For Kiyomizu Temple Kimono Rentals! Tips on how to wear a cute retro yukata

Check before renting a kimono around Kiyomizu-dera Temple! Tips on how to wear retro yukata and examples of coordination

To wear a retro yukata in a cute way, be creative with the color of the obi and items to match, or choose a large pattern. For kimono rentals in the Kiyomizu-dera area of Kyoto, please visit Kimono Rental mimosa.

The key to wearing a cute retro yukata!


Even if you are a fashion expert, you may be concerned about the rules when it comes to kimonos and may not have the confidence to wear them in a cute way. Since yukata is a playful wear, it offers more freedom than kimono, but there are a few points to consider in order to wear a retro yukata in a cute way.

Here we introduce the key points for coordinating retro yukata and examples of coordination.

Points of Coordination for Retro Yukata

There are three main points to consider when coordinating a retro yukata

・Choose different colors for the yukata and obi

The standard way to coordinate kimonos and yukatas is to use similar colors for the kimono and obi. Coordinating same colors creates a calm atmosphere, but it may lack individuality.

If you want to wear a retro yukata in a cute and unique way, dare to choose different colors. If it is difficult to choose the color of the obi, choose a yukata with multiple colors and choose the color of the obi from the colors used in the pattern to minimize mistakes.

・Incorporate items of clothing

Retro yukata are yukata with an atmosphere of Taisho Romanticism, and in the Taisho era, a mix of Japanese and Western styles was popular. When wearing a retro yukata, be aware of the mix of Japanese and Western styles and incorporate items from Western clothing. Specifically, these items include can-can hats, straw hats, blouses, high-necks, and hairpins.

・Choose a large pattern

Yukata come in plain or small-patterned fabrics, as well as fabrics with large patterns. Plain or small-patterned fabrics are more subdued and elegant, while retro yukata are more attractive in designs with large patterns.

Retro yukata are usually designed with large patterns, so it will be easy to find a pattern that you like. If in doubt, choose a dark navy blue yukata, which will complement Japanese skin tones and make you look beautiful.

Example of Coordinating Retro Yukata

Here are four examples of how to coordinate retro yukata to look cute.

・Floral codecs accented with the color of the obi

A retro yukata with a blue base color and white floral pattern is coordinated with a purple obi. By limiting the number of colors, the coordination has a unique yet relaxed atmosphere.

・Cute coordinate in pink

A yukata with a large pink floral pattern is matched with a pink-toned hyōgo obi. Pink tends to be gaudy in Western clothing, but in a retro yukata, it can be coordinated in a cute and natural way.

・Girly tasteful cord with lace

This girly taste coordination incorporates lace for the obi ornament, inner lining, and bag. It is a modern outfit that incorporates elements of both Japanese and Western influences. The use of black lace as a color accent gives a tightening effect.

・Simple x hair accessory mix and match coordination

The retro yukata is coordinated with simple items and arranged with hair accessories. By adjusting the type and number of hair accessories, the glamour can be adjusted. Therefore, it is possible to coordinate the outfit to suit various occasions.

Kimono rental mimosa yukata

Let’s wear a retro yukata with the key points of the coordination.


When renting a retro yukata, be aware of coordinating it more uniquely than a regular yukata to make it look cute. Specifically, match the color of the obi with a different color from that of the yukata, incorporate items from western clothing such as hats and innerwear, or choose a yukata with a large pattern.

If you are wearing a retro yukata for the first time and find it difficult to imagine how to coordinate it, you can refer to the coordination examples.

Some people may not be able to easily tackle sightseeing in a kimono or yukata because of the restrictions on movement and the worry of losing one’s clothes. Kimono rental mimosa is located in a perfect location, only a 1-minute walk from Kodaiji Temple, a famous sightseeing spot in Kyoto, a 2-minute walk from Ninenzaka Hill, and a 10-minute walk from Kiyomizu Temple, making it easy to enjoy sightseeing in kimonos and yukatas.

We offer a wide variety of kimonos and accessories, with a particular emphasis on retro yukata. We have many yukata with unique designs, patterns, and materials, so you can coordinate your yukata to suit your taste and image.

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