Enjoy Kiyomizu Temple and Kyoto with Kimono Rental! Hairstyles for Lace Kimonos

Must-see for those who rent kimonos around Kiyomizu-dera Temple! Introducing hairstyles that look great with modern lace kimonos!

Hair styles such as braids, buns, pony styles, and side up styles look great with modern lace kimonos. For kimono rentals in the Kiyomizu-dera area of Kyoto, please visit Kimono Rental mimosa.

Double the cuteness with a lace kimono! Suitable hairstyles and points not to fail


If you want to take Instagram-worthy photos at famous Kyoto spots such as Kiyomizu-dera Temple and Kinkaku-dera Temple, kimono is the way to go. Kimono rental stores also offer plans that allow you to request a hair set. We recommend that you think about your hair style in advance in order to wear a kimono in style.

Here we introduce hairstyles that go well with popular lace kimonos and modern coordinates, as well as tips on how to set them.

Long and semi-long

When wearing a formal tomesode, it is customary to wear your hair up. Lace kimonos are not formal, but because of their elegant look, an updo hairstyle suits those with long hair. Specific updos and tips for setting them are as follows.

・Rope braid, side braid

Rope braid is a style in which two strands of hair are twisted together like a rope, and side braid is a style in which the hair on the side is braided. The rope braid and side braid updo styles are simple and easy to arrange with accessories. By loosely braiding and unraveling the hair, a three-dimensional effect can be created.


This hairstyle combines the hair into a single dumpling, and goes well with kimonos with gorgeous patterns. The key is to keep the hair loose and not tightly tied up. If the hair bun is small, use a large hairpin. If the hair bun is large, use a small hairpin for better balance.

・pony style

This is an updo based on a ponytail. Changing the position of the ponytail gives a different impression. The higher the ponytail position, the more youthful the look, and the lower the ponytail position, the more relaxed the look.

・half updo

As the name suggests, this is a hairstyle in which only the top half of the hair is gathered. The collar part of the hair is there to avoid accentuating the contours of the face, thus creating a small face effect. Since the hair on the sides tends to fall out, it is important to spray the hair to keep it in place.

In case of short

Even those with short hair, for whom updo styles are difficult, can create cute arrangements that suit lace kimonos and other styles. The following are some of the ways to arrange short hair.

・Arrangement with accessories

Just by adding accessories, you can create a gorgeous look. Modern lace kimonos go well not only with Japanese hairpins and hair ornaments, but also with artificial flowers, headdresses, and gold and silver hair accessories.

・side up style

This hairstyle is designed to gather only the hair on the sides of the head. It has the advantage of creating volume in the hair while keeping the contours clean. To add a touch of glamour, use a rope braid or a weave.

Consult with a stylist if you are unsure of a hairstyle that suits you.

Unlike Western clothes, it is difficult to imagine how a kimono will look with an added hairstyle, so many people are not sure which hairstyle to choose. Basically, you can choose your hair style according to your taste, but if you consider your hair quality and face shape, you can choose a hairstyle that suits you better. If you rarely wear an updo, please consult a professional stylist instead of going it alone.

Kimono Rental mimosa Hair Set

If you are going to rent a kimono, check the hair style in advance!


When renting a kimono, you will also want to pay attention to your hair style. You can ask for a hair set at a kimono rental store, but it will be easier if you think about what kind of hair style you would like beforehand. For those with long or semi-long hair, an updo is suitable and looks good with lace or modern kimonos. Short hair that is difficult to style in an updo can also be arranged using a side updo style or accessories.

Kimono Rental mimosa is a kimono rental store located a 10-minute walk from Kiyomizu Temple. We have a wide range of kimonos from modern lace kimonos to retro antique kimonos. We can not only dress you in kimono, but also offer hair setting services to match your kimono. We have a wide variety of plans such as ladies normal plan, ladies premium plan, couple plan, and student plan, etc. Our store is close to sightseeing spots, so you can easily enjoy sightseeing in kimono to the fullest.

Reservations are accepted through our official website, but same-day reservations are also possible. If you do not know how to choose a kimono or a hairstyle that goes with a kimono, please feel free to contact us.

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