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Kimono Rentals in Kyoto Popular with Couples

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Renting a kimono in Kyoto is truly a wonderful experience. You can transform from your usual self to a beautiful figure as if you’ve crossed time and space. Besides, you will surely receive admiring glances from the people around you! That’s quite impressive, isn’t it?

But aren’t you curious about why it’s recommended to rent a kimono in Kyoto? Today, I will tell you about that! Let’s take a look together.

You can experience Japanese traditional culture
Kyoto, where Japanese history and tradition breathe, is an ideal place to walk in a kimono. You can immerse yourself in the mood of people from the Edo period just by walking. If you put yourself in such a scene, you will surely be enveloped in a feeling as if time is flowing slowly.

You can take commemorative photos at picturesque spots
Kyoto has many beautiful sceneries and buildings. If you wear a kimono, you will definitely look like a model anywhere! It brings out a charm that is a bit different from your usual selfie spots, and you can brag about it to your friends on SNS.

Perfectly romantic atmosphere for couple dates

If you wear a kimono as a couple, you will be even more wrapped in a romantic atmosphere. Walking around the streets of Kyoto while looking at each other in beautiful attire is the best date plan to deepen the bond of lovers, isn’t it?

Differentiate yourself from other tourists

Usually, tourists have similar experiences, but if you wear a kimono, you can differentiate yourself in an instant. You will definitely receive envious looks from the people around you! You can create your own special travel experience.
After hearing these reasons, there’s no way you wouldn’t want to rent a kimono! In the next section, let’s take a look at more advantages of renting a kimono in Kyoto!

Why is it recommended to rent a kimono in Kyoto?

If you have plans to travel to Japan, be sure to try renting a kimono in Kyoto! Why? Because there are many reasons.
First of all, Kyoto is the ideal place to experience Japanese traditional culture. If you wear a kimono, you will definitely feel like you have time-traveled! You can taste the feeling of becoming a part of Japanese history and culture. Once you put on a kimono, every step you take will make people turn around!

In addition, it’s the best to take commemorative photos in scenic spots in your kimono! There are many Instagrammable spots in Kyoto. For example, taking pictures at places where history and beauty are beautifully fused, such as Kiyomizu-dera and Kinkaku-ji, will be a lifelong memory. It’s a chance to post beautiful photos on your Instagram!

And it’s definitely the best date plan for couples. The combination of Kyoto’s cityscape and a kimono is just romantic! Walking hand in hand will make you feel more intimate. You will definitely get attention from people around you saying, “That couple looks great!”

Moreover, you can differentiate yourself from other tourists! For a special trip, you’d want to have a unique experience, right? If you walk around town in a kimono, you can set yourself apart from other tourists. The confidence in your walk will turn you into a special existence.

So, renting a kimono in Kyoto is definitely the right choice! You can touch Japanese traditional culture, enjoy commemorative photos in beautiful scenery, and surely the couple date will be exciting. You also get the confidence to differentiate yourself from other tourists. So, let’s rent a kimono right away and walk around the streets of Kyoto!

Advantages of renting a kimono in Kyoto
For those of you planning a trip to Kyoto, renting a kimono is a must-have item! Because the cityscape of Kyoto and kimonos have an excellent compatibility. You can feel like you’ve time-traveled in an instant. So, let’s see what kind of advantages there are!

First of all, you can easily rent in Kyoto. You can enjoy a kimono for just one day at an accessible price. When you walk around the city, you will see countless people in kimonos. Maybe you’ll blend into them. It’s worth trying to walk in a kimono instead of a casual T-shirt at least once!

Next, you can choose from various types of kimonos. In Kyoto’s rental shops, there are many choices, from traditional patterns to the latest designs. You will be able to find a kimono that fits your personality perfectly. You may feel like you’ve become the main character in a movie or drama.

Furthermore, professional staff support you with dressing and hair setting. Of course, dressing in a kimono is not an easy task. It’s a tough job to do it yourself. That’s why experienced staff provide solid support at rental shops. You don’t have to worry about your hairstyle. A professional hand will surely bring out your charm to the fullest.

And, you can spend the whole day in a kimono. This is really a wonderful advantage. You can go around various tourist spots in a kimono. Kiyomizu-dera, Kinkaku-ji, Arashiyama, Yasaka Shrine, and many other wonderful landmarks are in Kyoto. Just by wearing a kimono, you can feel the wind of history.

So, I’ve introduced the benefits of renting a kimono in Kyoto, but the charm is limitless. By all means, try walking around the streets of Kyoto in a kimono as your own experience. Let’s create lifelong memories while differentiating yourself from other tourists! There are many kimono rental shops in Kyoto where couples can rent kimonos.

These popular shops offer a variety of kimonos, from traditional designs to the latest trends, providing a wide range of options. They can cater to any style, making them perfect for fashionable couples.

Here are a few highly recommended shops:

* Rika Wafuku
* Rika Wafuku is a kimono rental shop with many branches in Kyoto. They offer comprehensive plans for couples that include kimono, obi, sandals, and bag rentals, as well as free hair setting and dressing. They also organize bus tours around popular tourist spots in Kyoto, so you can fully enjoy the city while wearing a kimono.

* Kyoto Kimono Rental wargo
* Located in the heart of Kyoto, Kyoto Kimono Rental wargo also offers rental plans for couples that include kimono, obi, sandals, and bag rentals, with free hair setting and dressing. In addition, wargo offers a wide selection of original kimonos and obi, allowing you to walk around Kyoto in kimonos you won’t see in other shops.

* Kyoei
* Kyoei is a kimono rental shop located in Gion, Kyoto. Like the others, their couple plans include kimono, obi, sandals, and bag rentals, with free hair setting and dressing. Kyoei also offers a wide variety of kimonos and obi, so you can choose the one that suits your taste.

* Kimono Rental mimosa

* Kimono Rental mimosa, which opened in March 2023, is located on the Ichinenzaka slope near Kōdai-ji, an ideal spot for sightseeing in Kyoto. Here, you can enjoy wearing a kimono while taking in the historical Kyoto cityscape. This makes for a particularly romantic atmosphere if visiting as a couple. The shop is renovated from an old Kyoto-style house, allowing you to get ready in a retro atmosphere.

Their couple plans include kimono, obi, sandals, and bag rentals, with free dressing. Hair setting can be chosen as an optional extra. Despite being a small shop, they offer a wide variety of kimonos and obi, and you can take your time selecting your kimono and accessories.

These shops offer high-quality rentals at reasonable prices. I have introduced shops recommended for those who want to enjoy a nice kimono while keeping their budget in check on their trip to Kyoto!
Each shop has its unique features, so you’ll have fun choosing. There’s no doubt that you’ll have a wonderful kimono experience no matter which shop you choose!

Recommended Sightseeing Spots:

Kiyomizu-dera – One of the most famous sightseeing spots in Kyoto with beautiful landscapes and historical value. Here, you can enjoy beautiful gardens and the famous Kiyomizu stage. The view from the stage is spectacular, especially at dusk when the atmosphere is fantastic. It’s crowded with many tourists, but that is also a unique experience. However, it can get crowded due to its popularity, so it’s recommended to visit early.

Kinkaku-ji – Another famous temple, also known as the “Golden Pavilion”. The temple is characterized by its beautifully decorated gold-leaf-covered building, which offers a breathtaking view in harmony with the pond and gardens.

Kinkaku-ji exudes an impressive presence with its gorgeous yet grand appearance, captivating its visitors. However, as a popular tourist spot, it is recommended to allow ample time for sightseeing. To avoid the crowds, it’s a good idea to aim for the early morning hours.

Arashiyama – Known for its abundant nature and beautiful landscapes. Here, you can enjoy strolling through bamboo groves and along the river. There is also a famous bridge called Togetsukyo, and the view from the bridge is breathtaking.

Arashiyama is a place where you can enjoy beautiful scenery throughout the seasons, with many people visiting during the autumn foliage season. It’s a recommended spot for couples, as you can enjoy the scenery while taking a walk.

Yasaka Shrine – One of the most famous shrines in Kyoto, especially known for the Gion Festival. Here, you can enjoy not only visiting the shrine but also the surrounding town. The area around Yasaka Shrine is lined with traditional buildings, trendy cafes, and souvenir shops, where you can enjoy the atmosphere. In the evening, the area is illuminated, creating a fantastic space.

Yasaka Shrine is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the culture and atmosphere of Kyoto.

Above are some recommended sightseeing spots in Kyoto. When visiting these places, you can enjoy the atmosphere even more by walking around in a rented kimono. Why not fully enjoy the charms of Kyoto, such as the beautiful landscapes of Kiyomizu-dera and Kinkaku-ji, the abundant nature of Arashiyama, and the traditional townscapes of Yasaka Shrine, in a kimono?

In conclusion,
Did you enjoy the popular Kyoto kimono rentals for couples?
Wearing a kimono allows you to embrace history and culture, and you can take memorable photos at stunning spots. Wearing kimonos as a couple adds a romantic touch, setting you apart from other tourists.

It’s easy to rent, so there’s no stress with preparations or procedures. Moreover, you can choose from a wide variety of kimonos, and professional staff support with dressing and hair setting. You can tour the sightseeing spots all day in a beautiful kimono.

Kimono rental shops are popular with couples and offer high-quality rentals at reasonable prices.
Why not visit Kyoto as a couple, rent a kimono, and see for yourself? A wonderful experience awaits. Please use this article as a reference for enjoying your splendid experience.

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