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Kimono rental store in Kyoto Recommended for women in their 30s, 40s and 50s!

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In Kyoto, many women enjoy wearing kimonos. Why is kimono rental recommended? Here are some of the reasons. If you enjoy kimono rental in Kyoto, you can experience Japanese culture and traditions, and moreover, “You look so cute in kimono! and it is popular on SNS.

Why don’t you wear a beautiful kimono and enjoy the scenery that harmonizes with the traditional streets of Kyoto? In this issue, we will introduce 5 popular kimono rental stores in Kyoto, how to dress up in kimono, and some tips.

Why are kimono rentals in Kyoto recommended?

Kyoto is known for its beautiful traditional culture and scenery. Kyoto is one of the best cities to experience Japanese kimono culture. So why is kimono rental in Kyoto recommended?

The beautiful scenery of Kyoto’s traditional streets in harmony with kimono, Japanese culture and daily life can be experienced, and people are talking about how cute you look in kimono on SNS.

First of all, the streets of Kyoto have been preserved from the good old days. Strolling through the streets of the ancient capital in kimono makes you feel as if you are time-traveling. Kyoto is in harmony with the traditional culture of kimono. Therefore, by wearing a kimono, you can learn about a new culture and enjoy the traditional atmosphere of the past at the same time.

Furthermore, by wearing a kimono, you can experience Japanese culture and daily life. Kimono is one of the traditional cultures of Japan. Kimono rentals include the experience of enjoying a tea ceremony while wearing kimono and taking pictures at temples and shrines. These activities are enjoyable not only for foreign tourists but also for Japanese people.

Lastly, the cute kimono-clad appearance has become a hot topic on social networking sites. Kimono rentals in Kyoto allow you to take cool and stylish photos. We encourage you to try it, whether you look good in a kimono or not. It shows that kimono is not old-fashioned and is one of the styles that can be enjoyed even today.

Thus, kimono rentals in Kyoto are recommended because of the beautiful cityscape that shows the harmony of ancient and modern culture, the experience of traditional Japanese culture, and the cute style that can be enjoyed.

Five popular kimono rental stores in Kyoto

If you travel to Kyoto, you should definitely experience the experience of wearing kimono and taking pictures against the backdrop of an old-fashioned landscape. However, you cannot dress up in kimono by yourself, and it is too expensive to buy one. For such people, we recommend kimono rental stores in Kyoto. Here we introduce five of the most recommended kimono rental stores among the many available.

Kimono rental wargo Kyoto Gion

Kimono rental wargo Kyoto Gion branch is located in the center of Gion, an area of sightseeing spots and traditional events. This makes it a convenient location for tourists and those attending special occasions. Kimono rental wargo Kyoto Gion branch offers a wide selection of kimonos in traditional patterns and colorful contemporary designs.

We also have a full lineup of trend-setting obis and accessories, allowing you to enjoy wearing unique outfits. Kimono dressing and hair-set services are included, and our professional staff will assist you in dressing yourself. A wide range of kimono sizes are available, and kimonos for men and children are also available.

Kyo-Noren Nijojojo-mae Store

Kyo-Noren Nijojojo-mae Store is conveniently located to Nijo Castle, a famous sightseeing spot. This makes it an ideal location for tourists visiting Kyoto and the Nijo Castle. A wide range of kimonos are available, offering a diverse selection of traditional patterns and contemporary designs. Kimonos are available in a variety of sizes, and we also carry kimonos for men and children.

Kimono dressing and hair-set services are included, and our professional staff will assist you in dressing yourself with care. We also have a wide selection of obis and accessories to make your kimono outfit even more glamorous.

Kimono Rental Kyomachiya Kimono Kyoto Gion

Kyomachiya Kimono Kyoto Gion is a kimono rental store located in Gion, Kyoto. Located in the center of Gion, it is easily accessible. We have a large selection of kimonos and accessories, and our kimono dressing skills are excellent. The store is filled with a Japanese atmosphere typical of Kyoto, and customers can stroll around the streets of Kyoto while wearing a kimono. We also have a wide variety of kimonos to choose from to meet your needs.

Kyoto Kimono Rental Kyonomu Shimizu Store

Kyoto Kimono Rental Kyonomumu Shimizu Branch is a kimono rental store located near Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto. It is easily accessible and has a wide selection of kimonos and accessories. We also have excellent kimono dressing skills, so even first-time wearers can enjoy wearing kimono with ease.

The store comes complete with a kimono, obi, tabi (socks), and sandals, so there is nothing for you to prepare. The shop is ideal for sightseeing in Kyoto, including Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Yasaka Shrine, Gion, and Kodai-ji Temple, and yukata rental is also available.

Kimono rental mimosa

Located in a convenient location with easy access to Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Kodai-dera Temple, which are famous sightseeing spots in Kyoto. You can enjoy wearing kimonos while enjoying the historical streetscape typical of Kyoto. The interior is also a renovated Kyoto machiya, allowing you to prepare your kimono while enjoying the retro atmosphere.

You can choose from a variety of kimono styles, from traditional patterns and colorful modern designs to simple and elegant kimonos. Although it is a small store, it offers a wide variety of kimonos and obis, and you can choose kimonos and accessories more leisurely than at other stores. The staff is also very friendly and helpful. If you have any problems, they will help you right away. There is also a full lineup of accessories and small goods to make your kimono coordination even more gorgeous. Japanese, English, and Chinese are available for visitors to Japan.

Costs and Points to Note for Kimono Rentals

Kimono rental involves a rental fee, an option fee, and a deposit fee. The rental fee is for the kimono and obi set, and must be paid at the time of reservation. Option fees are for sandals, bags, hair sets, etc. The deposit also includes the cost of the kimono in case it gets dirty or is broken. These fees vary from store to store, so be sure to check before making a reservation.

When enjoying kimono rentals, you should also be aware of the following precautions. First, because kimonos are difficult to put on and take off, it is a good idea to have someone nearby who is familiar with dressing kimonos. Also, the type of kimono you choose will depend on the temperature and the season, so it is recommended that you check in advance.

Furthermore, it is important to rent a kimono with plenty of time to spare, as you will need to pay attention to how you tie your sandals and obi, as well as how you style your hair. Finally, when returning a rental kimono, be sure to treat it cleanly and check for any stains or scratches before returning it.

What you should know before renting a kimono

Here are some tips on how to dress a kimono that you should know before renting.

First, let’s talk about the types of kimono. The three standard types are furisode, tomesode, and visiting kimono. Furisode is often worn for coming-of-age ceremonies and features a gorgeous design. Tomesode is often worn by mothers at weddings and has a formal atmosphere. Visiting kimono can be worn for semi-formal occasions such as tea ceremonies.

Next, let’s talk about how to tie an obi. The way to tie an obi varies depending on the type of obi, but the most common are the “o-taiko-knot,” the “kyotaiko-knot,” and the “hana-knot. Choose an obi that matches your kimono.

Choose sandals with patterns and colors that match the kimono. Put them on with the left foot first and the heels together. Choose a kanzashi (hairpin) that matches your hairstyle and kimono pattern, and insert it into the obiage of your kimono.

These are the points of dressing that you should know before renting a kimono. Keep these in mind and enhance the beauty of the kimono even more.

Advice on hairstyles and accessories

The key points for hairstyles vary depending on the type of kimono and hair accessories, but basically, simple and friendly ones are best. Delicate hair ornaments are a good idea to enhance the beauty of the kimono. If you are worried about your hairstyle, you can consult the staff at the rental store.

The rule of thumb for choosing accessories is to match the color of the kimono. In addition, accessories, bags, shoes, etc., should be matched with the overall balance of the outfit to create a more impressive coordination. However, too colorful items should be avoided, and it is recommended to choose simple items.

With these points in mind, please enjoy coordinating a wonderful Kyoto kimono rental experience.

Points to enjoy kimono rentals

Taking a walk in a kimono in a townhouse, shrine or temple is like stepping back in time. Kyoto is the ancient capital of Japan and has many places of interest. Kimonos look beautiful against their traditional backgrounds. Kyoto is also the city of the tea ceremony. You can experience traditional Japanese culture any time of the year.

In summer, a photo shoot in a cool and refreshing Japanese garden is recommended. You can also mingle with other kimono lovers during your rental. Expand your circle of friends and have a memorable time.


Kimono rental is the best way to fully experience the hidden beauty of Kyoto. Wearing a kimono, you can soak up the atmosphere of the ancient capital and feel the breath of history as you walk around. A wonderful experience awaits everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, regardless of age or gender.

Kimono rental stores offer a wide variety of kimonos, obis, and accessories that can be coordinated to suit your individuality and taste. You can choose your favorite style from a wide variety of options, including gorgeous colors, traditional patterns, and elegant attire.

Furthermore, our kimono rental stores offer attentive dressing services, allowing even first-time customers to enjoy wearing kimonos with peace of mind. Experienced staff will create a beautiful kimono look that matches your body shape and preferences.

Also, after renting a kimono, we encourage you to visit Kyoto’s famous landmarks and tourist spots. A stroll through famous temples such as Kiyomizu-dera and Kinkaku-dera, or scenic areas such as Gion and Arashiyama will further accentuate the beauty of the city. And don’t forget to take pictures of the streets and gardens! You are sure to capture a memorable photo.

We hope you will enjoy renting a kimono in Kyoto. Your exciting trip to Kyoto will be a wonderful memory.

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