hair set

Hair set

Kyoto Ichinenzaka Nene no Michi Ishin no Michi Ryozen Kannon Kodaiji
Yasaka Shrine, Maruyama Park, Kiyomizu Temple, Ninenzaka, Sannenzaka

Upper style with flowers

Paired with a kimono, this hair set creates an ethereal and elegant look. The upper style arrangement adds a sense of refinement and grace, aligning with the dignified, flowing lines of the kimono. The stark white flowers, positioned thoughtfully throughout the hairstyle, provide a striking contrast to the vivid colors and intricate patterns of the kimono.

How does it looks like with Kimonos

Elevate your Kimono attire with our intricate hair set. Designed to exude traditional elegance, it features an array of finely crafted white flowers nestled within an upper style arrangement. Accentuated with an assortment of complementing accessories like kanzashi hairpins, the set provides a harmonious blend of delicate beauty and sophistication. This hair set is perfect for showcasing the exquisite aesthetic of Japan, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your Kimono ensemble

Lower style with hair accessories

With a kimono, this lower-style hair set offers a look of timeless elegance. The hair, allowed to fall naturally, reflects the easy grace of the kimono's flowing lines. The accessories, though not overwhelming, provide visual interest and an element of complexity to the simple style.

How does it looks like.

The lower style allows the hair to fall softly, mirroring the graceful flow of the kimono. The well-placed hair accessories add an element of surprise and depth to the look, turning an everyday hairstyle into a work of art. A delicate balance between understated elegance and elaborate detail, this hair set perfectly complements any kimono, enhancing the overall aesthetic with an air of traditional sophistication.

Braids hair

Paired with a kimono, this braided hair set creates a unique fusion of traditional elegance and modern sophistication. The meticulously crafted braid adds an appealing texture and design element that pairs beautifully with the smooth, flowing lines of the kimono.

How does it looks like with Kimonos

Experience a harmonious blend of tradition and style with our braided hair set for Kimonos. This hair arrangement showcases a sophisticated fusion of traditional Japanese aesthetics and contemporary design, perfect for anyone wanting to make a statement.