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Let’s show the appeal of Kyoto Kimono Rentals on Instagram!

kimono _rental_mimosa

kimono _rental_mimosa


– Introduction

– What is Kimono Rental?

– Kyoto Kimono Rental

– Advantages of Kimono Rental

– Kimono Styling Tips

– How to have fun on Instagram

– Conclusion


I created this blog to share some of the wonders of kimono culture. Kimono rentals are a wonderful way to enjoy traditional Japanese garments all day long. Modern kimono culture is also popular among the younger generation, as it incorporates stylish and unique elements. What’s more, the connection to Instagram is essential. It is the perfect platform for sharing fabulous kimono styles and joining the community. Now, let’s explore the charm of Kyoto Kimono Rentals!

What is Kimono Rental?

Do you know about kimonos? If you look it up, kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. It is very difficult to wear it stylishly, but recently, Kyoto Kimono Rentals are very popular and everyone is posting their proud Kimono appearance on Instagram!

Aren’t you curious about the “origin of the kimono?” Once upon a time, Japanese aristocrats wore kimonos to participate in ceremonies and events. But nowadays, we can wear them more casually. Of course, while preserving Japanese culture.

But recently, kimono culture has changed a bit. Young people are increasingly wearing kimonos to go out and attend events. Especially in Kyoto, it is very popular to rent a kimono and stroll around the city or take pictures at tourist attractions. Of course, it’s only natural to show off and brag to everyone on Instagram about how you look in that kimono!

Nowadays, Kyoto kimono rental agencies are putting a lot of effort into social networking to share their styling and discover other people’s fabulous kimono styles.

But kimonos are expensive. That’s why renting is the most economical way to go! It’s cost-effective and avoids the hassle of having a kimono on hand, so you kill two birds with one stone.

Did you feel the charm of Kyoto Kimono Rentals? Kyoto alone is a place where Japanese culture is alive and well, and wearing a kimono there is a great experience. There are many famous kimono rental stores, so it is fun to find a style that suits you.

Now, let’s move on to the next kimono styling tip!

Kyoto Kimono Rentals

Kyoto and Japanese culture are inseparably linked. Kimono rentals in this traditional city are a magnet for tourists and locals alike.

The beauty and luxury of kimono rentals in Kyoto is what makes it so appealing. When you are going to an important event or a special place, wearing a kimono will make you feel special all day long. And famous kimono rental stores can really make that dream come true. They offer top quality kimonos and great hospitality.

For example, a kimono rental store called Hana-no-en is one of the most reputable in Kyoto. They offer a wide selection of kimonos and provide total coordination from dressing to hairstyling. In addition, the “Kikuya” kimono rental store offers the opportunity to enjoy kimonos along with a stylish café. Furthermore, the kimono rental store called “Kimono Rental mimosa” is a new store opened in March 2023, and its interior is a renovated Kyoto machiya with a retro atmosphere. The charm of this shop is that you can prepare your kimono while enjoying the retro atmosphere typical of Kyoto. Kimono, obi, sandals, and bags are all included in the rental fee, and dressing is free. A wide variety of kimonos and obis are available, and you can choose kimonos and accessories more leisurely than at other stores.

Thus, there are many options for enjoying kimonos in Kyoto!

Kimono rental in this world-famous city is truly a special experience. You can create a unique style and express yourself like no other. Kimono rentals are also popular with foreign tourists as a cross-cultural experience. You will definitely stand out because you are wearing a traditional kimono while the locals are wearing denim!

So what style of kimono do you choose? The choices vary from store to store, but you should be able to find a style you like, whether it is floral, plaid, or plain. You can bring out your individuality even more by adding stylish accessories. You don’t have to be an expert in fashion. By renting a kimono, you too can become a fashionable kimono stylist for the day!

Finally, we also encourage you to share this amazing experience with others. On Instagram, you can share your own kimono styling and discover other great kimono styles. In addition, you can make new friends by joining the kimono community. Let’s enjoy a wonderful kimono life together!

Why not make your Japanese cultural experience even more special with a wonderful Kyoto kimono rental? It will definitely be the highlight of your trip.

Advantages of Renting

First, consider this. Taking care of your own kimono is an annoying task, isn’t it? They wrinkle easily and require special care when washing. If you have a hand-me-down kimono, you will instantly think of this series of troublesome tasks.

And if you have a limited number of kimonos on hand, you can always wear them only in the same style. If you want to try more diverse styles, Kyoto kimono rentals are clearly the best option. You can easily experiment with different designs and colors.

Also, owning a kimono costs money. Wise people say that when spending money, it is important to weigh the price versus the effect. If you are a smart person, you may have already sensed that Kyoto kimono rentals are cost-effective. There is no need to buy an expensive kimono just to enjoy fashion. You can even enjoy a meal at a nice restaurant with the money you save.

Now, why don’t you taste the charm of Kyoto Kimono Rental once? You do not need to have your own kimono at hand. Enjoy the splendor of kimono and traditional Japanese culture to the fullest. Take the plunge and avoid the bothersome upkeep and high costs. With many styles to choose from, rental kimonos will make your day in style.

Kimono Styling Tips

Choose according to the season or event

When wearing a kimono, choose patterns and colors that match the season and event that best suit your style. For example, in spring, bright colors and floral patterns that evoke cherry blossoms and fresh greenery are recommended. In summer, cool colors and the style of a yukata will suit you. In autumn, red and brown colors reminiscent of autumn leaves, and in winter, white and gray colors reminiscent of snowy landscapes are popular. You can experience the joys of various seasonal fashions with kimonos.

Use of Kimono Accessories

To complement the kimono, you can use a variety of accessories. You can add accents to your coordination by using small accessories such as obi-dome, obi-jime, sandals, and bags. For special occasions, we recommend choosing glamorous accessories. Now, let’s find some great items that accentuate your individuality.

Stylish techniques for when you are out and about

When going out while wearing a kimono, you need techniques to achieve both comfort and style. First of all, it is important to change the way you fold your kimono according to where you plan to wear it and your means of transportation. Furthermore, it is convenient to carry a lightweight haori or pochette to keep yourself light. Also, in order to enjoy the same kimono over and over again, you can keep it fresh by changing the obi and obi-dome, or adding accessories and outerwear that match the kimono.

Now, take advantage of our tips on kimono styling and enjoy dressing freely and fashionably! Create your own unique style while enjoying this wonderful traditional Japanese culture to the fullest. Have fun!

How to have fun on Instagram

When you wear a kimono, of course you want to show it off! Instagram is the perfect platform to share your pride with many people! Now, let’s share your own kimono styling!

First, share your own styling. Upload your selfies or photos taken with your friends and show the world how proud you are of your kimono. Don’t forget to take creative photos to express yourself! For example, beautiful backgrounds and interesting poses can help you show off your kimono style in a more attractive way.

And discover other people’s fabulous kimono styles. There are many different fashion enthusiasts on Instagram. You can get styling tips and ideas from their kimono styles. You can also join and interact with the community by commenting and liking other people’s posts.

In addition, take advantage of Instagram’s Stories feature to share your kimono style with a wider audience. By posting your day’s coordinates and favorite items on Stories, you can share more real-time information. You can also build connections with further kimono lovers through comments and reactions from your followers.

Finally, we also recommend that you compile a blog or website about your kimono style to provide more detailed information and introduce your items. By writing articles about your own kimono styling, you can share more specialized knowledge and information. Also, by collaborating with others and introducing kimono events, you can share a variety of information about kimono and connect with a wider audience.

Instagram is a valuable tool for enjoying kimono more widely. Let’s make the most of it and share the charm of kimono with as many people as possible!


Are you ready to rent a kimono, feel the charm of kimono, and share it on Instagram?

Kimono rentals are a wonderful way to enjoy traditional Japanese attire all day long. Modern kimono culture is popular among the younger generation.

Would you like to spend a special day wearing a kimono in the traditional city of Kyoto?

Come on, spend a fascinating trip with Kyoto Kimono Rentals!

Kyoto Kimono Rental Mimosa


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