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Top 5 Destinations to Explore around Kiyomizu Temple with Kimono Rental Mimosa

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Kiyomizu-dera Temple is a popular tourist destination in Japan, attracting visitors from all over the world. The temple is known for its stunning architecture, traditional Japanese gardens, and breathtaking views of the city.Kimono rental  from Mimosa adds an extra layer of charm to the experience.

Imagine walking around the temple grounds, feeling the soft fabric of the kimono as the gentle breeze flows through the trees. Not only is it a classic Japanese experience, but it also makes for fantastic photo opportunities. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting the perfect outfit for the occasion – Mimosa has a variety of kimonos to choose from.

Renting a kimono from Mimosa also saves you the hassle of finding appropriate attire for visiting the temple. Visitors must adhere to certain guidelines, such as not showing too much skin, and kimono rental from Mim ensures that you are appropriately dressed for the occasion. It’s a win-win situation – you get to experience Japanese culture and tradition, while also meeting the dress code.

Top 5 Destinations to Explore around Kiyomizu Temple with Kimono Rental Mimosa:

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1. Jinrikisha:

Jinrikisha provides an enchanting and immersive experience that allows you to connect with Japanese culture while enjoying the scenic beauty of your surroundings.

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2. Higashiyama District:

The Higashiyama district is a charming neighborhood that was once the center of Kyoto’s culture and politics. Today, the area is famous for its beautiful traditional wooden buildings, narrow streets, and unique shops. Wandering through the streets in a kimono is like stepping back in time.

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3. Maruyama Park:

Maruyama Park is a beautiful public park in Kyoto located near the Gion District. It’s a popular spot for cherry blossom viewing during the spring. The park is also home to a huge weeping cherry tree that is over 80 years old. It’s a perfect place to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of Kyoto in your kimono.

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4. Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka Slopes:

Ninenzaka and Sannenzaka Slopes are two of Kyoto’s most famous streets. They are lined with traditional Japanese buildings and shops. Walking down the streets in your kimono will give you a sense of what it was like to live in Kyoto hundreds of years ago.

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5. Gion District:

The Gion district is one of Kyoto’s most famous areas. It’s known for its traditional geisha houses, teahouses, and restaurants. Walking through the district in a kimono is a unique and unforgettable experience. You will feel like you have stepped back in time and are living in a different era.

Kyoto Kimono Rental Mimosa Services:

Mimosa Kimono Rental Services is a wonderful company to rent kimonos from. They have a wide selection of kimonos to choose from, with different styles and sizes available. The prices are reasonable, and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They offer rental time from 1 hour to a full day, so you can choose the time that suits you best.

Tips for Optimum Kimono Rental Experience:

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1. Booking in Advance:

It’s always a good idea to book your kimono in advance, especially if you are visiting Kyoto during peak travel season. This will ensure that you get the kimono you want and that you don’t have to wait in line.

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2. Choosing the Perfect Kimono:

Choosing the right kimono is key to having a great rental experience. The staff at Mimosa Kimono Rental Services can help you choose a kimono that will suit your style and fit you perfectly.

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3. Accessories to Match with Kimonos:

Accessories are an important part of the kimono rental experience. Mimosa Kimono Rental Services offers a variety of accessories, including bags, hairpieces, and jewelry. These accessories will help you complete your look and make you feel like a true Japanese local.

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4. Wearing and Walking Around Kiyomizu Temple:

Walking around Kiyomizu temple can be a bit challenging in a kimono. The wooden floors and steep stairs can make it difficult to walk. However, the staff at Mimosa Kimono Rental Services will offer you tips and guidance on how to wear and walk in your kimono so that you can move around comfortably and safely.

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Why rent Kimono from Mimosa is the Best Way to Explore Kiyomizu Temple:

Renting a kimono from Mimosa Kimono Rental Services is the best way to explore Kiyomizu Temple. It’s a unique and fun experience that will make your visit to Kyoto even more memorable. Wearing a kimono will also allow you to experience Japanese culture firsthand.

Additionally, wearing a kimono makes for great photographs and is comfortable and suitable for any weather. Mimosa Kimono Rental Services also provide a vast range of beautiful and traditional Japanese kimonos that’ll make your experience at Kiyomizu-dera Temple unbeatable.

With their rental services, you can choose from a variety of designs, colors, and styles that’ll thoroughly complement your personality and preferences.


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For the last advantage that Mimosa have is the location. There rental shop located at near by Kiyomizu-dear temple(Ichinenzaka). You can get on to sightseeing right after you wear Kimonos.

Kimono rental Mimosa

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Additionally, Mimosa Kimono Rental Services offer competitive pricing, starting from as low as 2,500 yen, depending on the duration of your rental. You can rent a kimono for up to one day, and if you wish to explore a little longer, then you can extend your rental period as well.

The team at Mimosa Kimono Rental Services is always there to assist and guide you throughout your rental experience, and they make sure that you’re comfortable walking in their kimonos by providing necessary accessories such as bags, shoes, and belts.

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Tips for Optimum Kimono Rental Experience

Booking in advance is highly recommended to avoid last-minute rush. Mimosa allows booking up to a month in advance, which also means you can secure your preferred Kimono before it’s too late. When choosing a Kimono, it’s essential to choose the right size and design that suits your taste.

Accessories such as Geta (traditional Japanese sandals) and bags are also available for rental. After getting dressed, you can take a short walk to Kiyomizu Temple. The uphill and downhill slopes may be a little challenging to walk in, especially for beginners, but taking small steps and holding your Kimono’s left front hem can make a difference.

Don’t forget to take a few rests along the way to catch your breath while enjoying the scenic views.

Who needs a boring tour guide when you can have a Kimono leading the way? Renting a Kimono from Mimosa adds an authentic twist to experiencing Kiyomizu Temple.

Not to mention the stunning photographs that will end up taking over your Instagram page! Kimonos are comfortable and suitable for every kind of weather, making it the perfect fit for exploring the charming Higashiyama District and Gion, two destinations that are traditional Kyoto. Truly immerse yourself in Japanese culture with Mimosa Kimono Rental Services!


Overall, renting a kimono from Mimosa and exploring the top destinations around Kiyomizu Temple is an experience that you won’t regret. The ease and convenience of kimono rental paired with the beauty and culture of the temple make for an unforgettable day. So go ahead and book your kimono rental now, and get ready to immerse yourself in Japanese history and tradition!


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