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Midsummer Travel to Kyoto Must-see Sights and Dining in Kyoto

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Beautiful Kyoto Sightseeing Spots
What to eat in Kyoto, a city of gourmet food
Places to enjoy sightseeing and gourmet food at the same time
Summer Events in Kyoto
Kyoto Temples in Summer
Welcome to Kyoto in midsummer, a city of sparkling sunshine and beautiful scenery! As a
tourist writer living in Kyoto, I am here to provide you with must-see tourist attractions and
gourmet information for your midsummer trip to Kyoto.
Kyoto in summer is a charming city filled with lush green mountains, cool riverside scenery,
and traditional festivals and events. First, visit Kyoto's most famous tourist attractions, such
as Kinkakuji Temple, Kiyomizu Temple, and Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, which combine
history and beauty. The beautiful architecture and gardens lit by the sunlight are absolutely
Another great place to cool off during the hot summer months is to visit a spot where you
can cool off. The Kamo River and Watarigetsu Bridge in Arashiyama offer clear streams
and elegant views. In particular, strolling along the bamboo path in Arashiyama,
surrounded by greenery, is a truly relaxing experience. Forget the heat and refresh your
mind in nature.
Now, one of the best parts of a trip is to enjoy the local gourmet food. Kyoto is home to
many famous Japanese food spots. Seasonal dishes such as "chilled chuka" (chilled
Chinese noodles) and "seiro-mushi (steamed duck)" are recommended for their bright
colors and refreshing flavors, which are unique to summer. Matcha green tea and wagashi
(Japanese sweets) also have a taste unique to Kyoto, so be sure to visit.
Various festivals and events are held in summer in Kyoto. For example, the excitement and
power of traditional festivals such as the Gion Festival and Gion-san's Summer Festival are
a must-see. Fireworks displays and nighttime stalls also add to the lively atmosphere at
A trip to Kyoto in midsummer is a wonderful experience packed with beautiful scenery,
traditional culture, and seasonal delicacies and events. We hope you will experience the
charm of Kyoto in summer and create unforgettable memories.
In this article, I will introduce in detail my carefully selected midsummer Kyoto sightseeing
spots and gourmet information. From active sightseeing to relaxing moments, you will be
able to enjoy a wide range of activities.
In midsummer, Kyoto is a place where you can forget the heat and enjoy beautiful scenery
and history while being enveloped by a pleasant breeze. I have gathered information and
visited the area to share with you the special charms that only this season can offer.
In my next article, I will first introduce some of Kyoto's representative tourist spots. I hope
you will find this information useful in planning your trip, as I will explain in detail the charm
of each spot, how to access it, and recommended attractions.
Also, don't miss the gourmet information. We will also provide information on delicious food,

including Kyoto's summer-only menus and local specialties loved by the locals. Please
don't miss out on the gourmet delights to make your trip a memorable one with a difference.
Finally, we also provide information on summer festivals and events in Kyoto. Don't miss
out on these special once-a-year events, such as fiery festivals and spectacular fireworks
displays. Take part in the festivals and events that color the summer evenings and enjoy
the charm of Kyoto to the fullest.
A trip to Kyoto in the middle of summer will be a memory you will cherish for a lifetime.
Through my articles, I hope you will learn more about the charms and pleasures of Kyoto
and enjoy a wonderful trip.
Beautiful Kyoto Sightseeing Spots
In this article, I will introduce must-see Kyoto tourist spots and gourmet foods. There are
many sightseeing spots in Kyoto, but I would like to introduce three spots that are known
for their beauty. Kinkakuji Temple is a three-story tower built in the mountain of Rokuonji
Temple, one of the three most famous gardens in Japan, and its shining gold exterior gives
visitors a sense of history. It is also known for its beautiful reflection on the surface of the
water. Arashiyama is also famous for its natural beauty, and the view from Togetsu Bridge
is spectacular. The bamboo grove and the trolley train in Arashiyama are also
recommended. Kiyomizu-dera Temple is also famous for its observatory from which you
can view the entire city of Kyoto, especially at night. Another highlight is the famous bridge
called Kiyomizu-no-butai (stage of Kiyomizu). These are just a few of the beautiful
sightseeing spots in Kyoto. Next, I would like to talk about Kyoto's gourmet food.
What to eat in Kyoto, a city of gourmet food
There are many things to eat in Kyoto, a city of gourmet food. First of all, I would like to
recommend "sweetened fu". It is a Japanese confectionery with a soft and smooth texture
and a gentle sweetness that is typical of Kyoto. Next, "Dashimaki Tamago (rolled egg)" is a
perfect combination of dashi (Japanese soup stock) and egg, and its fluffy texture is
irresistible. Also, "Ayu fish grilled with salt" is an exquisite gourmet dish available only in
Kyoto during the summer season. The ayu fish, grilled simply with salt, is so fatty and
delicious that it melts in your mouth. Finally, "obanzai" is a type of kobachi dish that comes
in many different varieties, so you can enjoy a different flavor every time. It is a must-try
specialty when you come to Kyoto.
A place where you can enjoy sightseeing and gourmet food at the same time
There are many places in Kyoto where you can enjoy sightseeing and gourmet food at the
same time. First, let's go to Niningsaka. Here, you can enjoy beautiful scenery with an old-
fashioned atmosphere. We also recommend a visit to the Gion area. At night, the
illuminated streets create a fantastic atmosphere. Nishiki Market is the place to go for all
kinds of food. You can enjoy a variety of tastes, from fresh fish and vegetables to classic
Japanese dishes to more unusual ingredients. All of these places are fascinating, so if you
have time, be sure to visit them all.
Summer-Only Events in Kyoto
Various festivals and events are held in Kyoto during the summer and are crowded with
tourists. Of these, the most notable are "kawayuka cuisine," the Gion Festival, and the Fu-
ring Festival. Kawayuka cuisine is available only in summer, and visitors can enjoy their
meals on the planks over the river. Enjoy seasonal dishes while enjoying the clear water
and greenery. Also in July, the Gion Festival is held, with Yoiyama and Yoiyama, as well as

Yamahoko-junko (float parade) and yatai (food stalls), all taking place in a lively
atmosphere. Enjoy the festival atmosphere and enjoy the summer evenings to the fullest.
The Fu-ring Festival is also held from late July to early August. Colorful wind chimes
installed in temples and shrines in Kyoto play cool tones and make you feel as if you are
taking a walk in the forest. Summer in Kyoto offers not only sightseeing and gourmet food,
but also festivals and events. Why not beat the heat and enjoy it to the fullest?
Temples in Kyoto recommended for summer
If you enjoy a trip to Kyoto in summer, why not visit a beautiful temple to heal your soul?
This article introduces some of the best temples in Kyoto in the middle of summer. Refresh
your mind and body at these temples with their summery atmosphere, lush gardens, and
cool atmosphere.
Let's start with Kinkakuji Temple. This temple, with its distinctive golden roof, shines even
brighter in the summer sunlight. Its reflection on the surface of the lake is like a painting, a
beautiful sight to behold. There are shady trees around the Golden Pavilion, and it is
recommended to feel the breeze while strolling around the temple.
Next stop is Ginkakuji Temple. The next place to visit is Ginkakuji Temple, with its beautiful
garden and traditional buildings, especially at night when the temple is illuminated during
the summer season. If you visit at night, you can enjoy the beauty of the temple while
feeling the unique Kyoto atmosphere.
Furthermore, in summer in Kyoto, we also recommend visiting Tenryuji Temple in
Arashiyama, which is surrounded by a cool, blue-green bamboo forest. Strolling among the
bamboos while feeling the cool breeze in the serene atmosphere is a calming experience.
Arashiyama in summer is especially cool, so you will be able to forget the heat and relax.
Another great way to cool off in summer in Kyoto is to visit Otowa Falls, located near
Kiyomizu-dera Temple. Surrounded by lush green forests, the splashing water of the falls is
the perfect refreshment spot during the hot summer. Not only will you seek coolness, but
you will also be soothed by the sound of water and the power of nature.
There are many other temples in Kyoto. On your summer trip to Kyoto, be sure to visit
temples with beautiful gardens and traditional architecture. Among them, we recommend
Nanzenji Temple, Kenninji Temple, and Seirenin Temple located near Yasaka Shrine.
These temples feature summer customs and lush gardens that offer a serene and calming
Temples in Kyoto also hold special summer events and festivals. For example, Yoiyama
and Bon Odori dance festivals will give you a taste of local festivals and customs. Events
held on the temple grounds provide a unique way to enjoy summer.
There are also many delicious wagashi (Japanese confectionery) stores and matcha
(powdered green tea) cafes in the area around the temple. We recommend taking a break
while enjoying flavorful wagashi and matcha tea unique to Kyoto. Relax and unwind, and
take in the atmosphere of Kyoto's culture and temples.
Visiting temples on a mid-summer trip to Kyoto is the perfect choice to refresh your body
and soul. Enjoy the peace and serenity of the heat while being surrounded by beautiful
gardens and traditional buildings. We hope you will visit the temples introduced in this
article and enjoy the charm of Kyoto to the fullest.
Summary: Beautiful sights to visit on your summer trip to Kyoto, gourmet food to taste in

the city of gourmet food, from world heritage sites to tasteful festivals. There are many
attractive spots in Kyoto. Don't miss the temples and events perfect for summer. You will
surely want to come to Kyoto!

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