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Kyoto Autumn Kimono Tourist Spots in 2023

In the Beginning
Autumn Attractions in Kyoto
Must-see festival spots
Experience traditional kimono culture
Enjoy Kyoto’s Gastronomy

Introductory Section
Hello everyone. Today, I would like to introduce some tourist spots where you can enjoy the autumn in Kyoto wearing a kimono. The ancient city of Kyoto, brimming with historical and natural beauty, offers unique seasonal charms throughout the year, but autumn is particularly filled with attractions. The colorful autumn leaves create a stunning view, and strolling through it in a beautiful kimono is arguably the best way to enjoy Japan’s autumn.
Autumn in Kyoto offers a pleasant mix of warm sunshine and cool breezes, making it an ideal time to stroll around the city in a kimono. Kyoto’s cityscape, with its old houses, temples, and shrines, becomes even more atmospheric when explored in a kimono. In this article, we’ve picked up some tourist spots where you can enjoy wearing a kimono in Kyoto during autumn. We introduce you to locations from famous spots colored with autumn leaves to hidden gems loved by locals, as well as restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy delicious food that complements your kimono. Wearing a kimono guarantees a deeper cultural experience in Kyoto.
We invite you to experience the moments where the charm of Kyoto’s autumn and the beauty of the kimono intersect. Enjoy leaf peeping or strolling in a beautiful kimono, savor the delicious autumn delicacies of Kyoto, and make your Kyoto trip even more special with the information we provide. So, put on a kimono and immerse yourself in the allure of Kyoto in the autumn of 2023.
The charm of Kyoto in autumn
When you visit Kyoto this fall, not only will you be mesmerized by the beauty of the autumn leaves, but you can also enjoy the bustling festivities. The charm of Kyoto in autumn comes from these two elements. Let’s talk about the beauty of the autumn leaves first. Kyoto turns into a painter’s palette in autumn, covered in bright red and orange leaves. This beauty is why tourists visit from all over the world. Especially in famous places like Arashiyama and Philosopher’s Path, you can enjoy beautiful scenery while walking. And for those who love photography, it’s a golden opportunity! Post it on social media and you can brag about being in such a beautiful place.
Next, let’s talk about the bustling festivals. Various festivals are held in the fall, creating a lively atmosphere. Particularly, the autumn festival at Kiyomizu-dera Temple is not to be missed. The colorful lanterns and portable shrines decorating Kyoto’s city create an authentic festival atmosphere. Moreover, elegant festivals are also held at Yasaka Shrine and Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, which are irresistible for festival lovers. The experience of carrying a portable shrine at a festival will undoubtedly become a lifetime memory! The beauty of the autumn leaves and the bustling festivals are both essential elements to enjoy Kyoto in autumn. And surely, you too would want to go see the festivals. So, put on a kimono and fully enjoy the charm of Kyoto in autumn!
Festival must-see spots
When we speak of autumn in Kyoto, beautiful autumn leaves and lively festivals await. During this period, there are many events that make you feel autumn. In this section, we will introduce particularly recommended festival spots. Are you getting excited to go to Kyoto’s autumn festivals?
First, the autumn festival at Kiyomizu-dera Temple. At this festival, the devout decorate Kiyomizu-dera Temple vibrantly, creating a sacred atmosphere. Vibrant decorations and costumed parades create an eye-catching scene. Stroll through the precincts of Kiyomizu-dera Temple and immerse yourself in the festival’s bustle.
Next, we’ll introduce the elegant atmosphere at Yasaka Shrine. Here, a traditional festival is held, allowing you to feel the unique ambiance of Kyoto. Festival participants are surrounded by food stalls adorned with beautiful costumes and flavorful food, creating a lively atmosphere. Experience the festival’s vibrancy and Japanese atmosphere at the Yasaka Shrine.
Also, you can’t miss the festival buzz at Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine. Here, as soon as worshippers pass through the torii gate, a surprising world of festival unfolds. Walking the sacred path while intoxicated by the festive atmosphere is absolutely breathtaking. If you encounter the festival buzz at Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, it will undoubtedly become an unforgettable experience.
As such, there are many appealing festival spots in Kyoto. The autumn festival at Kiyomizu-dera Temple, the elegant atmosphere at Yasaka Shrine, and the festival buzz at Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine – each spot is unique and worth seeing. When you visit Kyoto in autumn, be sure to visit these festivals and fully enjoy their charm. Experience Traditional Kimono Culture
Welcome to Kyoto! Here, we’ll talk about some key points for experiencing traditional kimono culture. First, let’s discuss choosing a kimono rental shop. There are many kimono rental shops in Kyoto, but it’s important to choose one that focuses on quality and service. The staff’s knowledge and experience, as well as the variety and design of the kimonos, are crucial. It’s worth taking the time to select a kimono that suits you perfectly.
Next, let’s talk about dressing in a kimono. Even if it’s your first time wearing a kimono, don’t worry. Kimono rental shops provide careful instruction from professionals, so you can transform into a kimono-clad look in no time. However, dressing in a kimono is not straightforward. It’s important to gradually get used to it while receiving instruction.
Taking beautiful pictures while walking around the city is one of the pleasures of the kimono experience. To take great photos that match the Kyoto scenery with your kimono, remember some key points. First, choose a background that reflects the sights and scenery of Kyoto. Also, pay attention to your posture and facial expression, and strive for a beautiful pose. Try to have a natural smile and take memorable photos.
Enjoy Kyoto’s Cuisine
After enjoying the autumn leaves in your beautiful kimono, it’s time to enjoy the cuisine of Kyoto, which is known not only for its old-fashioned atmosphere but also as a city of gastronomy. The autumn season offers an abundance of delicious food that can be enjoyed with all five senses, providing a great opportunity to savor the flavors of autumn.
First, visit an old-fashioned restaurant that offers “Yudofu”, made with fresh Kyoto vegetables, a representative taste of Kyoto in autumn. The contrast between the cold autumn air and warm yudofu is a truly autumnal experience.
Also, don’t miss the traditional Kyoto restaurants that offer menus featuring Kyoto specialties such as grilled fish and Kyoto pickles. You can enjoy your meal in a calm atmosphere while overlooking a beautiful Japanese garden. Wearing a kimono will enhance the experience even more.
In addition, you can’t miss autumn-only sweets like chestnuts and persimmons when it comes to autumn in Kyoto. Seasonal Japanese sweets made by traditional sweet shops offer an exceptional taste of autumn, both visually and in flavor.
To end the day, we recommend enjoying local sake produced at local breweries. How about spending a long autumn night with delicious Japanese sake?
In summary, autumn in Kyoto offers not only beautiful scenery but also a wealth of culinary delights. After enjoying the autumn leaves in your kimono, be sure to enjoy the cuisine of Kyoto and experience autumn in Kyoto with all your senses.
Today, we introduced tourist spots in Kyoto to visit in the fall of 2023 from the perspective of enjoying a tour while wearing a kimono. The beauty of autumn in Kyoto attracts many people, and the choice of wearing a kimono enhances the atmosphere even more, providing a special experience for all visitors.
While enjoying the scenic views filled with the charm of the old capital, experience the seasonal changes with all five senses and taste the gastronomy of Kyoto. All these experiences combined, enhanced by wearing a kimono, will surely deepen your understanding and appreciation of Kyoto. The beauty of a Kyoto autumn, enhanced by the beauty of a kimono, will surely make special memories for all visitors.
Spending a day in Kyoto in a kimono offers not just a sightseeing experience, but also an opportunity to become part of Kyoto’s charm and deeply connect with its culture. It’s not just about seeing new places, but also understanding and feeling a new culture, realizing its depth.
We hope this information helps make your trip to Kyoto in the fall of 2023 more enjoyable and memorable. Wear a kimono, feel and savor the beautiful autumn of Kyoto with your whole body. We hope your wonderful experiences in Kyoto continue to be the source of inspiration for our blog.

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