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Kimono Strolling around Kuramadera Temple

Visiting Kurama-dera
The mystic Mt. Kurama, a place anyone would envy. In the midst of this mountain stands the beautiful, historically rich Kurama-dera. Today, we will introduce the charm of strolling through Kurama-dera in a kimono. What is Mt. Kurama? The history of Kurama-dera. Let’s start by learning a little about Mt. Kurama. This mountain is located a little away from Kyoto city and is famous for the legend of Ushiwakamaru. Kurama-dera was founded in the Heian period and prospered as a training ground for Shugendo. Walking through this historical and prestigious temple, you will feel as if you are on a journey beyond time.
And, the charm of strolling through Kurama-dera in a kimono. Visiting the temple in a kimono elevates an indescribable mood. It’s as if you’ve slipped back into the good old days. The harmony with the surrounding landscape and the atmosphere of the temple is exquisite, revealing a breathtaking view. There are plenty of photogenic spots that you’ll be tempted to share on Instagram. Moreover, by strolling in a kimono, you can experience Japanese traditional culture. Dressing and tying the obi requires unique skills, and enjoying that is also a part of the charm. By wearing a kimono yourself, you can appreciate the beauty of Kurama-dera while immersing yourself in the culture.
Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your kimono getting disheveled or being hard to walk in. Rather, you can relax both physically and mentally. There’s a comfortable fit that’s not too tight, and you can walk around naturally without any stress. This allows you to fully appreciate the quiet atmosphere of Kurama-dera. So, why not fully enjoy the beauty of Kurama-dera by strolling around in a kimono? Of course, we have some tips for selecting a kimono according to the season, preparing footwear, and more, which we will introduce in the next section, so look forward to it.
The Beauty of Kurama-dera
The grand view from the mountain gate, the beauty of the autumn leaves, the scenery within the temple… Kurama-dera is a treasure trove of beauty! First, let’s start with the mountain gate. Its grandeur is like the entrance to a road leading to the sky. As soon as you step in, you are greeted by a breathtaking view of beautiful autumn leaves. The falling leaves, shimmering like brocade, look like dancing firebirds. Moreover, once you enter the temple, the scenery expands even more. The soothing atmosphere, the gentle babbling of the river, and the scenery surrounded by lavish Buddha statues are like the gateway to another world. With every step, you feel your heart being cleansed. Kurama-dera is not just a temple. It’s filled with elements that allow you to feel the beauty of Japan. Strolling leisurely in a kimono in this temple, which has an indescribable charm, is truly a blissful moment.
The Benefits of Strolling in a Kimono
There are numerous benefits to strolling in a kimono when visiting Kurama-dera. First, you can experience traditional culture. The kimono is a traditional Japanese dress, and it goes perfectly with Kurama-dera. Why not touch the beautiful culture of Japan on this occasion? Furthermore, strolling in a kimono allows you to enjoy photogenic spots. The view of the mountain gate and the scenery within the temple is extraordinary, and the kimono matches it perfectly. You may be able to post proud photos on your SNS. Also, strolling in a kimono is a wonderful experience that allows you to relax both physically and mentally. The kimono fits your body and is comfortable to wear. Therefore, while thinking about the history of Kurama-dera or enjoying the beauty of the autumn leaves, you can spend a comfortable time. However, when strolling in a kimono, there are some tips to pay attention to, such as how to choose your outfit, prepare your footwear, and tie your obi.

Exploring Kurama-dera in a kimono offers numerous wonderful benefits, such as experiencing traditional culture, finding photogenic spots, and relaxation for mind and body. I highly recommend you try this special experience at least once. By enjoying the beautiful scenery of Kurama-dera in a kimono, you can create even more profound memories. Now, let’s select a kimono and head to Kurama-dera! I recommend Kyoto Kimono Rental Mimosa located around Kodai-ji and Ichinenzaka. https://mk-mimosa.top
How to Access Kurama-dera
If you are starting from within Kyoto city, the most convenient way to get to Kurama-dera is by train. You take the Eizan Electric Railway (commonly known as “Eiden”) from “Demachiyanagi Station” in Kyoto city to “Kurama Station”. The Eizan Electric Railway is a local train that connects major spots within Kyoto city. From Demachiyanagi Station, you head north and arrive at Kurama Station in about 30 minutes.
From Kurama Station, you walk to Kurama-dera. It’s about a 5-minute walk from the station to the temple gate, and from the gate to the main hall, you walk along a mountain path for about 20 minutes. This route has some steep slopes, but there are many attractions along the way, and you can enjoy spectacular scenery, especially during the autumn foliage season.
When visiting Kurama-dera in a kimono, be particularly careful about your footwear. There may be slippery areas, so for safety, it is recommended to choose comfortable geta or zori. Also, as you will be walking on a mountain path, it’s safer to slightly lift the hem of your kimono so you don’t step on it.
Visiting Kurama-dera will provide a special experience, combining nature, history, and spiritual elements. Just a short trip from Kyoto city, such a deep experience awaits.
However, it’s not necessarily difficult to access. The access from Kyoto city is direct, and you can feel secure if you plan your route in advance. Moreover, the journey itself becomes part of the trip, and the experience of traveling by train and walking along a mountain path in a kimono will surely create your own special memories.
In conclusion
Once you experience walking around Kurama-dera in a kimono, you’ll surely want to do it again! You can visit historic Japanese temples and have special experiences. The grand scenery of Mount Kurama, the beautiful autumn leaves, and the scenery within the temple are breathtakingly beautiful. Walking in a kimono allows you to experience traditional culture and take beautiful photos at photogenic spots. Moreover, touring the temple leisurely in a kimono can relax both your body and mind. However, you need to pay attention to the selection of kimonos according to the season, preparation of footwear, and how to tie the obi. Be aware of these points and try walking around Kurama-dera in a kimono. A wonderful experience is surely waiting for you! It’s worth visiting!

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