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    Points to note for Kyoto tourism?

    Kyoto has distinct seasons, and spring and autumn are the best seasons for tourism, but they can be crowded due to the large number of tourists.
    Summer is very hot, and winter is cold, so please dress appropriately depending on the time of your visit.
    Kyoto is especially crowded during tourist seasons, weekends, and holidays. It is recommended to visit famous tourist spots (such as Kinkaku-ji and Kiyomizu-dera) early¹².

    Japanese temples and shrines are sacred places, so it is important to observe proper etiquette. Behave quietly and refrain from taking photos in prohibited areas, showing consideration.

    In Kyoto city, buses and subways are the main modes of transportation, but there can be congestion and delays at times.
    Please plan your travel time with some extra leeway. Renting a bicycle is also worth considering.

    Kyoto has a rich culture of Japanese cuisine, particularly matcha (green tea) and Kyoto cuisine, which are popular.
    However, many restaurants require reservations, so please check in advance.

    The availability of free Wi-Fi spots has increased, but there are still some areas with unstable connections.
    Considering using a pocket Wi-Fi or data SIM would be better.

    During the tourist season, accommodations can be crowded, and the accommodation prices can increase significantly. It is recommended to make reservations early.

    Kyoto offers many spots where you can experience traditional culture, such as tea ceremonies and kimono rentals.
    There are also plenty of experiential activities, so you won’t have any spare time. Early reservations or confirmations may be necessary, so it is recommended to book in advance!