. Its elegant design and unique atmosphere will further accentuate a man’s attractiveness. Wearing a kimono can give you confidence and allow you to express your individuality. Moreover, when choosing a kimono, you can also enjoy coordinating it with your own style and taste.

Wearing a kimono is not only to be considered as a piece of clothing. It is also a way to learn about and appreciate Japanese culture. The kimono is a wonderful garment that is steeped in Japanese history and tradition, and wearing one is in itself a kind of sign of respect. By experiencing its beauty and significance, you will realize the depth of Japanese culture and gain a deeper understanding of it.

In this blog, we will provide you with a variety of information about the kimono. We hope that through this blog, you will experience the fascination of the kimono and explore a new world.

Background of Japanese Culture

The kimono is a cultural garment that has been around since ancient times in Japan. It is known that in the Kofun period, kimonos began to be made as a traditional garment from the Jomon period.

Japanese culture includes politeness, working hard, living with less desire, and loving beautiful things. This culture is also evident in beautiful garments such as the kimono. Kimonos emphasize understated beauty rather than flamboyance, and kimono accessories are similarly typically simple and elegant in design.

Kimonos come in a wide variety of types. For men, they range from plain black ones to brightly colored ones suitable for spring and summer. There are also a variety of tomesode, hakama, montsuki hakama, haori, and more. There is also a wide variety of kimono accessories, including obidome, obijime, zori, and other small accessories.

Kimonos are worn according to specific rules, so practical knowledge is required to wear them correctly. For example, for men, the most common combination is a single-color haori (haori coat) in white on a black background. In addition, since tomesode is worn for a longer time than usual on formal occasions such as weddings and coming-of-age ceremonies, it is advisable to choose one that is comfortable to wear.

Renting a kimono is an easy way to have a cultural experience. When renting a kimono, it is important to choose a kimono that fits your size, and you will also need a complete set of necessary accessories and small articles. It is also possible to make reservations online, and rental fees are relatively inexpensive.

Wearing a kimono is a good way to experience Japanese culture. In addition, renting a kimono is an easy way to enjoy it. Kimonos can be difficult to handle for those who are not familiar with them, but learning the rules of wearing them and making the appropriate preparations can enhance the cultural experience.

Recommendations for Men’s Kimono

There are many elements of the kimono that must be carefully chosen to make a man’s appearance beautiful and attractive. Among these, the choice of color is particularly important, and it is vital to keep in mind chic and subdued tones. Generally speaking, calm shades of white, gray, and brown are appropriate for men. Choosing these colors will enhance a man’s attractiveness.

The shape of the kimono should also be selected according to the man’s body shape. The “Hakama” style suits taller men, while the “Short Haori” style is recommended for shorter men. By choosing the appropriate kimono shape for your body type, you can create a balanced and beautiful silhouette.

How to put on the kimono is also an important point. If you cannot tie a kimono at all, one way is to have a kimono expert help you. Correct dressing will maximize the beauty of the kimono. In addition, the choice of shoes is equally important. In addition to choosing shoes that match the kimono, do not forget to select socks. Consistency in overall coordination will give a more sophisticated impression.

Pay attention to these elements and your men’s kimono style will be stunning. We encourage you to check out our online site to quickly slip into a kimono and experience the beauty of a kimono. There you will find items to suit your needs, and you can easily enjoy the kimono as part of your cultural experience.

Go out and enjoy Japanese culture to the fullest! Wear a kimono and embody the beauty that resides in your heart. It will be a wonderful experience.

Advantages of Kimono Rentals

There are many advantages to renting a kimono. First, renting a kimono is easy and convenient. Buying a kimono yourself is expensive and taking care of it can be a hassle. However, renting a kimono is an easy way to experience the kimono.

Another major advantage of kimono rental is its low cost. While purchasing a kimono can be expensive, renting a kimono is a relatively inexpensive way to get one. This makes it possible for even those on a tight budget to enjoy wearing a kimono with ease.

In addition, kimonos have a very stylish and elegant appearance. By wearing a kimono, you can catch people’s attention and participate in events with confidence.

Finally, wearing a kimono is a wonderful way to experience Japanese culture. Wearing a kimono allows you to immerse yourself in the Japanese atmosphere and gain a deeper understanding of Japanese culture. By renting a kimono, you can easily gain a valuable cross-cultural experience.

Kimono rental has many advantages. The ease, low cost, stylish appearance, and the cultural experience make the kimono a very attractive option.

Preparation and Precautions before Wearing a Kimono

Before putting on a kimono, there are a few points to keep in mind. First, choose your size. Kimono is a traditional Japanese costume, and many foreigners are accustomed to wearing kimono, so if your size does not fit, it will be uncomfortable to wear.

Therefore, it is important to rent a kimono that fits your size. It is also important to have the necessary items. Obi, sandals, bags, and kimono accessories are all important items that enhance the beauty of the kimono. In addition, it is necessary to know the basic rules of wearing a kimono.

For example, how to tie an obi and how to walk. Finally, it is important to find out the appropriate dress code when wearing a kimono. Even if a kimono is appropriate for a formal occasion, it may float away in a casual setting. With these points in mind, you will be well prepared to wear a kimono.

We recommend this place! Popular Kyoto Kimono Rental Sites

When choosing a kimono rental site, it is important to make sure that the site is trustworthy. By checking reviews, you can refer to the opinions of other users. You can also use online reservation sites. You can easily rent a kimono by making a reservation before the day of the rental.

And here are three recommended kimono rental sites that you can use with peace of mind. First is Kimono Rental Kyo-Noren Nijojojo-mae Store. Kyo-Noren Nijojojo-mae Store is located near Nijo Castle, a popular tourist attraction, and is easily accessible. Kimonos are carefully dressed by a kimono stylist. Hair sets to match the kimono are also available.

Next is Kimono Rental Kimono Rental wargo Kyoto Gion Branch. Kimono rental Kimono rental wargo Kyoto Gion branch is located near Gion and is easily accessible. We have a wide variety of kimonos to choose from, including visiting kimonos, furisode, and yukatas, to suit a variety of occasions.

We also have a full lineup of accessories that can be coordinated to your liking. And finally, there is “Kimono Rental mimosa”. Kimono Rental mimosa is conveniently located to Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Kodai-dera Temple, which are famous sightseeing spots.

The interior is a renovated Kyoto machiya, allowing you to prepare your kimono while enjoying the retro atmosphere. You can choose from a variety of kimono styles, from traditional patterns and colorful modern designs to simple and elegant kimonos. Japanese, English, and Chinese are available for visitors to Japan.

With these sites, you can enjoy kimonos easily and with peace of mind. Why not try using them?


Japanese kimonos are widely paid attention all over the world, and their beauty and uniqueness are highly appreciated. The production of kimonos uses the handiwork of many artisans, and their techniques have been handed down to the present day without dying out. Craftsmen use delicate weaving, dyeing, and embroidery techniques to create a single kimono. Therefore, a kimono is not just a piece of clothing, but a work of art.

In addition, wearing a kimono is not only a fashion element, but also has a great impact on the wearer’s inner self and behavior. Kimono requires beautiful posture and graceful movements, so it is important that the wearer behaves in a courteous manner. Combined with such a polite attitude, the kimono outfit shines even more brightly. Kimonos have the power to bring out a person’s charm by harmonizing with their body movements and facial expressions.

Men’s Kimono Rental is a very convenient service for men to wear kimono. Kimonos are difficult to put on and require a certain amount of money for the kimono and accessories, but by using kimono rentals, these hassles and burdens can be eliminated.

In addition, kimono rentals allow you to choose from a wide variety of kimonos and accessories to suit your taste and the occasion. You can wear a kimono to a special occasion or event that reflects your style and personality, making you look even more attractive.

So come on, spend a wonderful day wearing a kimono and enjoy its beauty and uniqueness. Enjoy the charm of the kimono to the fullest and experience a rare glimpse into Japanese culture.

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