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How to Rent a Kimono in Kyoto: A Step-by-Step Guide

Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, is a city steeped in history, tradition, and beauty. One of the most iconic experiences for visitors to this historic city is donning a traditional kimono and strolling through picturesque streets and shrines. If you’re keen on trying out this unique experience, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to rent a kimono in Kyoto, with a special focus on Kyoto Rental Kimono MiMOSA’s offerings.
1. Decide on a Budget
Kimono rental prices vary widely based on the type of kimono, accessories, and rental period. Basic rentals can start from around 2,000 yen and go up to 13,000 yen or more for a full set with premium fabrics and intricate designs.

MiMOSA offers a range of options to suit every budget. Prices start from around 4,000 yen and can go up depending on the plan chosen.
2. Choose a Rental Shop
There are many kimono rental shops scattered throughout Kyoto, especially in popular tourist areas like Gion and Kiyomizu-dera. Some well-known options include:
● Kyoto Kimono Rental MIMOSA
● VASARA Kimono Rental Kyoto Station Front Store
● Giom Nihikil

It’s a good idea to check online reviews, see their available selections, and even make a reservation in advance.

MiMOSA stands out for its quality, variety, and exceptional customer service. Located near two popular spots, Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Yasaka Shrine. Our professional staff and vast collection make the selection process enjoyable and memorable.
3. Select Your Kimono
Once you’ve chosen a shop, it’s time to pick out your kimono. There are various styles and colors to choose from. You can go for a vibrant, patterned design or something more subdued and traditional. Some shops also offer themed kimonos, like seasonal or anime-inspired designs.

MIMOSA offers a wide range of stylish and retro patterns that are perfect for visiting traditional temples and shrines. You will find that special piece just for you. Most of our shops allow customers to come without carrying luggage – you’re good to go “empty-handed”! However, for handling valuables, it’s recommended to check with the store in advance.
4. Accessorize
Your kimono look isn’t complete without the right accessories. Most rental shops will provide you with the basics like an obi (belt), zori (sandals), and a matching handbag. If you’re looking to enhance your look, consider adding hair accessories or even booking a hairstyling session.

MiMOSA isn’t just about kimonos. We also offer a curated collection of accessories to elevate your look. From authentic obi belts to ornate hair accessories, every detail is thought of.
5. Dressing Up
Dressing in a kimono is an art form. Thankfully, most rental shops will have staff on hand to help you wear it correctly. They’ll ensure it’s wrapped perfectly, secure the obi, and make sure everything looks impeccable.

MIMOSA ensures that every fold, wrap, and tie is done to perfection, letting you experience the true essence of wearing a kimono.
6. Enjoy Your Day
Once you’re all dressed up, it’s time to explore Kyoto. Visit iconic sites like Kinkaku-ji (Golden Pavilion), Fushimi Inari Shrine, or just stroll along the Kamogawa River. Many locals and tourists alike will appreciate your attire, and it’s not uncommon for people to ask for photos.

MiMOSA is a shop located right in front of Kōdai-ji Ichinenzaka, an ideal spot for sightseeing in Kyoto. Step outside in a kimono, and you’ll be greeted by the beautiful Kyoto streetscape with its stone-paved paths! Without the need for trains or buses, you can immediately begin your Kyoto sightseeing adventure.
7. Return the Kimono
Remember to return your kimono by the shop’s designated time. Most shops will require you to return the kimono by evening, but some may offer overnight rentals for an additional fee.
If you have any feedback or impressions, please don’t hesitate to share. Your voice is the greatest joy for the rental shop.
Embracing Kyoto’s Tradition by Renting a Kimono
Renting a kimono in Kyoto is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in Japanese culture and history. It provides a tangible connection to the city’s storied past, and there’s truly nothing like the feeling of walking through ancient streets, dressed in traditional attire. If you ever find yourself in Kyoto, don’t miss this one-of-a-kind experience.

MiMOSA is a shop situated right in front of Kōdai-ji Ichinenzaka, an ideal spot for sightseeing in Kyoto. Though we are a small shop, we offer a plethora of lovely kimono patterns that can rival even larger stores. We also pride ourselves on our attentive service to each and every customer. If you have any concerns about coordination, please feel free to consult our staff.


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